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Big Brother Canada Recap Week One

Wednesday February 27, 2013 (Premiere) And Thus It Begins

Well, that was a fast moving hour. The intro started with a CGI satellite beaming down an announcement that Big Brother himself has infiltrated the airwaves. Okay. Fine. Kinda cheesy. Then Arisa Cox walks into the live studio audience to tell us everything we need to know: 10 weeks...15 houseguests...13,000 sq ft house... blah, blah, blah. A quick tour shows us several rooms. The HOH room is luxurious, while the Have-Not room is decorated a la rat-trap Highway 11 motel room. There is an artificial outdoor "summer" environment. And, oh wouldn't be Big Brother Canada without a "winter" area with a hot-tub. And by winter, I mean real, artificial snow lining the edge of the hot-tub. Wow. Great decorating. Looks like they paid a 5th grader 5 bucks to do that. But the rest of the house looks great! 

Then its on to the introduction of the HGs, which is done in groups of five - montage style, showing them getting their acceptance letter and key, packing, giving bios and traveling to the BB house. So here we go:

Group One

Peter, he hates people. BB isn't a's a sport.
Alec, the Social Psychologist, self described "Master of the Game"
Aneal, sees the HGs as pawns

Group Two

Suzette, how long will it take for her to annoy 14 people?
Andrew, impulsive, speaks his mind, has an identical twin brother (hmmm?)
AJ, the life of the party, can be a backstabber (what kind of parties does he go to?)

Group Three

Liza, brings 50 kinds of bronzer cos there won't be a tanning bed
Tom, Mr. Social but is easily annoyed
Gary, flamboyant is an understatement
Emmett, farmer, his gay brother told him to look out for gay guys
Topaz, her real name is Emerald, but she prefers Topaz. Huh?

What Arisa Cox doesn't tell us is that the HGs actually moved into the house on February 21...6 whole days before the airing of this episode. So, if you started watching Big Brother After Dark, or the live feeds, and thought they seemed awfully friendly for people who just met...well they have spent a whole week together already.

The HGs gather in the living room and immediately start to form opinions of each other. Gary, who isn't just gay, but outlandishly gay...not that there's anything wrong with that...already loves Emmett, the farmer from down east. Now that's a match made in heaven. By the way, one of Emmett's brothers is gay, and he warned Emmett to "watch out for any gay guys" in the house. Gee you got to wonder about the casting process. And Gary hates "the guy with the glasses" (Aneal) because he's from Richmond Hill, a suburb of Toronto. And that's not Toronto. Alec is attracted to Topaz. He tells everyone that he is majoring in Social Psych...bad move? Suzette tells everyone she is the mother of 3, and all those professions she has, and manages to annoy everyone. Some already want her gone. Okay, I admit it, I want her gone.

As this is going on, Arisa speaks that over-used line "expect the unexpected". Oh God, and thus it begins. There is a red phone. The person who answers it will be given a mission. Of course if that person fails in the mission, there is a punishment. That I want to see. I am kind of thinking the punishment would be an automatic eviction nomination. As the drinks begin to flow, the phone rings and the annoying Suzette answers. She is told to go to the Diary Room, and not to tell anyone. She says she doesn't know what it was...she couldn't hear anything. No one believes her of course. In fact, someone else picks up the phone to see if it's working. She meanders around, which looks preposterous considering her, well, size. Did I mention she's a full-figured woman? Hey, she said it herself, okay?! She finally gets to the DR, where Mr.BB himself tells her she is the first HOH and she has one hour to nominate two HGs for eviction. She can't tell anyone...or else. Please screw it up, Suzette!

Everyone knows somethings up. Arisa gathers everyone in the living room and tells them whats up. Suzette nominates "these two" sitting next to where she is standing. It's Tom and Emmett. I'm kind of thinking there was piss all thought put into it...she just decided to indiscriminately pick the two closest people to her...she didn't or couldn't say their names. Way to use those "great skills" you said you had, Suzette! Now, keep in mind this is the one who stated her profession as Support Worker/Radio Producer and Host/Motivational Speaker, whatever the hell that is. Geez.

