Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Amazing Race Canada 3 Advance Preview of Episode 12 Season Finale, "Here's to You Canada...Cheers"

For the last time THIS YEAR...
There are SPOILERS here!!!

I usually post my recap of the last episode before my spoiler preview of the next episode, but I am jumping the queue this time.

NOTE: You can see my spoilers for the entire season on my Leg-by-Leg Spoilers post HERE and my Team Spoilers post HERE

I am not sure what to think of that title. Of course, it suggests what I suspected last May...that Jon may re-enact his famous winner's walk and grab a pitcher of beer. Perhaps, walking with the winner. But there is also a certain air of finality to it*, which is rubbing me the wrong way.
Update from preview: there is a quick glimpse of Brent and Sean toasting and drinking champagne...maybe at the Pitstart. But I still feel we will see Jon walking through Whistler Village, if only in the intro to the Whistler segment. I mean, he has to, right?

From Edmonton, the teams will travel to Vancouver. The first clue box is at the Terry Fox Memorial in front of B.C. Place. Here teams will have to cycle across a raised platform situated between the stadium's most distinguishing feature, the rib supports. Of course, the racers are tethered and with a separate line on their bike. If they fall, they must recover the bike themselves. The fact that B.C. Place is the site of the Vancouver 2010 opening and closing ceremonies is a big tip as to where they go next...

From here, teams will travel to Whistler, B.C. There were taxis seen at the Terry Fox Memorial. Also note, it is about a 90-minute drive from B.C. Place to Whistler without traffic.

Here is what is known from sightings that day:
  • A very well known Vancouver film-sightings site called YVR Shoots went to B.C. Place where they filmed only Sean AND Brent up on the beam.
  • Sean and Brent were seen walking towards the Peak-to-Peak Gondola entrance. (with photo evidence) Another photo shows them running through the village.
  • A "Yellow Team" was seen in Olympic Village in the morning. (no photo evidence)
  • Gino and Jesse were seen riding the Peak-to-Peak Gondola on the way up. They were carrying one set of skis/boots with them, and only Jesse was seen strapping them on. (with photo evidence) This must have been a Roadblock, possibly to retrieve a clue.
From the Previews:
  • All 3 teams were at B.C. Place at the same time. This appears to be a Roadblock with Brent, Gino and Matt choosing to do it. I say appears because we see Nick, Jesse and Sean gathered together and waiting on the ground. The sneak peak shows Jesse telling Nick that Gino is "not comfortable with heights" (he refuses to say Gino is afraid of heights), and Nick is very excited to learn this.
  • The Mentos Sneak Peak is of Brent and Sean at the final Pitstop ITM Confessional. Brent is explaining how the B.C. Place task took away all his confidence.
  • Nick and Matt are leaving in a cab yelling "Go, go, go." They have obviously got the jump on someone.
  • There is another Roadblock in Whistler Village, which means that the team member who did not do the B.C. Place task will have to do this one. That will be Sean, Nick, and Jesse. This one is freestyle skiing - jumping off a ramp and landing in a "bubble" pool.
  • UPDATE: I believe the site of the freestyle ski jump is located at Base 2 on Blackcomb. Therefore: I think: teams will take the gondola up Whistler to the Roundhouse Lodge; search through racks of skis (this will be similar to the bicycle search in Quebec City); take the Peak-to-Peak gondola over to Blackcomb; then take another gondola back down to Base 2 for the ski jump. The purpose of all of this is of course, the grandeur and the money shot.
  • We also see Gino and Jesse running through the Village, asking, "Where is he?"
  • UPDATE: The latest preview, released 9/20 shows the finish line. It's a golf course, and perhaps the best candidate is the Fairmont Chateau Whistler Golf Course. There are 3 other courses: Nicklaus North; Whistler Golf Club; and Big Sky.
So, here's the thing. Of course, the obvious prediction would be Gino and Jesse for the win, judging by what we know of them and their performance this season. Not to mention the hype they've been given. Just check out the LEG 10 PHOTOS on the official site It's practically a Gino and Jesse photoshoot!  But, here is the biggest warning and the best advice I can give anyone. Just because a team was witnessed at a certain place and at a certain time does not mean they were the first one there. In fact, more often than not it's the exact opposite.

