Friday, 13 March 2015

BBCan3...More Twistos Twists, More Food, More Movies, More, More, More

(UPDATED March 16) The official site has been updated for S3. Fans will be able to influence the show by creating an account and earning points - just like last year.

Today's press release by Shaw Media has given us our first look - and a few teases, at what fans can expect this year. Here are the highlights:

The Brick
  • Returning Sponsor
  • Get the HOH Look weekly contest returns
  • NEW social media contest, "Unlock the Ultimate Big Brother Fan Experience"...which offers fans the chance to win an all expense paid trip to Toronto for the Finale. They also get to tour the house, and "more". [sounds like the ultimate contest for a superfan] 
  •, will have a special section
  • There will be a "pop-up" event at a downtown store Saturday, March 21. 
  • The Brick is "providing furnishings for the brand new Big Brother Canada pad". [Here we go with the speculation on the house, again!] 
  • Returning Sponsor
  • Twistos Twists are BAAACK
  • New Sponsor
  • Will provide a themed challenge 
  • Will air the HGs "dirty laundry" vignettes, on-air and online. [Meh - just sounds like fluff for the fans who don't watch the feeds. And don't expect them to show anything that becomes too controversial.]
  • New Sponsor
  • Will provide a themed challenge 
  • Each week, the HOH will get a chance to watch one TV show episode or movie. [Actually this shouldn't surprise anyone - it's Shaw Media's new baby.]
  • New Sponsor
  • Will provide a reward 
  • KFC's nod in the press release says, "whose integration is so good, it's one of the season's most tightly guarded secrets". [ that's a bit of a interest is piqued.]
  • Returning Sponsor
  • Will provide a themed challenge
  • Will sponsor the feeds this year
  • Promises "more control over the feeds". [Not quite sure what this means. What I do want is a better Chat Room, with more monitoring. Some people weren't just nasty, they were real creepers.]
Pizza Pizza
  • Returning Sponsor
  • Will provide a themed task and reward for the HGs.
All information from  Shaw Media Press Release 13/03/2015