Saturday, 5 September 2015

Amazing Race Canada 3 Preview of Episode 10 "Man I've Got a Big Butt"

So we are now into what I call the endgame. It's the last 3 episodes of the season when the five remaining teams return to Canada. I guess you could also call it the home stretch. Whatever you call it, these last 3 episodes (Penticton, Edmonton, and Vancouver/Whistler) may just be the best of the season. Here is my preview for Leg 10, which includes info from live sightings, official previews and some of my speculation.

Leg 10 will see the 5 remaining teams fly back to Vancouver, then on to Penticton. Thanks to local news coverage, we know of 5 locations visited. You can see the article in the Penticton Herald by clicking here. Those 5 locations are:

  • The Summerland Waterfront Resort
  • D'Angelo Estate Winery, Naramata*
  • Covert Farms, Oliver
  • The Osoyoos Desert Model Railroad
  • Nk'Mip Desert Cultural Centre
The Summerland Waterfront Resort is the venue for the wakeboarding task we saw in the preview. This is the Roadblock. One team member will do the task while their partner watches from the speedboat. The sneak peak shows Leilani falling hard against the outer wall and guard of the ramp, and EMS helping her. She has a few cuts and one that is particularly nasty with bits of plastic in the skin. We then hear a member of the Production Team asking her if she wants to continue on. Do not worry, we are not looking at an incident like that of S2's Shawn King dropping out of the race. This incident was known back in May when a local mentioned EMS was called to the scene. But that was all that was known. It now appears they will bandage her cuts and she will be on her way, the worst being she and Dujean will have to take a penalty. Besides Leilani, it looks like Sean, Simi, Jesse and maybe Nick will do the Roadblock.

The Detour and 2X U-Turn Board is at Covert Farms. The tasks for one side of the Detour are part of a local event known as Freak n Farmers. This is an extreme obstacle course modeled after the endurance needed by area farmers and the chores they had to do. The preview shows Gino and Jesse crawling on their belly through mud and under barbed wire. Shirtless, of course. We also see shots of Nick & Matt, Dujean & Leilani, and Brent & Sean flipping huge tractor tires. Gino and Jesse will also flip tires.

The Brothers Montani want to take out Nick and Matt,
and I don't mean on a date.
I am pretty sure we are going to see the U-Turns used. I suspect there will be a big rivalry between Nick & Matt and Gino & Jesse. It's been building for the last few episodes. At the end of the last episode, Gino and Jesse vowed to take Nick and Matt out. Each team will race to finish the obstacle course first so they can knock the other team out of first place, ensuring a win for this leg. And I would not doubt for a second the loser of this showdown will U-Turn another team to ensure their own safety. The fact that Brent and Sean are seen in the previews flipping that big tire tells me the other side of the Detour was a lot harder, or the brothers were U-Turned. Another big clue is there is a quick shot of Nick and Matt driving a Chey pickup through parked cars/obstacles. Is this the other side of the Detour (it doesn't seem to fit the other tasks) and did the Wrestlers get U-Turned?

Sean and Brent will have to complete a Speedbump at some point, but I do not know where.

Mini-Monty tells the teams to go to Nk'Mip
There is a really fun task at the Osoyoos Desert Model Railroad Museum. Teams must locate "mini-Jons" (or should we call them Mini-Montys?) among the very highly detailed model trains. Apparently production placed thousands of "extras" into the scaled scenery. I am not sure of how many Mini-Montys there are, but each of them are holding signs with the word Nk'Mip. Maybe there are only 5 - one for each team. If that is true, then the last team there is going to find this task extremely difficult. I think this task is to find the location of the Pitstop, and that is Nk'Mip Desert Cultural Centre.

There will be an elimination. If you are fans of Brent and Sean and you are worrying about the Speedbump, don't be. The Speedbump won't cause them to be eliminated. The Canadian Speedbump record will remain intact. I think Leilani will continue with the Race. The pair is seen flipping the tractor tire in the preview. Dujean tells Leilani to help and she snaps back with something along the lines of: don't say that to me after what I've just done (paraphrasing). However, Penticton will be where their race ends. The cause of this elimination could have been the delay from the injury, a penalty they took because of it or they could have been U-Turned...I don't know. So prepare yourselves, Dancing Exes fans.

As always, I will update this post if anything else comes to light. If not, see you Wednesday night on Twitter!

* I suspect D'Angelo Estate wines was not used for a task, but served either as Jon's stand-up introduction, a secluded overnight stay for crew/cast, or it could be the Pitstart for Leg 11.