Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The Bachelor Canada Preview of Episode 5 The Hometown Dates. What Can We Expect?

Well, well, well. Bachelor Brad has narrowed the field of potential ex-fiances down to a lucky four and the Hometown Dates are already here. It's also Halloween. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.
If what we can see from the previews can be trusted, it looks like Brad may be in for a few tricks. Here is a breakdown:

  • In Calgary, Whitney Lee brings Brad to Canada Olympic Park, where they take a toboggan down the bobsled run. She tells him, "You'll never forget this day, I can promise you that". Don't know if she means the toboggan alone, though. Whitney has an identical twin sister named Camille...which makes you wonder if they tried the old switcheroo on Brad.
  • It looks like a pretty boring time in Mississauga where Bianka Kamber brings Brad to a park just to tell him to get rid of the other three girls. This girl is soooo boring. She's been referred to as Canada's Kim Kardashian (or is that Kanada?) and now we know why. 
  • In Delta, British Columbia, we see....Brad and Kara Henderson briefly talking to each other...and that's it. Which makes you wonder why. Why are we seeing so little of her, or her interaction with Brad? Hmmm.
  • And then its Oakville with Gabrielle Dipersico, where our boy Brad gets to try a little belly-dancing. Fully clothed of course.

It looks like there's trouble brewing tonight. Before he hands out the first of three roses, Brad says, "Before I start, I just need to pull you away for a second". Then we hear a voice over from Brad "Do I really know who this person is? Maybe she's pulling the wool over my eyes". Has someone has been causing trouble? Has Gabrielle has been complaining to Brad about Whitney? Or vice-verse?'s just misdirection from those pesky producers. Hey it's our Halloween Trick! They're using tricky editing to make you think something bad is going to happen. They are well known for doing it. And by "they" I mean not just The Bachelor Canada, but the original U.S. version, and Bachelor Pad. Sometimes I think there must be an actual school for the Bachelor franchise, with courses like: Editing for Misdirection 101, or something. There are actually two things going on here

1) When Brad says, "I just need to pull you away for a second" - he's going to tell the girl personally that he's letting her go. My guess is Gabrielle.

2) Brad's voice over, "Do I really know who this person is? Maybe she's pulling the wool over my eyes". Well that's from something else altogether. My intuition is telling me it has something to do with Whitney and her identical twin sister, Camille

I do know one thing. I am going to be following the live tweets from WhitneysAngryVein@WhitneysVein. It's freaking hilarious. No, it's not me. Although I wish I'd thought of it first. Damn.


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