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Big Brother Canada Recap: Week 3

Recap from Live feeds during the week (spoilers):

  • HOH Tom has nominated Gary and Suzette, with no backdoor eviction planned - he is afraid Gary would win the POV again and save Suzette with it. This way, at least one of them would be evicted.
  • Gary and Topaz have made their alliance official. It's the Secret Wedding. Oh oh...looks like this might mean trouble for The Quatro - seems like they are already questioning Tom's allegiance.
  • Someone messes with one of the cameras...Big Bro is NOT HAPPY at all, and he is taking it out on everyone. He is making them do extra challenges, even waking them in their sleep. The HGs are going to get a little grumpy.
  • Have-Not Competition: the losers this week are Aneal, Jillian, Topaz and Alec.
  • Jillian, who should be sleeping in the have-nots bedroom only, was caught sleeping in the main bedroom with Emmett. This showmance is getting out of control, which makes you think it was Emmett and Jillian that messed with one of the cameras. The other HGs are getting annoyed at this. Is this another threat to The Quattro? 
  • Tom has been considering keeping Gary around another week. He has been asking others if they would save Gary if they win the POV. He is considering AJ or Andrew as replacement nominees.
  • Power of Veto Ceremony: Tom uses POV to save Gary. He names AJ as the replacement nominee.

Recap of Episode 6: Sunday, March 10, 2013

As soon as Tom wins HOH, Suzette heads to the storage room and has a meltdown in front of Topaz, Alec, Aneal and Gary - in the words of Peter, she steals Tom's thunder. I guess she didn't have enough of her own. She accuses Aneal of being a backstabber, then he points out that she voted for him at the last eviction. Suzette and Gary know they will be put on the chopping block this week. At this point Tom wants the vote to be tied so he gets to pick Gary for eviction. But...

Topaz gets involved. First she talks to Alec, of course, about saving Gary. He tells her not to fall on a sword for anyone. Hmmm. Then she goes to HOH Tom and tells him Suzette is actually the bigger threat, because she will come after him. Tom says he will talk to Gary, presumably to strike a deal.

Have/Have-Not Competition. The HGs are divided into 3 teams of 4. One Team member must wear a giant basket around their waist, and catch large nerf apples shot by slingshot. Gary, Emmett, Andrew and AJ win...thanks to Gary's blue glitter. Maybe I will do to Dollarama and get some blue glitter. Aneal, Jillian, Topaz and Alec in the green team lose, but this week they are allowed to have Beaver Tails and poutine along with their slop. What will Jillian and Emmett do now that they can't sleep in the same rooms? Interesting.

Someone tampered with one of the cameras and Big Bro is upset. He punishes all the HGs by putting them through a challenge every so often. This goes on all night - among the challenges: forming a human pyramid; everyone cramming into the 2 shower stalls; brushing each others' teeth; jumping jacks/jumping in the pool; dance marathon; and forming a chain of kitchen stuff arranged from smallest to largest. Pete in the Diary Room said he had fun doing it and even more fun watching everyone being miserable. Did he do it? Or was it Jillian and Emmett who messed with a camera so the could have wild monkey sex in a corner somewhere?

Gary and Topaz sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g. No, of course not. Gary and Topaz laying in the hammock...I won't try for a rhyming word. Topaz tells Gary to go to Tom and have a talk...offer to save him in exchange for doing Tom's dirty work. Then they make their alliance official and name it the Secret Wedding. Sure enough Gary goes to Tom. Sure enough they strike a deal. Tom will put Gary on the block but he is after Suzette. 

Eviction Nominations: Gary and Suzette. But watch out, the rest of the week will be a rough ride for Tom. There's a twist: Canada gets to vote on a second POV on Thursday Night. 

Recap of Episode 7: Wednesday March 13, 2013

Tom has turned into a megalomaniac it seems. A regular Dr. Evil. And nobody likes it. Suzette's only mission at this point is to let all of Canada see what kind of asshole he is. His own alliance (The Quatro) is turning against him.

Oh and what do we have here? It's Pete and Liza holding hands on the couch. But just for a sec...too dangerous if anyone sees. They each think the other is the most interesting person in the universe. But I love Pete's DR confession. Most of his time in the house is spent separating authentic from the inauthentic. The problem is "the inauthentic is turning me on". Wow. That either means he's loving the back-stabbbing strategy or he is enjoying the ass-kissing from Liza. Probably both. They both agree to start playing dirty soon. Not with each other (well maybe that too) but against other people. Pete enjoys seeing the others squirm. I can't wait. Please Pete...don't get distracted with Liza....stay on target!!!

The red phone rings and Andrew answers. His challenge is to make the most foul-tasting meal he can but get just one person to compliment him on it. Gary says, "The meal was gross! It was gross, gross, gross! <BURP> I mean even my burps smell so disgusting that I want to vom!" But...Tom likes it...really. What is this guy used to eating? Hamburger Helper? Taco Bell? Big Macs? Everyone gets a reward of pizza and beer. We learn that when Talla gets drunk, she turns into a stripper. Tonight she gives a lapdance to Aneal. Then she apologizes to her Mom. Is this now some kind of trend? Get plastered on national TV then apologize to your Mom? Welcome to the "Sorry Mom Club" Talla. You are the newest member. Meet Ashley Palenkas from The Bachelor - Sean Lowe. 

