Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Who's That Letter From?

Last night, at the end of Episode 5, there was a new preview for the rest of the season, and in it we see Sean at the Final Rose Ceremony. Chris Harrison gives him a letter. Then there is a shot of Sean getting all teary eyed. So...who is it from and what does it say? Lets run down the possibilities.

  • Reality Steve. Oh God, wouldn't that be great!!! He wrote Sean a letter to apologize for spoiling his season, and complaining about ABC suing his ass. Or maybe Steve is thanking Sean for being his informant. "Sean,...Thanks for all the updates! It really made my life easier this season. Sorry the whole world knows you proposed to Catherine. And remember, if Fleiss asks, you never met me. Best wishes with Catherine, Steve." Just kidding.
  • Emily Maynard. Is she wishing Sean well? Is this another chance of her extending her 15 minutes? Doubtful. If she were to have written it, I don't think it would have been given to him at the FRC.
  • Tierra LiCausi. Oh God let's hope not. Is this a campaign for her being the next Bachelorette. Don't worry, she won't be. Is Tierra turning into a little stalker? Maybe. But last night, when the losing team was invited to the party, and Thunder Thighs was getting her knickers in a knot, she was writing in a notebook. Oh I am sure ABC wants us to believe it's from her. Just to stir up the pot.
  • Kacie Boguskie. Is this another token of their "friendship"? Ah, No.
  • Desiree Hartsock. Only if ABC is thinking of Des as the next Bachelorette.
  • Lindsay Yenter. Could be. Chris gives Lindsay's love letter to Sean just before he gives her the big kiss off. It's certainly in keeping with the producers' not giving a crap about the contestants, embarrassing the hell out of them. or is it part of a scheme to promote Lindsay as the next Bachelorette? Hmmn.
  • Sean's sister Shay. Another possibility. We know Shay will show up in St. Croix. Is this a letter from her wishing him luck? There is a strong possibility here. Sean has been promoted all season as "the family-oriented bachelor", so it could be a letter from Shay and his family.
  • Catherine Guidici. Since ABC has been playing the edit game with Catherine and Sean and not showing their interaction, maybe this is their way of increasing our interest in their "journey". Don't forget, since ABC haven't shown us much of Catherine, there won't be much of the montage they show after the proposal. So they need some other way to review their "journey".
So, my money would be on the letter being from Catherine. But then again, maybe Lindsay. Or Shay. Or Steve.

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