Thursday, 25 October 2012

The Bachelor Canada Recap of Week 4: More Thinning of the Herd.

Tyler comes in to see the girls just as he's done before. He tells them that Brad will be sending 4 more girls home this week!  This news really agitates the herd.
He also tells them that there will be one 4-on-1 date and one 1-on-1 date. There will also be the dreaded 2-on-1 date, where a rose is given to the girl that Brad wants to keep - and the other girl is sent packing. Tyler makes a big deal of explaining the math involved, since these girls have had such a hard time of it before: There are eight of you remaining, and only seven will have a date...that means one of you won't get a date with Brad. BUT, after this week, the four remaining girls will be going on hometown dates. One of the girls exclaims "Wow, already?" Yeah, already...this is The Bachelor CANADA! Much smaller budget!

Tyler leaves the first date card...he calls it "a picture perfect date". It reads, "Get ready for a date worth a thousand words". The four girls who get this date are Ana, Kara, Britany and Gabrielle. They end up going for a photo shoot for an 8 page spread in LouLou magazine's November issue. So they have Rimmel makeup applied and get their photos taken. Britany was shy about this, and Brad thinks she doesn't realize how pretty she is. He decides not to hand out a rose because there are only 4 of them and he "needs more time". In other words, he doesn't want to waste them...he doesn't want to commit!

Back at the mansion, the second date card arrives. Chantelle reads: "Let's take a walk in the City of Love". It's Laura and Bianka and it's that nasty 2-on-1 date. This causes Whitney to start pacing about the house. Maybe its a full moon again and the werewolf is about to come out. She has worked herself into some kind of panic that she won't get a date this week, or get alone time with Brad. So, she "decides" to sneak out and go see Brad. Just like Courtney Robinson went to see Ben, or Michelle Money went to see Brad Womack, or Vienna went to see Jake. Hmmm, I think I'm starting to see some kind of pattern here! She says she thinks she knows where Brad's room is. REALLY? All on your own? The truth is, one of the producers (also known as a "handler") put her up to this. Whether she likes it or not, Whitney has been cast as the "bad girl", who is only there to win. I hope she doen't start saying "winning!". She's not there to make friends. And she will do anything to get the final rose. Who knows, in real life, she could be the nicest person in the world, although I doubt it. Speaking of Whitney, a lot of people have been noticing that she has a vein on her temple that pops out when she gets upset. There is also a Twitter account called WhitneysAngryVein@WhitneysVein which gives live tweets during the show, as if it's a separate entity. Sarcastic, and hilarious.  That vein made an appearance as she left the house, found Brad's hotel, and then his room. Wow, she's good. That inner werewolf can track! 

Whitney and Brad sit down and immediately and right on cue, start to confide in each other. He tells her that first his best friend killed himself, then another good friend died in a boating accident. He says he's guarded because he doesn't want to loose any more people in his life. He also says it means the world to him that he is able to tell someone about it and he is glad it was her. Whitney tells him, "I better get that 1-on-1 date". I think that was a threat. No, really.

Moving on, Brad, Laura and Bianka go to the "City of Love" for the 2-on-1 date. That's right...Paris. Who doesn't know that? Well, these girls weren't quite sure. In the out-takes at the end of the episode, we see them guessing where it might be. Again. Just like when they didn't know that the Big Easy was New Orleans. Maybe when they return home they should contact Mapquest or Google to see if there is some kind of support group for the geographically-challenged. Brad realizes that he is in Paris with 2 beautiful women, and has 1 difficult decision. As it turns out, it's really not the standard Bachelor 2-on-1 date. It's really two separate dates. On both dates, Brad says that he's really not planned anything, so they are just going to get a coffee. YOU ARE IN PARIS PEOPLE. So...the producers went to the expense of flying these three, their handlers and film crew to Paris, and there is nothing planned except having a coffee? Are you kidding me?

First up, it's Brad and Laura. Oh sure, there's the obligatory shot of them meeting at the Eiffel Tower. It's raining. They go to the Bar American. They get wet. They go to his hotel room and put on the complimentary bathrobes. Talky, talky, kiss, kiss, But Brad calls her "emotionally fragile". so it doesn't look good. If he lets her go, at least he got some lip time. Bianka's date is almost identical, except she accuses him of hogging the umbrella. But, Brad likes how serious she is. She tells him that she doesn't see how it's possible to be engaged at the end of this.

The next scene is Brad getting ready to meet Laura and Bianka. He puts a light blue sports jacket on over a pink shirt. The shirt's tails aren't tucked in and they hang below the jacket. Okay, maybe some men can get away with this, but not this guy. He looks like he just made a quick getaway from some kind of situation where he was held against his will. Get your crap together Brad. Was it really that hard of a decision? He ends up giving the rose to Bianka. He walks her over to a waiting horse-drawn carriage, then walks back to give the kiss-off to Laura. Then Brad and Bianka ride off. Poor Laura. Ordinarily I would say, hey, it can't be that bad getting dumped in Paris. But, these people are sequestered on this show. The handlers have them on very short leashes. Laura and Bianka actually saw very little of more than we did on screen. 

The third date card arrives for the 1-on-1 date: "Put your trust in me and let adventure be your guide". Well Brad and the producers must have been really scared of Whitney because she does get the date. They go to Penticton and go rappelling down a rock cliff. It's one of those (let's do something dangerous, where we have to show our trust, and help each other get over our fears) bonding type of dates. Whitney has to go halfway down the cliff then Brad has to rescue her. Well, Brad was really scared. It may have been genuine because he's not that great of an actor. He even said "I think I'm going to barf". Well I said the same thing watching this. Instead of barfing, he kisses her. Yummy. See, now...there's the trust. Kissing a man that's about to barf. sexy! And romantic! Needless to say, Whitney gets a rose. They always do after one of these dates.

With everyone back at the house, we see Chantelle getting a phone call from her father, informing her that her grandfather died. She leaves, which was the right thing to do even if she was a serious contender. But I think Brad had already labelled her "just a friend". 

Moving's rose ceremony time. At the cocktail party, Gabrielle gets some alone time with Brad. Whitney starts up with the panicky, pacing thing again, and we hear her say, "even though I already have a rose, I'm not about to just sit here and let Gabrielle get alone time". You can bet a producer egged her on with that one. The amazing thing is that Gabrielle didn't tell her to go away. Oh well, she was looking pretty bored and disinterested sitting there with Brad.

Bianka and Whitney already have roses, which means there are only 2 more to give out, as Tyler let everyone who can't do the math know. Brad gives the first one to Kara. Then has to have a little break, because this is so hard. The camera shows the girls swaying from side to side ... because you know those stilettos are a pain. Waiting, waiting. More swaying. Finally Brad comes back and gives the last rose to "Gaby". Interesting he called her that and not Gabrielle. Hmmm.

It's goodbye to Ana and Britany. Next week, it's the hometown dates and we are promised a tour of Canada. Well we'll see.

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