Saturday, 2 August 2014

Preview of Episode 5 "Who Designs These Torture Tests?" Amazing Race Canada 2

Yes, the teams head back to Canada this week, just like I told you they would. They leave the heat of Macau and must adjust to the cooler climes of Whitehorse. (This was filmed May 8 and 9) How can Mickey find his mellow in Whitehorse if it's too cold to take his pants off? Apparently Satan himself designs these challenges. That's according to Rex who we see bravely pedaling a bike during a Roadblock. I will get back to this in a minute, but first there's another big issue to be addressed in this episode. Who gets that pesky 2nd Express Pass?

Here's the situation in a nutshell. Natalie and Meaghan won two Express Passes for hitting the mat first in Leg 1 in Victoria. One for them to use and one they must give to another team before the end of Leg 5. It's not optional. They can't rip it up. They used their own to escape the Detour in Hong Kong. Why so soon? It was a combination of their belief that they can't handle anything that involves a learned routine (like Kung Fu or dance) and a 2X U-Turn that was edited out. Now they must give the other Express Pass to a team of their choosing, and it looks like everyone wants a piece of that action. In Hong Kong, Jinder asked for it after rejoicing over their going to Macau. On Happiness St. in Macau, Pierre and Michel teamed up with the girls to find the allusive almond biscuit shop, but it was clear their objective was to push for that pass. Pierre later said they will U-Turn the Hockey Girls if they don't get it. Got some news for you'll have to finish a Detour task ahead of the girls in order to U-Turn them.

Natalie and Meaghan want to give it to a team that is either not a threat OR as a reward to a team who has helped them. Seems reasonable, right? So basically chances are its between Sukhi & Jinder and Pierre & Michel. Alain and Audrey would be the logical choice, because they are both struggling right now and have helped Natalie and Meaghan. Remember we were shown two of these teams asking for it in the Macau leg. At least that is what they want us to believe. The girls would like to trust fellow Olympian Pierre and his twin Michel, but know they shouldn't.

The preview shows Bob having a hissy fit saying, "Dumb, dumb, dumb", and Ryan with a
Ryan's face...because.
hilarious look of stunned disbelief. If that IS Bob's reaction to hearing who got the pass, of course I would think it was given to Pierre & Michel. That would be my reaction and that is certainly what the producers have been suggesting, and trying to get us to believe. But I can see Bob's reaction being the same if the girls gave the pass to Sukhi and Jinder. Bob isn't fond of them either, and the siblings trail them. Imagine if Sukhi and Jinder used the pass, and left Rex and Bob in last place.

I would love the pass going to Sukhi & Jinder or Alain & Audrey. If the girls do give it to Pierre & Michel...don't get too upset. In the long term, it won't make a difference. There is only one team who Natalie and Meaghan should absolutely not give it to. Can you guess who it is?

As for the tasks in this episode, there is a Roadblock based on the biathlon - a Nordic sport that combines cross country skiing and riflery. In this challenge, which was held at Biathlon Yukon, the cross country portion is replaced by cycling. I don't think the cycling makes the task any easier. Anyone who has ever watched this sport in the Winter Olympics will know the terrain is a killer, and can be very grueling. Not to mention the conditions of the ground at this time of year. It looks like one person from each team must bike to the target range, then hit one or more targets. They may even have to cycle to several target ranges. If they fail, they may have to bike back to the start and begin again, but that is just my speculation. The team members who choose to do this are: Natalie, Alain, Nicole, Sukhi, Pete, Ryan and Rex. We also know that Cormac, Meaghan and Rob are waiting together for their teammates - so these teams were close in the standings at this point. We don't see anything of the twins in this preview at all. Isn't that interesting?

There is a Detour on this leg and whether or not it is a 2X U-Turn is unknown. One of the tasks is dog sledding. Yes, I know we saw dog sledding in season 1 but that was a Speed Bump for just one team (the Hagues) whereas this is meant for all teams if they choose it to do. Jon's voice over (with a shot of Sukhi and Jinder) informs us the Detour allows some of the weaker teams to move ahead. In the latest sneak peak, it appears they must find the harnesses for 3 dogs then rig the dogs up themselves. It also looks like they must guide the dogs through an obstacle course of hay bails. Natalie & Meaghan and Pierre & Michel each make the mistake of forgetting one harness and must go back to get them. I am sure this won't be as costly as we are made to far as eliminations go. As for winning the leg? At this point this error allows Ryan & Rob, Sukhi & Jinder and Alain & Audrey to move ahead. There was no sign of Mickey & Pete, Cormac & Nicole or Rex & Rob in the clip and there were still 8 sleds lined up. They could be running behind, chose the other Detour Task, or a combination of the two.

Someone will be eliminated this week and it will not be Sukhi and Jinder.

No, I am not kidding, and I am not just speculating on this. Sukhi and Jinder are very safe, and if you are one of their fans you will be happy to know they will be safe for a very long time. And that Speed Bump? No problem. Yes, you can celebrate! They won't even be the team saved by the next non-elimination leg either. Perhaps last week's near-elimination scared them enough to make them reconsider their game. So who is going home? Rex & Bob and Nicole & Cormac are still on the bubble this week, meaning they were not spotted during filming in future legs, and I can account for the other teams at least in the short term. Alain & Audrey were also last seen in Whitehorse, but at the airport for their flight out. Of course there is a possibility the eliminated team left Whitehorse with the remaining teams, but I don't believe that to be the case. For me to name the eliminated team here is 50:50. My first inclination is to go with Rex and Bob. That's based on Rex's title quote. He doesn't sound too thrilled with the cycling. He's struggling, and he's alone. The preview calls the Roadblock relentless, and we are led to believe it will be the reason for the elimination. Look at the competition Rex will be up against in this challenge and I hate to say it, but I don't think he will be able to beat them. I think Nicole and Cormac have a little more fight in them than Rex and Bob.

I have been enjoying both of these teams and will hate seeing either of them go. Rex and Bob have redeemed themselves after that disaster of a performance in Tofino. If Rex does have trouble with the Roadblock, I think he will hang in, and won't dare take another penalty. If they are the eliminated team, I expect them to go out with style, similar to Darren and Kristen's elimination in Whitehorse last year...walking off into the sunset. Nicole and Cormac, if eliminated here would be much the same. Perhaps with more tears....especially so because the next stop is their home turf of Winnipeg. One interesting thing to know...Nicole and Cormac have held weekly viewing parties every week, as do many of the teams. Except this week. You have to wonder why. 

As for the winners of this leg...I have no idea. I was convinced that the Hockey Girls couldn't possibly win a 4th leg in a row, and I don't think I was alone! Truth be told, any one of the other teams could easily win a leg because they are all strong teams - mentally and/or physically. My money is on Ryan and Rob this week. What do you think? Can Natalie and Meaghan win 5 legs in a row? Who can take them out?