Thursday, 30 October 2014

Recap of Episode 7 The Bachelor Canada 2...The Hometown Dates/Special Halloween Episode!

It's down to the wire. Tim gets to meet the families of his Final Four potential Mrs. Warmels. Or should I say, potential ex-fiancees. The preview emphasizes the "Lisa problem" is still very much alive. Tim is troubled, and says he has to go with his gut feelings. This leads us to believe he is going to cut Lisa loose this week. So why do I get the feeling it will be Sachelle who is eliminated?

Let me give a quick overview of the format of these hometown dates for those who are watching this for the first time. The Bachelor flies into the city and is greeted by the girl in some public spot. They then do some activity, supposedly of the girl's choosing. She then takes him to her family home where he is grilled by the loved ones. It has become the custom - in recent seasons anyway, for this to be the point at which the girl tells the bachelor she loves him. Or at the very least, that she is "falling for him." So much so in fact that if she doesn't say it, she isn't a contender. Of course, the bachelor is not expected to reply in kind.

At least that is what is supposed to happen.

Tim's first stop is Edmonton where he is greeted by Trish outside guessed ice rink. Because...Edmonton. Trish wears an Oilers' jersey and gives Tim a Leafs' jersey. How sweet. Tim shows off his skills and they have fun. I am not being sarcastic. There is a sense of comfort between them. She wants to tell him she has feelings for him, but can't get the words out. She starts by saying, "Since I have been on this...I don't know what to call it...a journey?" (Yes, Trish. It's called a journey. Everyone KNOWS that. I am sure your grandparents know that.) "I have never been so happy." He is nervous to meet her family. Okay, let me just say this. If your date/partner/finance(e) isn't nervous about meeting your family, then there's something wrong. There just is. But this being the Bachelor - and in particular, Tim Warmels...well who knows if this is genuine or not. Trish's family turns out to be very welcoming and the grandfather is a real hoot. Trish finally tells Tim she is falling for him. Here's the thing. Tim tells her, "I fell for you a long time ago." Hmmn. Now that's interesting. Could be real. Could be a foiler. Who really knows? What I do know is that production doesn't usually want the bachelor to reveal his true feelings towards any of the girls. So I am scratching my head with this one.

Tim's hometown date with Trish was the only one out of the four to conform to the usual format.

Next up is Sachelle the Seashell. She meets Tim at Billy Bishop Airport to tell him their flight to
Dr. Frankenstein: She is not for you.
Sudbury is delayed due to fog. Their date is ruined! Tim decides to improvise...walk her around his neighbourhood, then stop for a coffee. Just as some kids conveniently play around them, they talk about having kids. It didn't seem like a comfortable conversation at all. Somehow she thinks they have grown closer over the last 5 weeks - like they have dated for a few years. What is this girl thinking? Sachelle's family is...uncomfortably cordial. It soon becomes clear this hometown date is getting what I call the Desiree Hartsock edit. Meaning the overly-protective, creepy brother edit. Apparently her brother Shane has always been this way with his little Seashell. That's just not right. Maybe he built her himself out of spare body parts and doesn't want to share. He wants to punch Tim even before he talks to the guy, and he even did a little sleuthing on Twitter to prep for the meeting. It is, of course all a big pile of steaming crap, and I wouldn't be surprised if he is the nicest guy in the world. Well except for those eyebrows which really creeped me out. Shane tells Tim that it would be best to let Sachelle go now rather than break her heart later.

These sausages were delish!
Tim then heads to Wasaga Beach to meet April...on the beach. But first, April must have a sit down with Timbits to explain this wall that she has put up and which Tim has had a harder time tearing down than Reagan with the Berlin Wall. April confides that her parents were partiers in their day and her father died of an overdose when she was 8. On top of that, she no longer has a relationship with her mother. It was her grandparents who raised her and they are the ones who will be meeting Tim. There is no planned date/activity. They have dinner at the restaurant the grandparents used to own, and where April was basically raised. The grilling basically comes from Grandma, while Grandpa just sits there silently, content with his grilled sausages. Either that, or he was just acting out what he really thought of Tim. Grandma says she can "see through him." I still don't know what that means. Is he a ghost? April's aunt asks Tim if it was "like at first sight." Tim answered "Not really", then explained when all the mutual lusting liking started. There was some fancy editing here...I could tell by the amount of food on Grandpa's plate between the question and answer. It didn't match up. The sausage magically appeared. April also tells Tim she is falling for him. The difference is, we don't hear a response directly from him to April. He only reveals to us that he is falling for her in his ITM confessional. Since that is producer driven and edited in afterwards, can we really believe it?

