Saturday, 19 September 2015

Amazing Race Canada 3 Episode 11 "Cabotage" OR My Things to Do in Edmonton List

*Not an actual thing. So don't pin it.
Okay, so I am not going to get into this whole "CABGATE" thing in this recap. I have already outlined those events and stated my opinion, which you can find HERE

The teams leave from Spotted Lake in Osoyoos, British Columbia:

Gino and Jesse 1:41 P.M.
Sean and Brent 3:35
Nick and Matt 3:45
Simi and Ope  4:45

I have to comment on this Spotted Lake. I know it's revered by Aboriginals for being a place of healing. But this place is so strange looking from above. I have heard it referred to as something out of a Dr. Seuss book, which is very true. But I see either a piece of abstract art or something I pinned on Pinterest. You know what I'm talking a DIY mosaic stepping stone for your garden.

There is $780 on their BMO card and once in Edmonton, they must make their way to City Hall and interrupt the Justice of the Peace to receive their next clue. It's very awkward at the Penticton airport before Simi and Ope arrive as everyone wonders who was eliminated. It's very clear there is no love lost between these guys. And it's a very good indicator of where this episode is headed. It may get nasty.

Now why they had to interrupt this wedding is beyond me. Is this a thing in Edmonton? Is there a Saturday Afternoon Wedding Crashers Club? Shouldn't they consult with Chazz first, then have some meatloaf? Very silly. This task drew THE most ridiculous comments on Twitter: "typical Canadians...don't want to interrupt a wedding" Hey, if Sean was going to vomit, this would have been the time. Because what comes next is - comparatively speaking, so, um, what's the word? Oh, Yeah. So UN-Canadian. And yes...I have to admit I took great delight knowing these casual fans on Twitter were going to freak out. (Although I had no idea it would get as bad as it did)

From a wedding, we go to the dump. Yeah. That sounds about right. Actually, it's the Waste Management Centre and apparently it's "world renowned" - considered by many to be the amusement park among recycling centres. Hey, I didn't make that up. It's what I read on their site. I'll have to add that to my "Things to Do in Edmonton" list because I can't wait to go on the Haunted Compost Ride. I heard it's fun.

This is the Detour called "Paper OR Plastic". In Paper, teams must work on the paper sorting line and fill two bins. One with 13 kg of plastic and the other with 13 kg of other non-paper materials. It's a very fast-moving conveyer belt. For Plastic, they must disassemble 6 television sets and sort the various parts for recycling. To get to either station, teams had to take a shuttle from the main entrance - and ask their taxi drivers to wait for them. For the record...Simi and Ope are the first ones there and are not shown asking their cabbie to wait. All of the others do.

Sean and Brent are the only ones to do Paper. Of course, Sean notes there is a barf bucket there, and hopefully he doesn't have to use it. They are done first. Meanwhile on the other side of the Detour, teams find out the hard way if they break the screen they must start over. Gino and Jesse are done first, followed by Nick & Matt and Simi & Ope who catch a 2nd shuttle back to the entrance. Gino and Jesse find their cab has abandoned them, so they take Nick and Matt's. The wrestlers try to get the brothers out of their cab, but Gino offers the cabbie 40 bucks and away they go. Simi & Ope run in and ask the attendant to call a cab and reserve it under the Simi's name, but they do not hang around to see or hear the call placed. Nick and Matt also run in to call for a cab. As the two teams start walking towards the road, an unreserved cab shows up and Nick and Matt grab it. Ope and Simi are furious and when the next cab shows up, they see it was reserved under Nick's name. What a friggin mess.

From here, teams must travel to the Ottewell Curling Club because it's time for another Face Off. I won't get into specifics because we all know how it's supposed to play out...not like that fiasco of kayak-hockey in the Magdelene Islands. And this one goes smoothly. Each team member has four attempts (8 for each team) to lay their stone closer to the button than their opponents.

  • Sean and Brent defeat Gino and Jesse. Sean and Brent tell us their Grandfather played in The Briar for Nova Scotia.
  • Nick and Matt defeat Gino and Jesse. Of course, this was a match of karma. The wrestlers say they've been waiting to take the brothers on, and say the obligatory, "Let's rock!"
  • Gino and Jesse defeat Simi and Ope. Ope says there is zero "culling" in Nigeria, but he watches it on T.V.

Simi and Ope have to serve out a time penalty - counted down with an hourglass. Don't ask me why it's an hourglass, because I really have no idea. And then, as if to add insult to injury, Simi and Ope leave only to find Gino and Jese took their cab. This despite Ope specifically asking the cabbie to wait for them and not to pick up anyone else. Simi almost hyperventilates. Those dirty Muskrat Brothers!

Then it's on to....a Petro-Canada station in St. Albert??? Oh boy! How very exciting! For sure, I'll add it to my list of Edmonton attractions. This is called, "Wait Til You Spree This." Teams are given a Petro Canada card to use in a shopping spree. They must gather up enough drinks and snacks in 90 seconds to redeem 250,000 Petro-Canada points. Teams complete this task in the same order as they finished the Face Off.  I have nothing more to say about this task.

That's right he is, you dirty low-down stinking muskrat.
The Roadblock is at Kelly's Saloon in Fort Edmonton Park which is known for its period recreations. This challenge and venue make up for the recycling and gas station tasks. In fact, I think it's the kind of task I have been missing all season. It's called, "Who Wants to Raise the Bar?" Jon's intro is interrupted by a rowdy patron. One person from each team must dress in an 1880's saloonkeeper's outfit and reenact an R.C.M.P. liquor licence raid. They must memorize and correctly act out a script. One error and they must start again. Brent, Matt, Jesse and Ope give it a try. When Gino and Jesse finally show up, Nick says, "The momma's boys are here." Jesse says the accent he tried was an olden days kinda guy, but it came off more like Bawwy Kwipkwe if you know what I mean. While Nick and Sean wait, they overhear Gino practise with Jesse. Nick says to Sean, "They sound like idiots." Brent is pretty good and he is done first. They go to get their taxi and find only one - they know it's waiting for Nick & Matt or Gino & Jesse. But they believe it's okay to take it because they have called for another cab. (once again, read my "Cabgate" post for full details) The Pitstop for this leg is atop the Muttart Conservatory.

Brent and Sean win the leg along with 2 tickets on Air Canada Premium Economy to Dubai and 2 years of free gas from Petro-Canada.
Nick and Matt second
Gino and Jesse third
Simi and Ope are last and are eliminated.

Next week is the finale. It starts in Vancouver and ends in Whistler.

Good-bye Simi and Ope.