But wait, Arisa announces that this wouldn't be Big Brother without a Power of Veto Competition, and they get right to it. Tom and Emmett decide to work towards saving each other. The HOH and 2 nominees each draw names: Suzette draws Peter; Tom draws Aneal; and Emmett draws Gary. Wait, is this thing rigged? All 6 put on these purple, full body leotard suits. They look like Rubber Man from American Horror Story. Only purple. They have a spiked belt which they have to use to break balloons - they can't use their hands. The balloons have puzzle pieces, and yeah, you guessed it, the first person to put their puzzle together wins POV. Okay, I know that BB Canada doesn't have the ultra big budget that BB US has, and they probably spent most of it on the house, but come on. This is really lame. Not every balloon has a piece in it, so these guys are really getting tired and drawing it out. It's a good thing this was pre-taped. Suzette's belt is riding up to under her boobs. She's looking like a big grape in that suit. Eventually, and I mean eventually, Tom wins and gets this overly massive lucite "V" necklace.

Week 1 Episode 1 Wed Feb 27, 2013

Thursday, February 28 2013 Live Eviction

Before the POV Ceremony:

Kat campaigns for a girl's alliance which doesn't go over too well. Everyone agrees that Suzette did not "earn" the HOH title - so not only do they find her annoying, but now they resent her. Gary apparently loves glitter (he brought a lot with him), and people have been finding it all over the place. It's almost as if some people set out to annoy others. Aneal is sure Tom will use the POV. He wants Gary Glitter out so he steals some of his glitter and starts to spread it around. Suzette considers possibilities for replacement nominees - supposedly, she says it's between Gary and Kat

POV Ceremony:

Tom uses the POV on himself. Suzette names Kat as the replacement nominee.

Before the Live Eviction:

The HGs are put into pairs and handcuffed for the day. The pairs are: Talla and Liza; Kat and Aneal; Jillian and Alec; AJ and Andrew; Peter and Danielle; Emmett and Topaz; and Tom and Gary. This leads to awkward situations such as Jillian trying not to look when Alec showers or AJ and Andrew taking turns going to the bathroom. I don't think they were just peeing. This isn't like a normal reward challenge - they all do well and get beer. Yeah, this is Canada. Looks like Alec has acted on his initial attraction to Topaz and a shomance has been developing which has not gone unnoticed. In fact, if you watched the live feeds at all, these two are really flaunting it. A few of the others discuss the dangers of this kind of alliance and agree to watch it carefully. Meanwhile, Aneal brings up the dangers of the Tom and Emmett alliance - then he goes to Suzette about it. It appears he is going to vote to evict Emmett.

Live Eviction Voting: 

Kat is evicted with an 11 to 1 vote (the lone vote for Emmett was from Liza. So it looks like Liza was the only one to agree with Kat on a girl's alliance. It also looks like Aneal was trying to pull a fast one on Suzette or maybe it was just a test. From the Diary Room confessions, most people thought Kat talked too much, she played the game too hard, too soon and talked strategy way too much. Looks like she forgot her strategy going into the game which was to lay low and just be a fly on the wall.

HOH Competition:

Everyone except Suzette dresses as lumberjacks (thank God we weren't subjected to a lumberjack Suzette) and must hold on to a step on a tree. The last one on wins HOH. We won't see that outcome until Sunday officially - but that part was taped and Jillian ends up winning HOH. She will nominate Aneal and Gary for eviction.

At the end of the show, Arisa introduces Dan Gheesling from BB10. His only contribution is a tip that the players need to just chill out and let the others cut each others head off. Duh. He also said that so far he likes the gameplay of Aneal and Peter.

Week 1 Episode 2 Thurs Feb 28, 2013

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