Monday, 11 March 2013

Season 17 Sean Lowe - Contestants List and Current Status


Catherine Giudici, 26 years old. Seattle, Washington. Visual Designer. 

Eliminated in Finale:

Lindsay Yenter. 24 years old. Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. Substitute Teacher. 

Eliminated Episode 9:
Ashlee Frazier, 32 years old. Houston, Texas. Personal Organizer.

Eliminated Episode 8:
Desiree Hartsock, 26 years old. Los Angeles, California. Bridal Stylist.

Eliminated Episode 7:

Lesley Murphy, 24 years old. Washington, D.C. Democratic Lobbyist.
Tierra LiCausi, 24 years old. Denver, Colorado. Real Estate/Leasing Director.

Eliminated Episode 6: 

Daniella McBride, 24 years old. San Francisco, California. Commercial Casting Associate.
Sarah Herron, 25 years old. Marina Del Rey, California. Jr. Art Director.
Selma Alameri, 28 years old. San Diego, California. Owner/CEO Brio Ventures.

Eliminated Episode 5:

Jackie (or Jakie) Parr, 26 years old. Boynton Beach, Florida. Makeup Artist. 
Robyn Howard, 24 years old. Houston, Texas. Account Manager, Baker Hughes.

Eliminated Episode 4:

Amanda Meyer, 26 years old. Newport Beach, California. Model.
Leslie Hughes, 29 years old. Studio City, California. Actress.

Eliminated Episode 3:

Kacie Boguskie, 25 years old. Clarksville, Tennessee. Administrative Assistant. Previously appeared on The Bachelor Season 16 - Ben Flajnik. Eliminated in 8th episode (hometown dates), 4th place. 
Kristy Kaminski, 25 years old. Darien, Wisconsin. Regional Director, ViSalus.
Taryn Renee Daniels, 30 years old. Troutdale, Oregon. Fitness Director. 

Eliminated Episode 2:

Katie Levans, 27 years old. Charlotte, North Carolina. Yoga Instructor, Blogger (leaves voluntarily)
Diana Weeks Willardson, 31 years old. Sandy, Utah. Owner/Stylist, Salon Shag.
Brooke Burchette, 25 years old. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Community Organizer.

Eliminated Episode 1
Ashley H, 25 years old. Denver, Colorado. Fashion Model.
Ashley Palenkas, 27 years old. Macomb, Michigan. Hairstylist.
Kelly Dutton, 28 years old. Nashville, Tennessee. Cruise Ship Singer/Dancer.
KeriAnn Miranda, 29 years old. Boca Raton, Florida. Entrepreneur.
Lacey Latka, 24 years old. Stevenson Ranch, California. Grad Student.
Lauren Marchetti. 27 years old. Providence, Rhode Island. TV Anchor/Cheerleader New England Patriots.
Paige Vigil, 24 years old. New York, N.Y. Jumbo Tron Operator. Previously appeared on Bachelor Pad 3 as a "Superfan" and was eliminated in Episode 1.  

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