Saturday, 11 July 2015

Amazing Race Canada 3 Preview of Episode 2 "We're Going To Dance!" in Santiago, Chile.

Yes, they are leaving the country early this season, but don't worry all you pro-stay-in-Canada fans out there! This season is not going to see Amazing Race Canada circumnavigating the globe. It didn't happen last year and it's not happening this year. It will still follow the same format we saw last season - that is, the in/out/in/out/in route.

To that I say BAH. After all, it's Amazing Race Canada as in Canadian version of an amazing race around the world...NOT Amazing Race CANADA as in stay in Canada.

Don't get me started! Oh well, maybe next year? I guess I just have to deal with it, but mark my words people...its GOT TO HAPPEN before the show resorts to a pitstop at the Tim Hortons in the Ingersoll Rest Stop on the 401.

They are headed to Santiago, Chile and because they are using Air Canada, the flight will be an equalizer, totally erasing the time lag between first and eleventh place.

Here's what we know from filming:
  • Teams were seen running along Fort York Road.
  • Jon was seen filming a stand-up at the Toronto Railway Museum.
  • There was a dance task in Plaza de Armas. The teams who  were seen learning and performing a traditional Rapa Nui dance in full costume are: Neil & Kristen; Susan & Sharnjit; Dujean & Leilani; Simi & Ope; and Gino and Jesse.
  • Dujean & Leilani were seen in Plaza Baquedano reading a clue.
And here is some additional information from various previews:
  • Teams will depart from the starting line at Canoe Landing Park, specifically the big red canoe.
  • The Rapa Nui dance is one side of a Detour.
  • There is a paragliding task at a place called Geoaventura. This will be a Roadblock - one team member will take a tandem sail off a nice sheer cliff.
  • Teams are also seen running around Cerro San Cristobal (San Cristobal Hill)
  • There are shots of teams running through the San Miguel district of Santiago. My speculation: although Santiago is filled with murals and street art, this area is particularly well known for the murals on almost every wall. In fact, there is even a name for it - "Museo a Cielo Abierto". I think the task will involve locating specific murals.
  • There are shots of Nic and Sabrina at the Biblioteca Nacional de Chile (Chilean National Library). We may see Nic proposing to Sabrina here. Why, you ask? The short clip shows the two hugging it out while the surrounding crowd cheers them on. Hey, WHY ELSE do you think we saw so much hugging and kissing with these two in the first episode? They had to get that back-story in quick!
  • On the flip side, looks like Dujean & Leilani's friendship-vs-dating theory is going to be put to the test as things get a little snippy between the two. Dujean complains that he is doing all the work and Leilani tells him to shut up. But then we kind of suspected this, didn't we? After all the pressures of the race were bound to bring it out. And I really have to say that a couple of the pics taken of them during filming looked like they were in the middle of a big tiff. As in there really is no love lost.
  • Two Express passes will be given to the winner of this leg. One for the winning team and another to be given to a team of their choosing. This is a departure from the usual procedure in that Express passes are usually awarded at the end of the first leg. So, why did they do this? Let the speculation begin, but the first thing that comes to mind is the new feature in this season - the Face Off task. Will we see it in this episode?
UPDATE #1: Not sure if the Pitstop is the National Library OR at Patio Bellavista. There is a brief shot of two people who look like Pitstop greeters holding up two Express Passes at Patio Bellavista. Express Passes are usually earned for finishing first in the leg.

UPDATE #2: The Museo a Cielo Abierto mural task. I think teams must pick out a canvas with outlines of a particular mural (similar to paint-by-numbers) and correctly paint in the colours.
And of course, the big question is...Who will be eliminated?

I am afraid it will be Susan and Sharnjit. Yep, that's right. Just as I was getting to like these two. The last sighting I have of them is performing the Rapa Nui dance and I can account for all the other teams afterwards. Of course, there is always the possibility this will be a non-elimination leg (and for some reason they just weren't sighted), but I don't think we will see one this early in the competition.

I will undoubtedly update these spoilers as more previews are released.