Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Recap of Episode 2: The 3 K-Girls

After the slaughter of last week, the 19 girls remaining have already fallen in love with Sean Lowe and have been locked into the mansion. Chris Harrison, who must have a key, appears to tell the girls that the last man on earth is the most sincere Bachelor they've ever had on the show. He is sure Sean will be getting down on one knee when this whole thing is through. He also has a date card, which makes the girls howl with excitement.

Kristy Kaminsky reads the card..."Sarah (Herron)...are you ready to fall in love?". Everyone glares. Sean picks her up in a helicopter. Now, if I were Sarah, I would be very suspicious of that "falling in love" clue when I saw the copter. But no, she gets in and they fly to a 35 story building. Yeah. They are going to "freefall" from the top. That's what they call it. Only in this case, freefall means they are in a harness and attached to a safety line that guides them down the side of the building. Later, she tells Sean a story of her Dad taking her zip-lining in Vegas, but the attendant denied her due to her disability.  Oh, I just cringe when the producers set this kind of stuff up. Sure I am glad that Sarah got the opportunity to do this. But come on, shame on you ABC...could it be more obvious? Stop driving the plot. By the end of the night, Sarah gets a rose and a kiss from Sean.

The second date card arrives and it's a 13 girl group date. It's Selma, Catherine, Robyn, Amanda, Lesley M., Brooke, Daniella, Taryn, Diana, Tierra and Kacie, Katie and Kristy....yeah all three "K" girls. Sorry that's just not a date. That's a school outing. That's therapy...getting the 13 most catty girls out of the confines of the mansion and putting them in a situation that will only make the situation worse. Let's see...what would work up these girls? Oh yes...a photoshoot. And a competition...the winner gets to be on the cover of three....um...Harlequin books. What....Harlequin? Wait a minute....Harlequin Romance "novels"? Come on...if these girls knew what Harlequin books were, it would only be from finding them under their grandmother's pillow. And most of the women pictured on the covers are purposely nondescript. Not that I would know. What kind of a cheap prize is this? They still fall for it. Perhaps all they heard was "photoshoot" and that was enough to get them going. They have to get dressed up in costumes and act out various romantic scenarios fitting for Harlequin books. Cowgirls, Vampires and Debutants,...oh my. Predictably they start in on the Tierra slamming. Lesley M, as a cowgirl gets a pretty good kiss from Sean, but it ends up being Kristy Kaminsky who wins the prize. She's the Ford model. Wow, what a surprise...and she's so excited to add that to her portfolio. Her grandmother will be very impressed.

Of course, there's the basic 13 girl, 1 guy pool party afterwards. Sean has a talk with Kacie Boguskie. Sweet, innocent Kacie. Right. Let me tell you, Kacie ain't so much that girl next door type anymore. She's learned a few tricks since Ben's season. Oh yeah. Her and Sean agree to continue on to see if something might develop. She also has a little talk with Katie, who is not so sure about the journey they are on. It's just not working for her. Soon Katie is off to tell Sean she is leaving. When the other girls ask Kacie what's up, she lies, and says Katie is just here for the same reason the rest of them are. And then who gets the rose? Kacie. That's pretty tricksey of you Kacie.

Meanwhile, back at the mansion, the third date card arrives. It's for Desiree Deerhosiery...I mean Hartsock. Her and Sean are going to an Art Gallery. But first, Chris Harrison gets some extra screen time this episode. He and Sean set up a joke for Desiree. She is going to be left in a room with 1.5 million dollar piece of artwork, and the thing will fall and break. There are actors portraying the gallery owner, the artist and a photographer. Sean meets Chris in a control room while the fake gallery owner explains to Desiree how the artist made it out of stained glass recovered from a church in Chernobyl. That's your cover story? It must be magic glass too, since there is no radioactivity!!! Desiree looks at it, totally unimpressed. She is left in the room alone, and then it falls and breaks. Sean says he can't do this to her, she is really concerned! Really? Smiling is a very strange way to show concern. She knew something was up, give me a break. Then they go back to Sean's place, where he makes steak, broccoli and corn, and then gives her a rose.

At the cocktail party before the Rose Ceremony, nobody gets drunk. The main topic of conversation is how Amanda is such a weirdo. She's quiet and non-responsive. Looking kinda depressed, sitting by herself, and just not fitting in. I think it was just because her hair looked like crap when all the other girls had gone to such a big deal with theirs. Well until Sean walks up to talk to her and not only does she perk right up, but it was a real Jekyll and Hyde moment, because she seemed to change in appearance too. Very odd. Everyone seems to think she won't be around much longer. 

Robyn has a talk with Sean. We kind of knew this was coming, after the lawsuit by two African-American guys against ABC last year. Robyn brings up the observation of there being an increase in the number of contestants of color. Sean replies that despite his looks, he really has no preferences. He's dated an Hispanic, a Persian, and his last girlfriend was black. Hmmm...coincidence? Doubtful.

Rose Ceremony time. Sarah, Kacie and Desiree already have their roses. Sean hands more out to Ashlee F, Lindsay, Robyn, Jackie, Leslie M. Selma, Catherine, Kristy, Leslie H, Tierra, Taryn, Daniella, and Amanda.

Brooke Burchette and Diana Willardson are eliminated. 

Next week:

Leslie Murphy and Sean set a new Guinness World Record for longest on-air kiss. Either Arie's kissing tips paid off for Sean, or the producers accidently put Crazy Glue in the Chapstick. The previous record was 3 mins, 15 sec. You can see Guinness's data HERE. Big deal...its not like its 50 hours.  Have you noticed how Leslie is being portrayed as the "kissing girl"? It's just a distraction away from the girl who wins, er,...I mean becomes engaged to Sean.
ABC wants us to believe that someone pushed Tierra down the stairs. The girl that everyone hates pissed off the wrong girl. Well, don't believe it. And although the paramedics stick a neck brace on her, she stays on the show for a few more episodes. The incident only adds fuel on the fire...some girls think it was just Tierra trying to get Sean's attention....or the attention of a talent agent.
The group date is a volleyball game and the winning team gets extra time with Sean. One of the girls on the winning team tries to play the friend card with Sean...and suggests that 2 other girls are not there for the right reasons...a ploy that never works.
Sean sends one girl home before the Rose Ceremony...supposedly out of respect from their friendship, or perhaps its from fowl play and betrayal. Maybe a bit of both.


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