Thursday, 17 January 2013

The Bachelor Canada...Good News & Bad News

Good News: CityTV has announced that there will be a Bachelor Canada Season 2. Yeah!!!
Bad News: .....
It will not air until 2014. Booo. Shame on you.

Well, we kind of all suspected that there would be a second season. Especially after the success of Brad Smith and Bianka Kamber (and yes, they are still together). But come on, why do we have to wait so long? Is City waiting to see if these two stay together before they fully commit to a second season? Are they a little bit nervous considering the track record of the franchise? Well, apparently the reason for the delay is they have some other projects at the top of their To-Do List: a couple of sit-coms. At least, that's what they are saying.

You'd think they would want to keep up that momentum.

Since City also airs the U.S. Bachelor, Bachelorette and Bachelor Pad on OMNI, the only time left to air it is in the fall. Soooo...I am kinda wondering, why not this fall? And City also said they are not ruling out a possible Bachelorette Canada. Which makes me wonder...will they be announcing a Bachelorette in the next couple of months? And didn't they announce Bachelor Canada last...February? Well, we can always hope.

Come on City...just do it!!! And make it Kara Henderson or maybe Ana Calin. Just as long as I don't have to look at that forehead vein of Whitney's ever again.

And bring back Tyler Harcott, the big lug kind of grew on me, damn it. And while you're at it...forget those ridiculous 90 minute episodes. Two hours! Got that?

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