Thursday, 7 August 2014

Preview of Episode 6 "She's the Pierogi Poobah" Amazing Race Canada 2

***Spoiler Alert! I am talking about an un-aired episode, Leg 6 winners and elimination, a bit about Leg 7, so yeah, spoilers! Just letting you know in case you haven't figured that out yet.***

The teams will head to Winnipeg, Manitoba. Manitoba is the first of 3 provinces that were skipped over last season. We will see the other two in this season. Here's what we can expect in this leg:

Mick E... Marsha. Marsha... Mick E.
The MTS Centre, home of the Winnipeg Jets is the setting for one of the Detour tasks. Yes, it's a hockey challenge. I don't know how many times each team member must score on the practice goalie cut-out thing. We are shown Sukhi and Jinder struggling on their skates, and a triumphant Michel. We also see Natalie and Meaghan. What? Yep. But don't forget, Meaghan had just had surgery on that hand she broke at the Olympics. There is sure to be a lot of people complaining about this Detour task favouring the girls. Mick E. Moose, the Jets' mascot will probably be the judge on this. God, I love Canada. Where else do we see so many moose on Reality TV? I am sure BBCda's Marsha has her eye on this guy. She might be older, but he seems like the strong, silent type. She likes that. Will this be a 2X U-Turn?

Working on the assumption that U-Turns and non-elimination legs are all pre-set by production, and there was an edited out one in Hong Kong (there was, in case you didn't hear) then I would have to say no.

The second task in the Detour involves making Pierogi. The only real trick to making them is making sure they are sealed so they don't break open. Who the "Pierogi Poobah" is, and how she got that name is anyone's guess. It could be a compliment by one team member to their partner, my guess would be Alain and Audrey. But it also could be someone nicknamed one of the Polish Church ladies/judges who are overseeing the task. Poobah is such a funny word though. Poobah. Poo-bah. I keep picturing Fred Flintstone and the Loyal Order of Water Buffalo and then of course, his wife Wilma. Speaking of cartoons and "Poo", did you know that Winnie the Pooh was inspired by a bear from Ontario who was a regimental mascot during WWI...and named after Winnipeg? Hmmn. Winnie was supposed to go to Assiniboine Park in Winnipeg (she stayed in London, England) I have to wonder if this will be mentioned. Now I am just rambling.

There is a Roadblock at Whiskey Dix, a Rock n Roll bar. It looks like one member from each team must get dressed up and perform for a bunch of rowdy locals...and they may be the ultimate judges here. Rob, Jinder, Mickey, Natalie and Rex do this one. Don't know about the other two teams. It would also appear that Jinder and Mickey get the crowd rockin, Natalie and Rex...not so much. In fact, Rex looks like his ego is going to take a beating. I doubt if you would hear Rock playing in his car and I don't think he is accustomed to getting boo-ed by any audience. Anyway, keep the remote handy so you can turn the volume down for some of this seriously off-key singing...especially Natalie. You may even want some noise-cancelling headphones.

The teams also make a stop at the Canadian Museum of Human Rights. No idea of the task here or if it's just a simple Route Marker. The CMHR is a brand spanking new museum, and does not even have its opening weekend until September. Teams were spotted here during filming, and the construction fences were still around. By the way, they were seen by many, many Boy Scouts, so I trust them.

Natalie and Meaghan also get "derailed", as they tease in the preview. A long wait for a very long train. Yep. Welcome to Canada. Grain, oil, or car shipments. I can sympathize living here in Windsor, where it's part of daily life and you either learn the schedule or learn to make u-turns to look for a route with an overpass. Wouldn't be surprised if that same train passed through here. Anyways, I wouldn't be too concerned with it - Natalie and Meaghan might be held up a bit, but they won't be eliminated.

Now, as for that elimination. Here are the facts:

  • After Winnipeg, teams were next seen in Paris. France...not Ontario. So we can all expect more complaining from the people who believe the "Canada" in Amazing Race Canada means they are "supposed to stay in Canada". Seriously, these people need to get cable and watch one of  the myriad of Canadian travel shows out there.
  • There is a leg unaccounted for, meaning no one saw or bragged about seeing the teams.
  • This leg is either before or after Paris. However, the gap in filming strongly suggests this leg is between Winnipeg and Paris.
  • Paris has a Speed Bump (Ryan and Rob), which means the leg before is a non-elimination leg.

Therefore, I am pretty sure we will see a team eliminated in Winnipeg. Not 100% sure, mind you. Just pretty sure. And here we go again. The only team on the bubble this week are Rex & Bob. Yes...Rex and Bob again. I know, I know. Well, they were last seen way, way back in Hong Kong. They keep evading elimination. The only scenario where Rex and Bob are saved is: Winnipeg is in fact the NEL, Rex & Bob beat Ryan & Rob to the mat, and Ryan & Rob are saved from elimination. But I don't think so. I think there is a leg between Winnipeg and the Paris sighting. 

And speaking of eliminated teams, CTV will air a mid season special following this episode. It's a mini reunion with the first 4 eliminated teams, but I wouldn't be surprised if Rex and Bob also show up. (Update Aug 12: a teaser was posted on Twitter with a 5th pair of empty chairs)

Update Sunday, August 10th: Just one more thing...that "bombshell announcement" teaser at the end of the new preview? The teams are shown opening their Route Marker clues for the beginning of the next leg. They are standing in the early morning at the corner of Portage and Main. The official show site has even posted a poll for fans to guess what it is. The choices, although hilarious, are all just ringers. The teams are only reacting to the news of the next destination. They are going international again. The fact that Leg 7 had an early morning start was known from sightings during filming. From this announcement, we see 4 teams departing: Alain & Audrey; Mickey & Pete; Natalie & Meaghan and Sukhi & Jinder. Of these 4 teams, Alain & Audrey start out first, while the Hockey Girls leave when it is much lighter out. Sorry Nat & Meg fans, but they don't win the Winnipeg leg.

I will update this post as new info, speculation or sneak peeks come up, (right up until air-time) so check back here.