As for the Final Memory Challenge, we have two clues. First, if you have been paying attention to the Pitstart clues, there have been a few glimpses where we see the silhouettes of provinces or countries. Then, in the preview of the finale, we see Jesse standing in front of a world map. (see screencaps below) So, this suggests the task is to put the locations of each leg in order. If correct, some locations are not as "easy" to identify as you might think. Think of Chile vs the Magdeleine Islands!

NO, I DO NOT KNOW WHO THE WINNER IS! Last year, I knew the day after filming finished. But there was no fun in that. All I had to do was sit back and hope my sources were correct. This year I enjoy the speculation. So let's look:

Gino & Jesse: 
  • They are athletic. Expect Jesse to do very well in the freestyle task. If the win depends on a footrace to the mat, they will win. 
  • They have been over-hyped on the official site (far more than the other teams) and on social media, but they themselves are very quiet. They barely defended themselves after the "cabotage" incident.
  • If there is a Final Memory Challenge based on geography, they will be in trouble.
  • They have been up and down in the standings. They have won 4 legs but were second-to-last and narrowly avoided elimination 3 times (Santiago, Kolkata, and Edmonton)
  • Their average leg results are at 3.18 going into the final.
  • Quote from Episode 11 Pitstop ITM Confessional: "To be Amazing Race Canada Season 3 champs. Like, ahhh. You dream of things like this." (Jesse). Gino did not speak.
Sean & Brent:
  • They may complain a lot, but they can be just as athletic as any other team - we have seen this time and again.
  • They are a bit more consistent in the standings than Gino and Jesse. They have won 2 legs (Saskatoon & Edmonton), but were saved by an NEL in Delhi.
  • Their average leg results are now 3.82 going into the final.
  • Quote from Episode 11 Pitstop ITM Confessional: "We are one of the top 3 teams. We're here for a reason. We're going to win." (Brent); "And we're going to continue to hurry hard, right to the finish line." (Sean)
Nick & Matt:
  • They are definitely strong physically and mentally, but they have been beaten in footraces to the mat.
  • Although they have only won one leg, they have been the most consistent team in the standings.
  • Of the 3 teams in the final, they seem to have the least presence on the official site. They are also very active on social media.
  • They have held the best leg-by-leg average placement - they are now at 3.0 going into the final.
  • Quote from Episode 11 Pitstop ITM Confessional: "We're in the final. It's a really amazing feeling." (Nick) "; "We're just ready to push it and get to that mat first. Take home our trucks and prizes." (Matt)
The last few days, I have been flip-flopping on who the winner could be. Right now, as of Sunday night here's what I think (but don't hold me to it):
  • Sean and Brent appear to be the last team to finish the task at B.C. Place: they were the only team actually photographed there; they performed several attempts one after the other; and Sean was up there with his brother - perhaps for emotional support. I think Nick and Matt "got the jump" over them and maybe even Gino and Jesse. If so, Gino and Jesse are close behind.
  • The preview "suggests" Sean and Brent were at the freestyle skiing task after Gino and Jesse. I have no idea how Nick and Matt fit into this equation (at this time).
  • Just like the first two seasons, this may come down to the final memory task and who can stay calm and collected.
  • It appears that teams ditched their cabs once they arrived in Whistler, because all reports say teams were running around the Village. However, I think they may need to grab a cab to get to the golf course location of the finish line. And it just dawned on me that the short clip of Nick and Matt telling the cab driver to "Go, go, go" may not be at B.C. Place, but in the village.
Right now, I am pulling for Nick and Matt. I just hope it doesn't come down to a footrace to the mat.

Please, please, please,
don't let it come down to that!

Jesse in front of a World map.
Leg 7 Pitstart clue (Saskatchewan)

Brent and Sean at final ITM Confessional.
Sean says the fall took away all his confidence in finishing
the task at B.C. Place 

What do YOU think? Who do you think will win? Will it be the third year in a row we have the long shot winning it OR are Gino and Jesse the obvious winners?

*Update 9/21...CTV announced casting will begin Wednesday after the finale we can all breathe easy....phew!