Thursday, 23 July 2015

Amazing Race Canada 3, Episode 3 "I Said Straight, You Gorilla!" ...OR... Hoppy, Hoppy. Joy, Joy!

I can usually tell from the title if I am going to like an episode, so that's why I was particularly excited to watch this one. I kind of had an inkling this would be a Nick and Matt quote, because it reminded me of one of my favourite TAR teams, Kevin and Drew from the very first season. Not that I am comparing these two teams. Shhh! Don't tell anyone, but I think I may end up liking the Wrestlers more than Mickey and Pete, More than Kevin and Drew, and do I dare say...even more than Jet and Dave?

The ten remaining teams have another early morning start from Cerro San Cristobal. They must make their way to Buenos Aires and find the Totem Pole in Plaza Canada. They will get their next clue after reading the plaque and learning the story of the Totem. Here are the start times, which again this week are meaningless because they will all be on the same flight:

Hamilton and Michaelia   3:46 A.M.
Brian and Cynthia   4:37
Nick and Matt   4:38
Nic and Sabrina   5:06
Dujean and Leilani   5:13
Neil and Kristen   5:33
Dana and Amanda   5:34
Brent and Sean   5:37
Simi and Ope   5:51
Gino and Jesse   6:07 A.M.

And of course there is the question of that second Express Pass that Hamilton and Michaelia must hand over to another team before the end of Leg 4. (Hamilton & Michaelia have already used their pass!) Hmmn, who will it be, I wonder? Kristen makes a play for it at the airport, but the couple gives an ITM saying they will give it t a team who helps them out. Talk about fore-shadowing! Something's up with that.

This is obviously the Canadian Embassy in Buenos Aires.
Simi & Ope and Gino & Jesse find trouble right away. They get lost, thanks to their cab drivers [Those damn, pesky cabbies!] and they all wind up at the Canadian Embassy. Meanwhile, everyone else is learning why an Aboriginal Canadian Totem is in the middle of a park in Buenos Aires. Carved by Stan Hunt from a single Red Cedar log, the Totem is a symbol of the rich heritage shared by the Aboriginal peoples of Canada and Argentina.

The clue received here directs them to Barrio La Boca and a Roadblock called, "Who can do things to the letter?" and it's not just any Roadblock.

It's a Mentos Roadblock!!!

Oh no...remember that particularly nasty one in Paris last year? Yep. This one requires one person from each team to find 3 kiosks and buy specially-marked packages of Mentos. They are then given clues and must use the Mentos (each candy is printed with a letter) to spell out the names of four famous Argentinians. Here are the clues:

1. Argentina's most famous First Lady.
2. First Pope from the Americas.
3. La Boca's favourite footballer.
4. The King of Tango.

The answers: Eva Peron; Pope Francis; Diego Maradona; and Carlos Gardel.

Mind your Ps and Ds!!!
Of course, the first two clues are pretty easy and as Sabrina puts it, "If you don't know who Pope Francis is, read a book." But most team members had to run around and ask the locals for the answers to 3 and 4.  Sabrina only had to ask for the last answer. Several people started working in pairs, realizing there are some times when this is necessary. However, when Hamilton shows up, he finds he must work alone. He tries to ask Neil and Cynthia (who have teamed up), but they won't volunteer any information. Can't blame them. They've been there a while working through the task. After all, working together is a lot different than just giving someone an answer. BUT...I guess they kind of forgot Hamilton and Michaelia have that Express Pass burning a hole in their backpacks. Oopsie. I guess we know who's NOT getting it now. Nick and Dana, also working together, have trouble finding the 3 kiosks selling the Mentos they need.

Meanwhile, Sabrina is having a hard time. She can't seem to find 3 "d"s to complete Diego Maradona and Carlos Gardel. The thing is, all the letters are lower case. She eventually figures out the letter she thought was "p", was really a "d". It seems to me this task would have been more appropriate with a vintage printing press involved, instead of Mentos...just like the old saying, "mind your 'p's and 'q's!"

The next task takes place at Futbol Madero. That's right, it's a soccer challenge and perfect for Nic and Sabrina who are currently in first place. Nic used to be a professional player. So this should be no problem for the couple, right? Nic boasts that they will be out of there in 10 seconds. Well, NOTHING on this show is going to be THAT easy, and in this task, one team member must guide the soccer ball through a pylon course then score on the net...BLINDFOLDED, and guided by instructions from their partner. And to make it even more difficult, they must complete it under one minute.

Nic and Sabrina are at it for two hours, falling prey to the old jinx on tasks based on your profession or talent. Sabrina tells the others that even professionals would find it hard. Of course they would, because it's really not about soccer skills at all. It's about communication. You know, like knowing left from right and letting your partner know where the frigging net is. And then we hear it..."I said straight, you gorilla!" Sure enough, It was the Wrestlers! Neil and Kristen work their directions like a clock, and they are the first to complete the task. Frustrated and now in a state of panic, Nic and Sabrina decide to forfeit this task and take the 2 hour penalty. Wow. All this task needed was a little, good old-fashioned thinking outside of the box and after the couple leave, the other Nick opens that box. He grabs the ball between his feet and hops with it through the course. Soon everyone follows suit. The last teams remaining here are Brent & Sean and Dana & Amanda.

The cluebox for the next task is at the Obelisco de Buenos Aires. This is a Detour called "Dance or Dine". "Dance" is pretty much what it says it is. Teams must learn to do the Tango at the Confiteria Ideal. It seems the random shots of a dancing couple we've been seeing throughout the episode finally have a meaning. In "Dine", one team member must take orders from 3 restaurant patrons while their partner plates the meals. Each order is a combination of 3 items out of a 12 item menu. This would be a simple memorization task if it weren't for the fact that it was all in Spanish. Oh and one more thing. Each side of the Detour is limited stations, meaning there are only six slots available for the teams. Unless you are good at memorization and know Spanish, for the most part you will want to do the Tango.

At Dance: Neil & Kristen; Gino & Jesse; Nick & Matt; Brian & Cynthia; Hamilton & Michaelia; and Dujean & Leilani. The other 4 teams do Dine. At one point, Simi & Ope try to switch from Dine to Dance, only to find out the 6 slots were full. They have to go back and finish. Nic and Sabrina finish it first and head off to the Pitstop at Puerto Madero. Of course there's that 2 hour penalty and they are made to sit there and watch the other teams come in.

It's Neil and Kristen who win this leg. When they hit the mat, Jon tells them they are the second team to arrive, then continues with, "However." Kristen looks scared, as in what-did-we-do-wrong? type of scared. Then he tells them they won. The reaction was great. The father/daughter team win 2 return tickets to Beijing and 6 months of free gas from Petro Canada.

Sadly, Newfoundland's own Dana and Amanda are the last to arrive at the mat and are eliminated. To see how other teams finished, check out my Leg by Leg Results HERE

Next week, the nine remaining teams travel to Halifax, Nova Scotia, and it looks to be another wild ride. I know we are only 3 legs in, but so far I am enjoying this season. The teams are well matched and we've had a different team win each leg.