Sunday, 17 August 2014

Preview of Episode 7 "Lest We Forget" Amazing Race Canada 2

Canadian soldiers in Bernieres-sur-Mer, June 1944.
Yes, there are spoilers ahead.

...and yes, the show is leaving Canada again.

The first season suffered from the criticism that it didn't travel the world. I didn't mind. It was a great way to introduce the franchise to Canada, and attract new viewers who had never seen the original show. This season has attracted the opposite reaction. Some people have complained about the teams leaving Canada.

Anyone can make a show centered around scavenger hunt based activities. What makes the show truly "Amazing" is that teams must negotiate the languages and customs of foreign locations. Sure it's fun to see people getting lost in Vancouver or taken advantage of by a taxi driver in Winnipeg, but throw in a communication problem...and that's entertainment. 

The only reason I am ranting at this time is because there has been another round of complainers since it was revealed that the teams were going to France. I could tolerate them before because I considered them casual viewers, but this time...not so much. They complained about the show going to Normandy, France. Are you frigging kidding me?

This episode will undoubtedly be a nod to both Normandy's feudal past and the D-Day landings. Canada's connection to Normandy and the rest of France runs deep. The highlight of this episode is a trip to the Beny-sur-Mer Canadian War Cemetery. Here, the teams will come face-to-face with the harsh reality of war and the thousands of Canadians who lost their lives on D-Day and the ensuing Battle of Normandy.  This episode was filmed mid-May, about three weeks before the 70th anniversary of the landings. Oh and by the way, this cemetery is considered Canadian soil. It holds the remains of Canadians who will forever... never return to their homeland.

But in order to get there, the teams will have a few adventures. I believe they must drive
Pete...getting his mellow harshed.
from Paris, and it looks like they run into a bit of traffic on the highway. The promo teases the Roadblock. At first glance, you might suspect they are in some sort of medical know...examining an amber liquid. But no, it involves the French art of fermentation. Again no, it's not wine. The Normandy region is better known for making apple cider, and it has been popular there since the Middle Ages. The preview shows Audrey doing her best Jean Claude Van Damme impersonation, straddling between two rows of barrels. She may be looking for a particular barrel to take a sample. It also looks like they must take a few observations, then calculate something. Perhaps the alcohol content, or it may be the mix of Calvados cider and brandy. The first preview shows Pete and Audrey doing this at the same time. Audrey says, "This is stupid." Another preview shows Jinder, Meaghan and Pete together. Pete is frustrated in both. But don't worry about the on.
Audrey vs, Jean Claude

One part of the Detour is horse grooming, and in particular braiding a horse's mane. I wish
Both Quebec teams getting in touch with their feudal past.
I could say this challenge occurred at the Haras National du Pin, because that would indeed be beautiful. But unless it is in a stable at the back of the grounds, and they have cows there too, I don't think so. Normandy loves their horses and I wouldn't be surprised if they braid the hair of their work horses as much as their show horses. Look for the other task in the Detour to be close by and involve another farming-based activity.

Juno Beach landings, June 6, 1944. Enough said.
If the pit stop isn't on Juno Beach or Bernieres-sur-Mer, I would be surprised and perhaps a little disappointed. Correction...very disappointed.

Update Aug 18: YES! The pit stop will be on Juno Beach. Veteran Jim Parks will be the greeter. He landed on Juno Beach June 6, 1944 mere yards from the finish line. As per  The Star. Have your Kleenex ready for this one, I know I will.

Who wins this leg? Well, normally I would have to give the advantage to the Quebec teams: Pierre & Michel and Alain & Audrey. But knowing what I know about the next couple of legs, I am not so sure. I wouldn't dismiss Sukhi and Jinder. They are very well traveled and since their near elimination in Macau, have been coming on strong. Another thing to consider is there won't be a Fast Forward, and the Express Passes have been used. The game has been reset, so basically it's anyone's game.

If you are concerned about Mickey & Pete posting that their weekly viewing party is canceled this week because they have to go to Toronto on "race business", don't be. The only team that canceled their viewing party because they were eliminated were Cormac and Nicole (that I know of). In their case it was a big clue. This time...absolutely not. It could even be a red herring. Now that's funny. Who is going home? Nobody. It is a non-elimination leg, and this time it will be Ryan and Rob who will be saved. This isn't a prediction. They were seen on the next leg in Paris performing a Speed Bump.

Needless to say, I am looking forward to this episode and I think everyone needs to watch this one. This is why it's important for the show to leave Canadian borders. To remind us of the bigger picture. I have a suspicion we may see another poignant moment in Episode 8 as well.

I will update this post if more info is learned...right up until the episode airs.