Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Big Brother Canada 3 Week 1 Eviction: Pilar or Risha?

The fans are in control of the first eviction this year. With no Live Feeds until after tonight's show, we have been asked to vote based on first impressions alone. All we have to go by is the one hour premiere episode, brief written bios and videos shot while the houseguests were in sequester.

The houseguests have been in that house since last Thursday, and have already formed friendships, sized up the competition and planted seeds for alliances to form. They think THEY are voting tonight, based on those alliances. When you watch tonight, look for any houseguests who may have anticipated this twist.

Then there are the nominees themselves. Pilar and Risha think they have been campaigning with their fellow houseguests, when in reality they haven't been able to campaign with anyone. Even if they suspected it was "Canada's Vote", playing it up to the camera would have fallen on deaf ears.

So, how did the fans vote?

Pilar is a pretty, young athletic girl. I think her introductory video was badly edited to emphasize her supposed Talla-like qualities. She seemingly laughed for no apparent reason. Other than that, there was practically no further information on her. She was given little airtime in the premiere episode, but what we DID see was nothing like the girl who was promised to us. She seemed quiet and reserved. Sindy with an S said she nominated her because Pilar didn't talk to her. After she was named as the replacement nominee, she went to the group for consolation. There is no doubt that Pilar is a bright, perky and attractive young girl, from a great family and has a lot of supporters. I just have the feeling that we have seen enough young 20-somethings, and the superfans out there recognize this.

Risha came across as mature, with more of a backstory, and with incredible sex appeal. Sure she's a cougar but at least she went in the house with a strategy in mind. She came across exactly like we expected from her bio and video. After the PoV Ceremony, she immediately separated from the group and went up to the bathroom to be alone. Normally this would have been a bad thing to do, but it would have pulled on the heartstrings of many a fan out there. I think the fans want to see more diversity in the houseguests, and will want to see the mix that a middle aged woman with game can add to the cast.

The major thing to consider with the Canada Vote is fan voting influence, and casual fan vs. superfan. Voting influence is the factor that your vote has and depends on the points you have earned on the official site. The casual fan only signed up after the premiere and have earned few points. At best, they have a 2X influence. The superfans signed up as soon as the official site relaunched - well over a week ago and have already reached 5X the influence (maybe more?). Oh, and one more thing...if you think it's just Canada voting, you are sadly mistaken.

There has been a lot of campaigning on social media, mostly Twitter for both Pilar and Risha. The apparent winner of this is the Save Risha camp. By apparent, I have to consider the fact that these numbers and Twitter's "Reach" stats has been seriously skewed by a few ardent fans who have been tweeting relentlessly, and some well known alumni.

My prediction?

I am leaning toward Pilar to be walking out of the door to meet Arisa and be the first guest on Side Show. But who really knows? No Live Feeds really suck.

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