Gary tells us he has an alter ego which emerges just before challenges. His name is Gerald. Gerald is one of those guys who are all athletic and likes girls. gerald has a girlfriend called Lisa...not Liza.  Gerald is one of those guys who wears baseball caps and says "I gotta take a piss"....or opens the fridge and asks "where's the fucking tomatoes?". I hope Gerald never finds out that Gary puts blue glitter war paint on him....because I think Gerald might just be the kind of guy who would beat the crap out of Gary for it.

The POV Challenge is called "Puck Off" - the players have to answer trivia questions for a chance at a slapshot to break pics of the other players and knock them out of the competition. Tom draws Topaz; Gary draws Aneal and Suzette draws Liza. Here's how it went down:

Aneal aims at Suzette but takes out Gary.
Topaz takes out Liza.
Suzette aims at Tom but takes out...herself.
Tom takes out Topaz.
Tom takes out Aneal.

Suzette turns to Tom and says "you got your wish, you fucking redneck". Nice. Mind you, she claims to be a radio host and a motivational speaker. Now, it seems to me that those jobs require some mad skills...but sorry Suzette, you just don't cut it. What kind of freaks are you inspiring with those skills? Has anyone actually paid you for those skills? I mean like real money, and not just trading babysitting time for it? Honey, you're still young...go back to school. Oh and can I just say one more thing? Don't act like that when you have young kids, because it will get back to them one way or another. Always.

Later, after she has had time to motivate herself, Suzette decides to apologize to everyone...and then Tom. Everyone clears the room. She apologizes to him but its too little too late. Plus it's not going to work on Tom aka Dr. Evil. He already thinks he's won the game. Little does he know...

Alec and Pete (The Shield) are already considering backdooring Tom next week...or as soon as they can. They don't trust him. Alec is afraid of Liza finding out, but Pete tells him, "I have her". (Don't worry any of you Pete/Liza - lets call them Piza for now - supporters out there. Pete told Liza).

Tom convinces AJ to be a pawn replacement for Gary. AJ agrees to it...he says "AJ's the safest pawn in BB history". Oh Oh. That can't be good. And what's up with AJ referring to himself in the 3rd person in the diary room confessions? Wow. 

POV Ceremony: Well at least Tom puts his money where his mouth is. He saves Gary, and puts up AJ. He doesn't suspect a thing. He doesn't know of the big twist...Canada is voting on their own POV tonight. It's called the "Chevrolet Power Shift". Will they save Suzette or AJ? Sorry I don't know if that means the other is instantly eliminated or if there will be another replacement. The link to vote is HERE

Recap of Episode 8: Thursday March 14, 2013 - "Live" Eviction

So who did Canada vote to save? If only Tom knew about this "massive twist", he could have just left Gary up, because for sure he would have been saved. And what's going to happen after that? Who will Tom put up as replacement number 2 this week...

We start off with Liza explaining her's to be close with ALL the boys. Excellent. Smart. Or is it? Tom starts to notice Liza spending time with Andrew. This turns Tom, aka Dr. Evil, into a raging ball-sack of testosterone. Looks like Andrew is now number one on Tom's hit list. This tips Alec and Emmett off again that Tom is thinking too much with his lower head...he's a puppet and Liza is controlling the strings. This in turn gets Peter on the defensive and he runs to Liza to tip her off that her name is being mentioned for eviction.

Meanwhile, AJ is talking to Tom. AJ says he's not even a pawn. Tom says he's a seat-filler for the eviction vote. But with absolutely no strategy or gameplay, perhaps AJ is just a seat-filler, period.

Okay, here we go. The HGs are all gathered in the living room and Arisa breaks the news to them. "Houseguests....there is a massive twist...thousands and thousands of Canadians voted...they voted to save...Suzette. Shit. And Tom is visibly fuming. He's really pissed. Now he has to put up another HG as replacement, and he only has the time during the commercial break. He runs to the storage room with Emmett. Andrew? Tom's jealousy might be in control. But wait for it...he names Aneal. Poor Aneal. Despite being a superfan, Aneal just hasn't managed to stay out of trouble. This time, however, the HGs vote to evict Aneal 8 to 2. Only Jillian and Liza vote for AJ.

HOH Competition is called "The Bees Knees". They have to go from flower to flower and collect pollen...yellow, red and blue balls in pockets on their legs. Oh yeah, did I mention they are all wearing very large bumble bee costumes? Yeah, even Suzette. But its Emmett that takes the win and is the new HOH for week 4.

Next week, a new massive twist...double eviction. Suzette's days are numbered for sure. But will Emmett have enough balls to back-door Liza? I will post spoilers from the live feeds as they become available.

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