Thursday, 26 March 2015

BBCan3 Recap Episode 2 (Week 1) Eviction The Game is Afoot or Maybe Abreast

FINALLY, we get to see some of the activity in the house besides the boring intros and the nasty nomination twist that Arisa dropped on the houseguests. You might say the game is now afoot. But what you should really be saying is - the game is now abreast...

Risha is still in the bathroom trying to compose herself. She has a plan. Flirt her way to safety. She also has a secret weapon. She leaves the bathroom. Here she finds her first victim...Kevin. She has game, but it's waaay too obvious. She's overworking it. Shameless hussy!

Oh look, it's Zankie. Ummn, Kevnny???
The living conditions are still like a combination of Gilligan's Island and Survivor. The only convenience is the bathroom and a massive supply of clean towels which they can use for blankets and pillows. Johnny is crushing on Kevin and manages to find his sleeping spot right next to him. Kevin either doesn't mind or is just willing to work it. It's kind of like a Zankie thing, but way less annoying. But I think Johnny is getting way more out of this relationship than Kevin.

The first morning in the house will not be a day of leisure. Arisa calls them all to order. Here's the deal. If they want their stuff back, they are going to have to work hard for it. In the backyard are 5 huge red balloons. Inside each is one number, and the five numbers form an access code for the vault. I am getting the feeling this vault will be the source for a lot of grief this year. The catch is the houseguests must hold the balloon off the ground for 5 hours.

As the task gets underway, Sindy Withaness decides she should jump into the game. I don't mean the
balloon game. No, I mean HER game. She rambles over to Pilar, who is busy holding up one of the balloons, and starts to comfort the poor girl who is up for eviction. Pilar falls for it, calling Sindy Withaness a nice girl. NO SHE'S NOT PILAR! Geesh. While this is going on, Kevin is called to the Diary Room. There on the table is 1,000 bucks and an offer to sabotage the game: break the balloon, and the money is his. Kevin is torn, but not for long. The idea of this being an entertaining stunt for Canada (and winning our hearts) outweighs the threat of being discovered. He trusts his ability to lie and bluff. He's going for it. He heads to the kitchen where, for some strange reason he finds a selection of random earrings on the counter. He takes a blue one and embeds it in a towel. Hey, the way I figure it, if he was outed, he could have always blamed the girls for leaving their stuff around and one got stuck in his towel. He can't fail.

Zordan, Master of the Universe
He waits for just the right moment. The deed is done, the balloon pops and he thinks he's gotten away with it. The task continues and the last balloon is finally popped by Johnny.
Johnny: I killed a balloon with a spear.

Oh, oh. Seems Sarah is highly suspicious and talks to Britnee about her belief in karma, stuff and things. And those things were mostly about balloons and a possible saboteur in the house. She has already noticed some mischief and pegs Kevin as the nasty scoundrel who popped the balloon. Meanwhile, Zach and Jordan are in the storage room where they make a fast Final Two alliance with each other. Seems they both scoped each other out when they entered the house and saw each other as fellow BB superfans.

Hot tub Badonk-a-donks. I hate floaters in Big Brother.
Elsewhere, Risha must have suddenly realized that Eviction Day is drawing near and decides to shift her campaigning into high gear. It's time to release her secret weapon. Actually weapons, you know...with an S. But where can she...oh wait! There's a hot tub in this house! And wouldn't you know it? Kevin, Bobby and some girl are out there. Risha unleashes The Bouncing Bettys much to the shock of Kevin and Bobby. Best line of the episode goes to Kevin, "I've seen enough over-inflated balloons today." Soon, Godfrey and some other girl show up. Risha must have thought she had this vote in the bag.

The houseguests must recombine the 5 digits (1,2,6,8 and 9) to open the vault. Johnny is delegated to
No measily access code can defeat the Mighty Zordan.
lead the attempt. He tries, again and again, only to be flashed with "Access Denied" on the screen. Just when he is at his wit's end, Kevin relieves his tension with a backrub. Johnny is immediately rejuvenated. Miss Sindy Withaness says they've been at it for 30 hours and she needs her bed. After all, beauty queens never sleep on floors. Sounds like this one could feel a pea at the bottom of 18 mattresses. Better get The Brick on that. Just when things start to get ridiculous, and everyone is down-hearted, Zach and Jordan (shall we call them Zordan???) give the code a try. Bingo,,,Access Granted. But Big Brother has one more trick to throw at them. There is a diagram showing where all the furniture goes and if they get it all moved into position correctly - in 45 minutes, they will get dinner. Don't worry, they beat the clock and get fed.

Time for the Eviction Vote and Arisa breaks the bad news to the houseguests. They will not be voting to evict. It was Canada's Vote all along. Risha looks like she could kill a puppy. All that hard work her girls did for a week, and for what? She knows this just isn't going to end well. Arisa tells Risha and Pilar to go to the vault. There they find two keys and must find their lock boxes, retrieve the envelope and return to the living room. For some reason, Pilar can't find hers, which it right beside Risha's and clearly labelled - even after Arisa tells her where to go. They return to their spaces and are told to open the envelopes.

Pilar is safe and Risha is evicted. Seems her over-inflated balloons couldn't keep her afloat, after all. Her only regret, she later tells Arisa, is she wore her high heels into the house. It made her look imposing. Got news for ya Risha, when you're short, a 6'1" woman in flats, (and with boobs like those) is kind of terrifying. Period. The heels had little to do with it.

Oh, but don't worry, fans of Risha - there is a way for Risha and her boobs to get back in the game. Risha will be put back into sequester where she will be joined by 4 other evictees. Arisa clearly said the first five evictees will face a difficult challenge to re-enter the house. Okay, whenever I hear the words "First Five" I get kind of nervous.

Bobby: I don't need no stinking rope.
The first HoH competition is called Wall to Wall. The task at hand is a test of endurance: they must stay up on a strip of plexiglass (so thin, you can't even call it a ledge) with the assistance of a rope that is height adjusted for each houseguest. This sounds like a job for Superman a rock-climber. And why do I get the feeling these guys are in for an added bonus like a blast of cold water? The catch is the first 8 out will compete in the Have-Not comp. Oh, this shit just got real.

The next episode is Sunday at 7 PM Eastern, covering the completion of the HoH comp and the first real nomination ceremony.