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Big Brother Canada Recap of Week 4

Recap of Live Feeds: (Spoilers)

  • The live feeds have been on and off since Friday morning.
  • Apparently Emmett cheated during Thursday's "Bees Knees" HOH competition - he carried some of the "pollen" balls in his hands, despite the V/O warning from Arisa. He was disqualified and a new HOH comp was won by Gary. Emmett was not allowed to compete.
  • Liza has been "outed"...the HGs are aware of her strategy - using all the guys.
  • Peter is aware of Liza's manipulation and feels like a fool.
  • Nominees for Eviction are Tom and Liza
  • Alec wins POV comp. Tom pressured Alec to take him off the block, but Alec chose to let the nominations stand.
  • Tom is distancing himself from Liza.
You can read the Huffington Post article HERE

Recap of Episode 9: Sunday, March 17, 2013 - Big Brother Rule Number 1: Never hold your balls on national TV

With Emmett winning the HOH, the Quatro and their womenfolk are rejoicing. The only burr in Emmett's side is Liza...she's too controlling. She controls Tom. But its becoming evident that she is playing all the guys. Emmett warns Tom not to spill Quatro's beans to her. Emmett shows off his HOH room and his luxury items. His letter from home includes his Mom telling him she likes Gary, his brother saying to be careful about the showmance, and his father saying something about playing respectfully. Interesting.

Suddenly the front door opens and in pops a munchkin direct from Emerald City. Sorry, wrong cultural reference. I guess he's supposed to be a leprechaun. Saints be praised!!! Then some more people dressed in green which we are supposed to believe are Irish, including one guy who's as drunk as, well, an Irishman. Jesus Murphy, I'm offended. I am, after all one forth Irish. And what kind of Irish Jig was that? Have they never seen Riverdance? It seems to me there is a double standard going on here. I mean, Passover is coming up...why didn't they have a Rabbi parade? If it was Gay Pride Day, would they have a parade? Okay forget that one. If it was Martin Luther King Jr. Day, would they have had a parade of African Americans? Okay maybe I'm pushing it, but you see where I'm coming from? I regress.

Topaz, in a moment of self-realizing regret, points out that everyone should have been keeping track of what was going on in the parade...because this is Big Brother after all, and it will probably be part of the Have-not competition. Everyone starts reviewing the events in their wee little brains. Sure enough...

Then an announcement by Big Bro, " House guests...please go to the living room". Oh oh. What's up with that? Big Bro continues, "Four of you were caught cheating in the Bees Knees HOH competition". Yeah yeah. Hey Big Brother, we already know. Everybody knows. All of Canada knows. Even some over-zealous Big Brother American fans know. We saw it last Thursday night. Stop being so dramatic. Everyone tries to look innocent. Gary says, "They punish people for that?" Then the video evidence is shown to the HGs. The four numbskulls who cheated were Talla, Jillian, Alec and....Emmett. They are this week's Have-nots. Hah! You idiots forgot the number 1 Big Brother rule - never hold your balls in a live competition. Oh yeah there is one more little thing, Emmett is no longer HOH. There will be a new competition and the four ball-holding cheaters will not compete. Neither will Tom. Basically, Tom is screwed. He says his only hope is Liza, which as far as he knows is wrong. Remember, he thinks he still has the Quatro...what's wrong with Peter?

All this drama. But it makes me wonder, what if the HOH competition wasn't "Live"? What if it was edited? Would the production have overlooked it and allowed Emmett to remain as HOH if Canada hadn't put up such a fuss? You bet.

Sure enough the HOH Comp re-do is a trivia challenge based on that shameful so-called "Irish Parade". Suzette bolts into the lead then decides to throw the competition because she doesn't want to become a target again as HOH. So even though Topaz spilled the beans, seems the only one with enough brains is Gary. He is the new HOH and to say he's happy about it is an understatement. Actually, there is no word in existence to describe how happy Gary is. Magical blue glitter. 

Poor, poor Emmett. Alone in his HOH room. Packing up his stuff. Reading that damn letter from his family. What did Dad say about respect? Shit. He's right again. Then he goes to the Have-not room and throws himself down on the bed. Cheer up, Emmett. At least Jillian is a Have-not too. So you can get a hand job under the blankets every night. Much to the dismay of their fellow roommates Talla and Alec....perhaps they can get some noise-cancelling earphones in there. Going to need them. If it was me, I would hose those two down when they started up. At least get a bucket of slop to throw on them.

Emmett and Topaz talk about Liza and what a liar she is. They have noticed Liza playing all the guys, and they think she has a secret alliance with Peter. Who comes walking in but Peter. Oh oh. They point out to Peter that Liza is playing him, so he has to cover his butt. He plays the sympathy card...Liza is just using him like all other women do. It looks like it works.

Gary LOVES his HOH room. Pink feathers and blue glitter. His letter is from his Mom and sis who tell him not to wear so much makeup. The camera zooms in on his glitter eyes. Too late, Mom! Gary takes his new found HOH leadership like the Queen rules England. He is sick of the little people getting stepped on. He really wants to shake things up. He has an audience with each of his subjects. He's taking names. Peter tells him to go after the pairs...the showmances because they are the dangerous ones.

Eviction Nomination: Gary nominates Tom and Liza. He quickly points out that he is after Liza and that Tom is just a pawn. Gary is returning the situation that Tom put him in last week. And yet, Tom is mad, because Gary promised him he wouldn't. Tom is just a hot-tempered A-hole. It will probably lead to his ruin or someone will use it to their advantage. Like Emmett, who told Gary to put up Tom. And lets not forget that this week is a double eviction. And why is it that Suzette has really dodged another bullet and come out of this mess with her ass smelling like roses?

