Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Recap of Episode 5 The Bachelor Canada

Okay, it's no secret that The Bachelor can be, well...producer driven. It's about as close to scripted as a reality show can get while still being called Reality TV. Of course there is no script, but the handlers (read: Directors) don't need one when plot points and characterization are ingrained in their head. We usually see several of these every season. I thought the previous episode was obvious with Natalie as 'the girl who leaves' and Lisa as 'the mean girl'. But hold on folks, this episode was over the top. It's like they aren't even trying anymore. Just pack as much drama as possible into the short one hour Canadian version. Geesh.

If it weren't for all the manufactured drama, absolutely nothing would have happened other than April getting the 1-on-1 date. The date card read "Lets hit the road so I can show you my world." Tim and April did NOTHING on this date. He took her on a motorcycle tour of some random Toronto streets, then brought her down to the lake shore near the field he supposedly used to play soccer. Tim wants April's walls to come down, so he tells her some story about having to work 80 hours a week, then made a change in lifestyle. Somehow this approach works. April tells Tim she was in a 7 year relationship, but the guy betrayed her trust. Sounds like the same story as Trish. And just like Trish, the sob story is enough to satisfy Tim.

The two then go off to play some pool. April proposes a bet: if she wins she can drive the motorcycle. If Tim wins, he gets to kiss her. April was taught to play by her father, so she knows what she's doing. So she loses on purpose. The kiss was more like a peck. Big build up...small pay-off.  But she gets a rose from Tim.

The second date card arrives. The card reads, "Buckle up. A big surprise awaits." Dominique CAN talk. She says if she doesn't get a date this week, there is no point in her being here. So you know what's going to happen. It's everyone except Dominique on this date: Kaylynn, Trish, Sachelle and Lisa. They go to a deserted Canada's Wonderland at night. Now before you go thinking like the girls that the park was closed down just for filming, you should know that when this was filmed, Canada's Wonderland was only open weekends. So there was no big expense involved. They rode a couple of rides. Trish got to sit next to Tim on the rollercoaster because she is afraid. Tim stages a go-cart race for the 4 girls, and the winner gets some alone time with him. Even though Kaylynn can't drive, she wins. Do you want to tell me how that's possible? Anyway, as the 3 other girls have a snack in the restaurant, Tim and Kaylynn get to make out in a roadster in front of the restaurant. In front of the girls who can creep on everything the two are doing. Yes, Sachelle, Trish and Lisa can see everything...because they were sitting at the carefully chosen window seat that just happens to be the closest to the roadster. Lisa tells Kaylynn she is disgusting and totally disrespectful. Kaylynn cries and runs to the washroom. The big difference is...Tim doesn't run to Kaylynn to comfort her in her time of need. Now that's interesting.

The next day is the day with all the drama. First up: Natalie returns for a second chance with Tim. But first, she has to go to the girls' hotel room to get them all agitated and pissed off. Lisa thinks she's a crazy bitch and says, "If Natalie stays and I am sent home, then there is nothing between Tim and I." All I can say is, "?????" Um...yeah, genius. Natalie then goes to talk to Tim and he agrees to keep her around until the rose ceremony. No sooner than Natalie leaves, Dominique goes to Tim's room to tell him she is leaving. It's like the revolving door of crazies. Tim's not terribly torn up about Dominique leaving, except to say that maybe he didn't give her enough attention. Wow. But Dominique gives Tim a warning. One of the girls is a big old meanie. When Tim presses Dominique to find out who, she tells him to ask the girls how they are getting along with each other.

That night is the Rose Ceremony and Lisa takes the opportunity to get drunk. I probably would have too. Stuck in a hotel room with 5 girls you barely know, just praying that you can go out on a date with some guy you barely know. That's got to suck big time. Tim talks to Natalie who is now confident that she will get a rose. She doesn't. But she thanks Tim for the Rose Ceremony that she didn't get when she chose to leave before the one in the Bahamas. What? And it's also clear that Tim didn't follow Dominique's advice and talk to the girls to find out who the troublemaker is.

Next week, the group goes to Tuscany. Lisa does something bad.