Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Preview of Episode 9 "How Are We Going to Explain This to Mom and Dad?" Montreal Amazing Race Canada 2

The race comes back home to Canada, and will stay here for the rest of the season. That's it. No more international legs...for all you complainers out there. Speaking of the rest of the season, there are only 4 episodes left! We are getting down to the nitty-gritty here, and like Pete and Mickey said in the last episode, no more foolsies! No more helping the other teams, or asking for their help. The teams fly to Montreal from Paris. For sure this flight will be another equalizer, and it's anyone's leg to win or lose.

The Roadblock involves a racing challenge. It is a 2 stage challenge in a Camaro SS with an instructor. One team member must first perform a Quarter Drift (a fishtail without spinning out), then a Reverse 180. It was a rainy day in Montreal, so this could get interesting. Meaghan, Jinder, Rob, Alain do this for their teams. I am not sure if it will be Mickey or Pete who do this.

One part of the detour involves cheese. Lots of cheese. It looks like the teams must identify 10 different cheeses based on their taste in a grilled cheese sandwich. Everyone, including Natalie's stomach will get stressed out. Makes me wonder if anyone is lactose-intolerant. Then I wonder what order these tasks were done. This task takes place beside Canal de Lachine. A preview shows Natalie and Meaghan alongside Mickey and Pete.

There is a Route Marker task that has the teams "baring all". They must pose for a life drawing class.  The preview implies the teams go au naturale. Sukhi stands behind Jinder and they are seen from the chest up but Ryan and Rob are seen posing in their underwear. Can't wait to see these teams do this. Should be fun, but I hope Mickey and Pete don't get so mellow with it they forget they are in a race again. Oh yeah...I wonder if Pete's stickman tat will be making a guest appearance? There are plenty of art schools in Montreal all of which have life drawing classes, but I believe it could be at either Concordia University - Loyola or what's more likely, an illustration/animation school called Syn Studio. The title quote goes to Jinder who says. "I don't even know how we are going to explain this to Mom and Dad." Chill out Jinder, it's just your underwear. Just tell them, you had to. Then reassure your Mom that you had clean underwear on.

Wouldn't it be hilarious if some of them decided to go commando that day? I mean, it is kind of far along in the race. How many pairs of underwear do these guys bring with them and do they have time on mandatory rest periods to wash their clothes?

I don't know where the Pitstop is, but if I had to hazard a guess I would have to say Mont-Royal. Just going out on a very long limb here.

Who wins this leg? I have no idea, but I am kind of hoping Natalie and Meaghan don't. They are a very strong team, I like them and blah, blah blah, but enough! Sukhi and Jinder have been coming on strong. If Pete and Mickey hadn't wasted 2 hours driving halfway to Germany last week, they could have easily won. In another preview, Natalie and Meaghan are having a hard time identifying the cheese. They suggest to Mickey and Pete they need to work together, then ask if they want to. The Dudes reply with "No, not really." Very interesting. Finally, someone is getting the idea. It has also given me pause to think about the circumstances behind some of Natalie and Meaghan's 6 wins. The winner of this leg may come down to who likes cheese the most.

Who gets eliminated this week?

Well, unless it's a Non-Elimination week, then it will be Alain and Audrey. I wonder if Audrey will tell Alain, "We'll always have Paris."
CORRECTION: This was a non-elimination leg.

I will add to this preview right up to next Tuesday if new information is learned.