Saturday, 18 July 2015

Amazing Race Canada 3 Preview of Episode 3 "I Said Straight, You Gorilla!"

Don't you love that title? It's pretty close to TAR season 1's Kevin and Drew - remember, "Swing you fat bastard. Swing!"?

Warning: There are spoilers ahead! If you don't want to know, then get outta here right now!!!

Obelisco de Buenos Aires
The ten remaining teams travel to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Here's what we know from sightings:

Jon was seen at the Pitstop at Puerto Madero waiting for teams...late at night. And that is all that we know happened during principal filming.

And here is what we know and/or can speculate from previews:

  • The teams will make their first stop at the Canada Totem Pole in Plaza Canada. This totem was a gift from the Kwakiutl people and the government of British Columbia, and was meant as a "symbol of an indigenous worldview that defines us as countries of the Americas."
  • There is another dance task. They are in Buenos Aires, and what do we do in Buenos Aires? We Tango! Let's hope the music doesn't become an earworm after watching teams make attempt after attempt...I can even hear it now. The preview shows Nick and Matt learning the dance in the upstairs Tango Room at Confiteria Ideal and an ITM of Nick complaining about how difficult it was when his partner looks like Matt. Expect some other teams to have a bit of trouble perfecting their performance as well. It's not just learning the dance steps. The Tango is about emotion!
  • There is a soccer challenge...with a big twist! One team member will be blind-folded and must guide the ball through an obstacle course in a given amount of time - with only their team-mate's spoken instructions to guide them. This has to be the source of the title quote, and I suspect it's said by Nick and Matt. At least I hope so! (although it might also be appropriate during the Tango task. Just kidding...I think!) Don't complain about Nic being a former soccer player and favouritism here. The blindfolds are the equalizer here. This task is really NOT about soccer is about communication between team-mates. The preview suggests Nic had just as much trouble as everyone else, you can even see the change of light as the sun sets. Besides, there is a bit of a history among TAR teams who do tasks similar to their profession or talent. They sometimes screw up. Remember Natalie last year?
  • This looks to be a very long leg with the tasks forcing it well into the evening. There are shots of teams running around the Obelisco de Buenos Aires late at night. The preview also shows a foot race to the pitstop between the Wrestlers and the Brothers Montani over the Puente de la Mujer (a footbridge). Perhaps this is for first place? Let's hope so, because I think we need to see a little more (friendly) competition between these teams!

Maybe a dress and wig might help.

There should be another elimination, as I don't expect an NEL so soon. Looking at the number of teams vs the number of legs, there is only room for 2 non-elimination legs and I would bet one will be in Leg 10. So I wouldn't expect to see the first until Leg 4 or 5. Who will be eliminated? Well, I am sorry to disappoint a whole province, but it looks like Dana and Amanda's race will end this week. Sorry Newfoundland and Labrador!

Check back for updates...I will add to this preview if new info becomes available!