Friday, 22 August 2014

Preview of Episode 8 "I Said Yes!" Amazing Race Canada 2

Yes, by "Preview" I mean spoilers.

Hmmn. Interesting title. You don't suppose someone popped the big question, do you? After all, it is Paris - the city of love.

I have another question. Will this be another episode of "Getting Lost in France and Hating Yourself"? Forget about Rex and Bob's pitch for a show called Gay Acres. I want to see Ryan and Rob do this show! Seriously. The problem is this leg won't be their episode 2.

And one more question. How will Ryan and Rob make up time for this late arrival at the mat
Ah, Paris. Will this be the start of a beautiful...marriage?
on Juno Beach? Did you notice just how far behind they were? They didn't get there until sunset.

It's an early morning start from Normandy and the teams must travel to Paris by train. If I am reading the schedule correctly, the first train from Caen is at 7:44 am. So this must help Ryan and Rob make up for some of that time, if not all of it.

The Road Block this episode involves art. Well, that's what CTV is saying. It's more Lite-Brite-ism, less Impressionism. It's certainly not Monet's water lilies. Although if I squint my eyes enough I think I see a flower. One team member must arrange Mentos candies in various colours on a board, duplicating a sample "masterpiece". Worse yet, they must use tweezers to get the candies in the holes. Sukhi, Natalie, Michel, Rob, Pete and Audrey to this one for their teams. It also appears they are all together at the same time. Now for the gossipy stuff.
"Hey Mickey, did you hear what they did?"
Apparently the Twins are up to their old tricks again and have lied to Alain and Audrey. It must be a doozey too because Alain is not a happy guy. It looks like he is telling Mickey about it, with Pierre sitting right there beside them. I don't think Mickey wants to hear any harshing. All that will accomplish is Mickey trying to regain his mellow and take his pants off. Oh, what am I saying? Go ahead Alain, harsh away. In an ITM, Pierre says, "Will this guy ever shut up?"

The Detour this week is also a 2X U-Turn. I don't know much more about the actual tasks
except they occur in the "cafe area". Funny, but I thought all of Paris was a cafe area. Just kidding. One task may involve going from cafe to cafe...maybe collecting various things...maybe coffees. There was a cluebox sighting on Rue du Louvre, not too far away. It is also interesting that the new park dedicated to Nelson Mandela is close to this cluebox...just a couple of blocks away.

The Speed Bump is also in the same area. Ryan and Rob were spotted during filming at Centre Georges Pompidou, playing an accordion.

Who will win this leg? I have to believe that the bickering between Alain & Audrey and the Twins will only serve to allow room for other teams to advance. Natalie and Meaghan seem awfully damn happy about the big snit too! Just saying. 

Who will be eliminated this week?

It won't be Ryan and Rob! The NEL last week will affect them the same way Sukhi and Jinder's near elimination affected them. And the Speed Bump won't hurt them either.

Here's the deal:
  • The next two teams to be eliminated are Pierre & Michel and Alain & Audrey. Not in that particular order. (And yes, that means the other 4 teams are the final 4!) 
  • I am sure the 2X U-Turn will come into play, and as we've seen...these two teams are at each others' throats. It also explains the irony of a French-Canadian team getting eliminated in Paris. 
  • Remember the deal between the Twins and the Hockey Girls? They promised not to U-Turn each other. Natalie and Meaghan also threw in the provision they may need the Twins to U-Turn a strong team who are on their tails. Will this play out? Do the Twins keep their promise to Natalie and Meaghan by U-Turning Alain and Audrey? 
  • Is that what the title refers to? According to Pierre and Michel, they asked Alain and Audrey to form an alliance at the very beginning. They say they never got an answer. I am sure we are going to see an argument break out about this and either Alain or Audrey will tell the twins, "I said yes!" Or is it Alain and Audrey who U-Turn the Twins - in revenge for the lies? Maybe Alain does propose. This is going to get interesting.
  • The latest preview shows the Twins on the train from Normandy to Paris, discussing whether or not they should use a U-Turn and on whom. Apparently they made a deal with Alain and Audrey not to U-Turn each other at some point earlier in the race. Now Pierre and Michel do not trust the couple and are planning to U-Turn them. IF this is the lie that Alain is confronting Pierre with at the Roadblock, the Twins have already U-Turned Alain and Audrey. The couple have already caught up with the Twins at the Mentos Roadblock. 
  • It could also just be something simple. Maybe Pierre and Michel are overheard on the train. All this about The Twins U-Turning Alain and Audrey could just be one giant red herring!
  • Cluebox on the Seine. Time to say "au revoir" to one of the Habitants.
  • Did Pierre and Michel get U-Turned as well? You don't suppose it was Sukhi and Jinder ....
Just one more thing. Audrey has expressed the Paris leg was her favourite. Is it because Alain proposed, or did they see Pierre and Michel get eliminated here? Or both? Naturally, I would prefer Pierre and Michel get the boot. I guess I am just a softy at heart. If you read the official team bios released by CTV, you would have noticed that the Twins said their strategy was going to play "good cop/bad cop". In addition, I described them by saying, "Good guys may come last, but bad guys never win either." Well, it's happening. The Twins will get theirs, if not in Paris then most likely on the next leg in Montreal.