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Big Brother Canada Recap of Week 2

Episode 3: Sunday, March 3, 2013 - "Slop is Not Fun"

The HOH competition proves that yoga is an endurance sport. Apparently Jillian does yoga and it has paid off for her...she has "strong legs". At the end, its between her and Talla. Talla asks Jillian if she would be her target, and Jillian tells her she is safe and that "I never go back on my word". We'll see how long Jillian can keep up such high morals. Talla eliminates herself and Jillian wins HOH.

The first have-not competition, called "Batter Up", begins with Jillian dressed as a big fried egg. Pretty. The HGs divide up into groups of 4 with Suzette sitting it out. Thank God. They have to fill a giant waffle iron with batter. Do they use giant ladles? Oh no...they have to jump into a giant vat of batter and their teammates have to scrape the batter onto the griddle. I think everyone was thankful Suzette wasn't playing. Hey, maybe they thought any team with her on it would have an unfair advantage. The green team loses - Alec, Tom, Talla and Peter get to eat slop for a week and stay in the seedy motel themed Have-Not Room. Peter calls the room "magical", sarcastically of course. Talla says slop is "not fun". Thank you Miss Obvious.

Everyone starts campaigning their own strategy with Jillian about who to nominate. The major play is by Aneal - he tries to plant mistrust of Tom in Jillian's head. He tells her Tom is in a secret guy's alliance with Emmett, Peter and Alec, and that each of them "have a girl attached to them", so that they will have a majority vote. Her interest is peaked, but the guys get to her and turn the tables on Aneal. Jillian ends up nominating Gary and Aneal. She explains: Gary, because he is a very strong, social player; and Aneal because she "has learned a lot about him" and "he is the best nomination for the house".

Spoiler: Gary will win POV and save himself....Jillian will put up Danielle for the replacement nominee.

Episode 4: Wednesday March 6, 2013 - "Showmance vs. Bromance"

After the Nomination Ceremony: Gary Glitter calls Jillian a ___ bitch in the Diary Room, then looks for his veil (which is really just a flimsy sweater). He says he is going to play the game with glitter on his back. I think he has glitter on his brain. A condition that can be cured by modern medicine. Wasn't there a telethon for it? He should see a doctor. Meanwhile, Aneal is very upset. He immediately goes to Jillian after he was nominated for eviction. He starts whining and crying..."if only it was anybody else but you...wah wah...I don't even like to talk to anybody else in the house". But he tells us in the DR confession that the crying is just strategy to gain sympathy. He starts crying to everyone. Keep it up Aneal...I would vote you out just because of your bad acting skills.

Apparently, Emmett and Jillian upped their showmance as soon as Jillian became HOH. Sounds fishy on Emmett's part, kind of opportunistic. 

Funniest sequence in the episode happens when Peter heads to the Diary Room - in the hall he hears a voice coming from the funky moose head. Marsha is painted white and has gold glitter antlers. Oh my god, Gary would be so jealous. Marsha the Moose gives Peter a reward challenge. There are 3 quotes on cards which he must work into conversations with the other HGs. If anyone questions what he's talking about, he fails. As Peter goes to fetch the cards, Marsha says, "Hey Peter...what does the rest of the house look like?" The first quote is: "I have a rash in a really awkward place". Peter says this to Talla (as a possible reaction to the slop), who now thinks Peter's balls are inflamed. Great. She offers him an ointment. The second one is: "A woman knows the face of the man she loves as a sailor knows the open seas". Liza buys it. Maybe she was just being polite. Arrr me matey. The last one is: "The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool". He tries that one with AJ, but flubs it. Then he tries it with Andrew. Success. Peter goes to Marsha who tells him the reward will come later - is the Moose just screwing with him? Oh and he is never to speak of her. Marsha also tells Peter he's cute. peter says he likes Marsha. Hey maybe Peter and Marsha will develop their own showmance. I hope we see more of Marsha.

Okay maybe that wasn't the funniest thing. What was really hilarious was Jillian confessing that she resisted kissing Emmett, because friends and family were watching. Hmmm. But apparently she didn't have any trouble screwing under the sheets or in the shower. She does know she's on Big Brother and not The Bachelor, right? Or is her favorite movie Pretty Woman - where Julia Roberts plays a hooker who won't kiss her clients? She does know there are about a million cameras in there, right? What a dumbass. Not to mention the fact that she's an Elementary School teacher. Nice example for the kiddies there Jillian. Good luck with future career options.

