Sunday, 28 October 2012

The Bachelor Canada Final Four...Who's the Winner?

Well this Wednesday is ...Halloween, yes, but it's also the hometown dates for Brad and his final four: Whitney; Gabrielle; Kara; and Bianka.
So, I think the time has come to look at these four a little closer, and maybe come up with a few predictions.

Whitney is the Courtney Robertson, the Michelle Money, the Vienna Girardi. She's the bad girl antagonist. She's the one who is not in it for the right reasons. She wants to win the game, not make friends with the other girls, or even fall in love with Brad. She is in it for the publicity. Right? Well, that's the edit she is getting on the show. We know that a female family member complains to Brad that one girl is not in it for the right reasons. Well Whitney seems to fit that one the best, but the same argument can be said of Gabrielle and Bianka.

Gabrielle is Whitney's main opposition, and I think that's the only reason she has made it this far. She got the fourth rose last week after Brad's melt down. You can bet the producers planted that one in his head. I can imagine the conversation that went on. Brad: "I don't know who to give the last rose to. I like Gabrielle, Ana and Britany." Producer: "Look Brad, I don't mean to influence your decision, but I talk a lot to the girls and Gabrielle has confided that she is very taken with you". Just to insure the drama continues between Gabrielle and Whitney.

Kara is the underdog, the dark horse who may blindside the three others. We rarely see her, or see any interaction between her and Brad. There is a reason for that. You can bet Brad and Kara have interacted a lot more than what we are led to believe. It's not being shown because that would be a giveaway.

At this point, Bianka appears to be the frontrunner. And we know she makes it to the final two. Why? In the season preview at the end of the first episode, there is a brief clip of a girl getting dressed in a white gown. Then we see Brad, with his back to the camera hugging the same girl, with just a tiny bit of the white dress showing and a wisp of dark hair. I am not trying to be rude here, but that girl had a bit of a full figure...a bit thick in the waist. Thats Bianka.

So, with that being said, here is my prediction:

Hometown dates - Four girls down to three. Gabrielle will be eliminated. Unless Brad decides to get rid of two girls, in which case Whitney is eliminated as well.

Overnight or Luxury Dates - Three girls down to two. Whitney is eliminated. But not until after Brad and Whitney have that overnight date in the luxury suite.

The Final Rose -  Two down to one. My money would be on Brad giving the final rose to Kara, and Bianka is eliminated.

But that's just me.

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