And now for that little problem in Calgary. Lisa. They meet in the park and Lisa starts to point out the sights that are important to her. She thinks Tim has forgotten all about the "Tuscany Incident". He hasn't. The poor guy has been greatly troubled by it. He sits her down. Here it comes....YAY!!!

Here's the script...I mean transcript:

Tim: Will you tell me what happened last week?
Lisa: I told you what happened last week.
Tim: Really? One hundred percent?
Lisa: One hundred percent.
Tim: I could totally see myself falling for you. We could travel. Maybe I could convince you to move to Toronto.
Lisa: ...and...

<Unnecessarily long pause where Tim looks like he either forgets who he is, or wonders if he set the timer on his Keurig, while dramatic piano music plays. For Christ's sake, just put her out of her misery and stake her you moron.>

Tim: I could totally see myself doing that with you. I just don't know if I could feel right taking it any further. I don't think I could meet the parents in good faith.
Lisa: I don't know what to say. <After drilling a hole in Tim's forehead with her evil laser eyes>

Now read that again as if it was a scene from a soap opera, because that's exactly what it
Who would give this expression after a break-up?
was like. In fact, I thought for a minute I was watching a special prime time presentation of Days of Our Lives or something.

Again with the evil laser eyes, a look that I can only describe as a glare that - I swear, would shrink the balls of the Incredible Hulk. Oh wait, am I missing something? Is Lisa supposed to be a vampire or a zombie? It's an important question in order to know where to drive that stake. Heart or brain. Anyway, Lisa thinks that Tim was just listening too much to the other girls - her competitors...who were just waiting for something to use against her. Then she states, "I knew it!" Too bad she didn't know not to mess with the Italian bartender stud. My best advise for Lisa is she should go to Atlanta and try out for a part as a zombie on The Walking Dead. She may have a future there.

The entire Lisa sequence only confirms what I have been thinking since the premiere of this season. Forget some of the girls, it's Timbits himself who doesn't seem to be there for "the right reasons." It's like the entire season was one very long Tim Warmels' audition tape. Look out Brad Smith, I think Tim may be after your job. 
The girls put 2 and 2 together. Tim must have used his crossbow.

On to the Rose Ceremony back in Vancouver. April, Trisha and Sachelle arrive in separate limos. April and Trisha wear beautiful, sexy long gowns. Sachelle wears a short dress that looks like her grandmother got on sale at Sears. I hate to be catty, but...who am I kidding? Really. Or maybe it was that awkwardly, over-protective brother of hers. As they gather, they notice there are only two roses...and NO LISA. They are happy that Lisa is gone and sad because they come to the realization that one of them will be leaving.

And it's sooo obvious who it will be.

That's right, Sachelle the Seashell is eliminated. Tim can finally get rid of that seashell he has been carrying in his pocket for the last five weeks. The one thing that struck me is Trisha and April telling her they loved her. sweet. But it's just another indication to me that some of these girls develop better connections with each other than they do the bachelor.

Next week: The Women Tell All. Expect more Lisa drama when she takes the hot seat. Lots
Tyler is back. He just had more important stuff to do.
of shots of audience reaction to her being such a little tramp. You can also expect to see Natalie explaining her return, and I am sure some more of Krazy Kaylynn. And who is that guy sitting there? Oh that's right. It's that non-existent host Tyler Harcourt, who single-handedly proved the irrelevance of Chris Harrison. After all, I don't think we need to hear a host come out just to tell Tim "This is the last rose of the evening."

It looks like the they are calling the finale a 2-parter, even though they appear to be following the standard format. They are off to Tahiti. There will be overnight fantasy suite dates offered, but I don't know if Tim or Trisha and/or April will accept them. Tim's parents will meet the two girls. By the way, they are making "Mumsy", Mrs. Warmels to be a real hard-ass who gives April a rough time.