POV Competition. Gary Glitter readies himself with what else? Why glitter of course. Ah, the magic of glitter. He's "feeling blue glitter energy". He puts on warpaint. If only William Wallace had blue glitter, maybe he would have defeated the English instead of being dismembered and having his body parts spread all over the country. Well maybe there is something to it, because Gary wins. 

There's a birthday party for Alec. It's not his's a prank he and Peter have devised. Alec reveals his bromance/alliance since day 1 with Peter. As Alec says, "bromance before showmance" (refering to Topaz). Very interesting. He says he and Peter are the smartest people there. True so far. But what of Marsha, Peter?

Jillian talks to some of the girls, asking their opinion on who to put up as replacement nominee, a ploy to get someone, namely Danielle, to volunteer. Danielle volunteers. Tom mentions to Emmett that eventually he will have to drop Jillian..."Emmett's an honest person as long as he's thinking with the right head". Jillian talks to Liza...there should be a girls' alliance. "anything boys can do, girls can do better". Original. I was expecting them to sing "I am woman, hear me roar". Aneal has a talk with Her Highness Jillian and her Royal Consort, Emmett. He bring up the possibility that Jillian is being played. Jillian says, "Am I being played, (pause) Emmett?" Hmmm, interesting.

Marsha's reward for Peter and the HGs is a ski/hot-tub party with booze and macaroni - even for the have-nots. Suzette wears shorts. Yikes.

POV Ceremony: Gary Glitter saves himself and Jillian nominates Danielle as a replacement. Is she a pawn or will she get blind-sided? Good episode. The layers of alliances are being revealed. But we still know next to nothing about people such as Suzette, Andrew or AJ.

Current spoiler speculation is that Danielle will be the next HG evicted, based on the live feeds. 

Episode 5: Thursday, March 7, 2013 - "The Aneal Deal"

The Week 1 eviction was just a kind of go-with-the-flow eviction. This week, we are going to see who's aligned with who, and who the "floaters" are.

So Aneal thinks there is a 90% chance he is out of the door. He's gotta do something quick. Meanwhile, Pete, Emmett and Alec meet in the supply room to discuss the girls' alliance that is forming - they have to nipple, I mean nip it in the bud.

Peter reveals that his alliance with Alec, called "The Shield" is half of the alliance with Tom and Emmett...called "The Quatro". Peter and Tom want to keep their advantage going and vote out Danielle. That way, Gary Glitter will have no one and Aneal will be eating out of their hands. They strike up the "Aneal Deal".

Danielle, Suzette and Gary are still believing that Aneal is out. Slowly, Danielle is starting to believe that something is up...but she does absolutely no campaigning. Bad move even for a real pawn. Gary is getting nervous about his alliance. he goes to Jillian in the HOH room - of course Emmett is there - and tells her that the HOH is supposed to be in charge..."are you in charge, Jillian?" 

Last night, Gary rounded up the girls and had a fashion show. The guys watched as the girls and Gary walked the runway. Gary was in heaven. Alec drooled over Topaz.

Live Eviction Vote:

Alec                      Danielle
Tom                      Danielle
Topaz                   Danielle
Gary                                         Aneal
Suzette                                    Aneal
AJ                         Danielle
Liza                       Danielle
Talla                                         Aneal
Emmett                Danielle
Andrew                Danielle
Peter                    Danielle 

Danielle is evicted 8 to 3. Lots of tears from Danielle, Gary, Talla and Suzette. On her exit, Danielle says " Everybody had me believing it would be a clean vote. I think I played my best". She says she doesn't feel so bad about saying bad things about certain people in the house. The best Diary Room goodbye was from Peter: "Danielle, you're the first unofficial victim of The Quatro". 

HOH Competition: It's an opinion-based contest called "Popular Vote". The HGs have to answer how they think the majority will answer, and those who answer in the minority are out of the comp. For the most part, the HGs do pretty well, so in the end it comes down to a tiebreaker. They have to guess the number of liters of batter used in last weeks Have-Not challenge "Batter Up". It was 3,690 liters. Holy crap...what schmuck had to mix all that? Tom came closest with a guess of 1,700 and wins HOH.

So at the end of week 2, Jillian seems to be the worst HOH ever. Thinking with her vagina. I am in agreement with Marsha th Moose...I really like Peter. Seems to be the early front-runner. I like Gary, but unless he really starts campaigning harder for a girls' alliance, then he will soon be gone. Probable nominees for eviction this week will be among Gary, Suzette and Talla...or Aneal as a pawn. Tom is smart enough to save Gary for the replacement nomination.


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