Recap of Episode 10 Wednesday March 20, 2012 The Revenge of the Nerds

This episode was all about watching Tom and Liza squirm and Gary definitely getting his revenge. Emmett explains that Tom is a complete emotional player and that there is no strategy in his game. he tells Gary he will take the heat from Tom because he's the one who told Gary to put up Tom and Liza. Emmett wants Liza out. I'm sure Gary already had that one figured out though.

Liza tries her damnedest to suck up to Gary, "I have no hard feelings". Right. Gary more or less tells her she is gone. She loses her temper a bit but counters with telling him she had his back. Gary's diary room confession is terrific...he does an impersonation of Tom as a muscle bound ape. Priceless. And he's right.

Emmett says "Tom is on the dark side now" because he keeps protecting Liza. He asks Tom if his alliance is with him or Liza. Tom says his alliance is with Emmett 100%, but Emmett's not convinced. Then he makes a big mistake. He tells Tom that he went to Gary about putting up Tom and Liza. Tom is not happy he wasn't told about being a pawn. He's a blindsided pawn. Then Alec tries to set Tom straight by telling him he would have gone to Liza about it. He's hoping Tom won't tell Liza about the existence of The Quatro. Good luck with that.

Gary tells the HGs about Canada's vote - The Have-nots have to give pedicures to the haves. Alec gives Tom and Suzette pedicures. Gary is extremely excited about Emmett massaging his feet. He says the future Mrs. Emmett will be a very lucky woman - massages, pedicures and he's sure Emmett can really put it down.

The POV Competition is the Big Brother Bonspiel, or human curling. The six players - Gary, Tom, Liza, Alec, Jillian and AJ must use the remaining 6 HGs, sitting on blocks of ice, as curling rocks. Poor Gary, he gets Suzette as his rock. Hardly fair when Tom gets someone like Talla who weighs 96 pounds. Alec has no intention of winning, but finds he must put some effort into it to insure that Liza and Tom don't win POV. In the final round, its Alec, Tom and Gary. Alec wins. He had to since Gary couldn't or maybe wouldn't go for the win.

Oh and what's this? Alec and Peter, aka The Shield, are talking to Gary. Seems like Gary went to the guys with a perfect plan to get Tom out of the house. Alec and Pete tell Gary they will appear to be campaigning for a Liza vote. but don't worry, its all just a rouse. They give each other the "Nyah Ha Ha" evil mastermind laugh.

Of course, Alec decides not to save Tom at the POV Ceremony.

Now Tom is suspecting something's up. Maybe he's not just the blindsided pawn. Maybe he is the real target everyone is trying to blindside. He's also thinking even his own alliance is trying to get rid of him. So what is a hothead like Tom supposed to do about that? Why, he's going to make sure he screws them over good. "Karma's a bitch", he says. So, he tells Liza about Quatro. I don't think Tom understands what karma is. This is revenge...this is back-stabbing, not karma. Karma is a force that balances things out. He's not just a hothead, he's a stupid hothead. Perhaps the worst kind.

But then this week isn't just the regular eviction, it's going to be a double eviction.

Recap of Episode 11: Thursday March 21, 2013 - Fast and Furious

This episode went so fast, there was time for only one sequence of interaction between the housequests. It was a doozy. Tom is on a bit of a rampage, and is looking for what he defines as fun vengeance. He goes into the bathroom and opens the shower door on Alec in full view of the camera, of course. Alec is not amused. In fact, he's acting like an assault victim, knowing that there will be naked footage all over the internet...and although it was quick, people can always freeze frame it. Alec says Tom is a bully, and doesn't have a conscience. Topaz goes ballistic on wasn't just a prank, it was personal because Alec didn't use his POV to save him. So you have to wonder, what the hell is wrong with this guy? Nothing like giving everyone in the house additional reasons to vote you out.

So that was that. Arisa addresses the HGs who have gathered in the living room, and tells them there is another twist - this will be the first Double Eviction. And off we go...everybody hold on.

The first eviction was really no surprise. Tom was evicted with a vote of 8 to 1 (Emmett was the only one to vote for Liza, so that tells us he was pretty much kept out of the loop or he wanted to appear to be true to his alliance). Loved the recorded goodbye from Peter, which is always amusing...."Don't worry about Liza, I'll keep her warm". Snap. I'm surprised he didn't tell Tom that he was a victim of The Shield. What a missed opportunity.

The new HOH Competition was a series of 1-on-1 questions based upon the outcomes of previous comps. Won't go into specifics, but it came down to Alec vs Andrew in the final, with Alec giving it up to Andrew.

The new HOH, Andrew, had only the commercial break to nominate two for eviction. He didn't consult anyone, but it was no surprise that Liza was nominated with Suzette as a pawn. 

The POV Comp was called Kid in a Candy Store. It was between Andrew, Liza, Suzette, Peter, AJ and Emmett, and it was another memory challenge. They had to put the first five losing HGs from the Lumber Jack and Jill Comp (the 1st HOH comp) in order...but had to chew gum, race to the board on bounce balls and use the chewed gum to paste the HG's pic. Phew. A whole lot of trouble for nothing, because we just knew that unless Liza won she was going to be walking out the door. Well she didn't. Emmett won and got a chance for his own revenge. Of course he chose not to use the POV. And get this, Liza was eliminated by an unanimous 8 to 0. Yippee!!!

Once again, Peter's recorded goodbye was the best, "It's a shame you didn't choose brains over brawn, cos now your gone".

There was no time for the week 5 HOH competition. That will be shown Sunday. The live feeds are down until Friday night, presumably during the HOH competition filming. Maybe it's an endurance challenge?

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