Friday, 24 July 2015

Amazing Race Canada 3 Preview of Episode 4 "We know Where They Live"

In fact, this leg was the heaviest spoiled of the entire season.
Thank you, Haligonians for being out and about that day, 
and having so much pride of your city!

Yes, it's back to Canada this week. Back to the safety of Canada, where everything is familiar. No language barriers. The roads and street names are easy to understand. It's pretty easy to deal with a bad cab driver who wants to let you out in the wrong place. And the most important thing of all...everyone knows what a Double-Double is. These next four legs will satiate the "stay-in-Canada crowd" for awhile, until Leg 8. Then look out, I fear we are going to hear that persistent complaining escalate. But don't get me started.

Oh, the hell with it.

Look at that title! Just look at it! "We Know Where They Live" It clearly implies that one of the Nova Scotians (Sean, Brent, Hamilton, Michaelia or Leilani) have recognized an on-looker, a task or venue helper or someone that helped them. My guess is it's Sean and Brent. No doubt it was a delightful experience for the people involved, but what fun is that for us? Or the other teams for that matter. Geesh. I am not implying that some teams had an unfair advantage. Nor am I against the show going to Halifax...after all, they are due for one. What I am saying is when the route becomes so familiar that you recognize people, it just detracts from the difficulty factor and the whole "Amazing" part of the show. And yet, there is a small piece of me that hopes this will be emphasized in the episode to help quell those pesky complainers (who have become TROLLS) on Twitter and especially on Facebook. We can only hope!

Okay, rant over. Let's get down to it, shall we?

This leg was filmed Saturday, May 9. I think it's safe to say this will be another difficult, action-packed episode.

Here's what we know happened during principle filming:
  • There was a task at the Halifax Central Library. Teams were seen visually scanning and counting an art installation by artist Cliff Eyland. This piece is comprised of five thousand miniature (old fashioned library card size) paintings on the main floor of the library. They were also seen taking the elevator, and it is possible they also had to locate something among Eyland's 1,000 other paintings located on the fifth floor.
  • Teams were seen running towards the Macdonald Bridge where a film crew was also seen.
  • Hamilton and Michaelia were seen at what looked to be a food concession stand task.
  • Teams were seen picking up 4 beer kegs at Garrison Brewery, then delivering them to the Old Triangle Irish Alehouse. In addition, some teams were seen transporting cases of beer. This could be one side of a Detour. Dujean & Leilani, Brian & Cynthia, Hamilton & Michaelia were among the teams seen at this task.
  • Teams and a cluebox were also seen at Fort George, Citadel Hill.
  • The Pitstop for this leg of the race is the rooftop of the Halifax Seaport Market. The greeter is dressed as a Town Crier.
And from the first preview:
  • The Pitstart is at the Torre Monumental in Buenos Aires
  • The teams must "bridge the gap" on the Macdonald Bridge. It's definitely a high altitude task and from the few glimpses we are given, it appears that one person from each team (a Roadblock?) must enter the upper bridge support tower. Perhaps they must cross from one side to the other.
  • The beer delivery is one side of the Detour, while the other side appears to be catching live lobsters (swimming in a large tank) and banding the claws - Gino & Jesse and Neil & Kristen are seen doing this task in the previews.
  • Someone looses their Passport, which if not found can cause a disqualification. And in case you don't understand that's an indication that teams WILL BE LEAVING CANADA AGAIN in a future leg! The preview shows four teams in this cliff-hanger they want you to believe this could have happened to one of: Nic & Sabrina; Hamilton & Michaelia; Gino & Jesse; and Brian & Cynthia. I suspect the lost Passport is either Brian or Cynthia's. 
  • Gino and Jesse get very lost, leading Jesse to believe he let Gino down. 
The live lobster catch and banding takes place at the Aquatron Laboratory of Dalhousie University, as per

Oh and then there's the question: Who will Hamilton and Michaelia give that second Express Pass to?

They must hand it over to another team before the end of this leg. It's not optional. If we are to believe the couple's reaction to Neil and Cynthia's unwillingness to help Hamilton in that Mentos Roadblock in Buenos Aires, I guess we can rule them out. And we really haven't seen a heck of a lot of interaction between the teams. So your guess is as good as mine. I suspect we will see an instance of someone being very helpful to Hamilton & Michaelia early in the episode, and it will lead to their being given the pass.
And the most important question of all: who will be eliminated?

I will answer this by saying...I don't know. So let's do some speculating here. There are basically two possibilities (UPDATED):

1) This could be an NEL - Non-Elimination Leg.  We are due for one and it won't happen in the next leg which will have a Double U-Turn. NELs and 2X U-Turns never occur on the same leg because it wouldn't make sense. I don't think they would wait until Leg 6 for the first NEL. In addition, Canada AM's press release/guest list makes no mention of the next eliminated team appearing on Thursday's show - and they have been very consistent with those announcements.
2) If by some chance there is an elimination this week, it will be Hamilton & Michaelia. There were no sightings of these two past this leg. BUT always remember that on its own, this doesn't mean squat. This is especially true of this team who always seemed to evade onlookers. All of the other 8 teams can be accounted for in future legs.

But, I reserve the right to change my don't quote me!

Check back throughout the week...I will definitely add more information or maybe even change my mind about the elimination vs NEL situation!!!