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The Bachelor 17 Episode 1 Preview....What Some Girls Won't Do To Get a Guy's Attention!!!

Since the world didn't end last December 21st, it would appear that The Bachelor Season 17 with Sean Lowe will go ahead as planned, and I am destined to be a slave to Monday night television once again. Thanks Mayans. Thanks ABC.

And, Sean Lowe? Well he's cute and all, he has a nice bod, and apparently he's a pretty decent guy. It's just that he seems kind of, well, normal. Let's just hope that 'normal' doesn't translate into 'boring' and we aren't watching Ben Flajnik 2.0. Even before Emily Maynard's season ended, there was a flood of rumors of who the next Bachelor would be. We could have had Arie Luyendyke Jr. or Roberto
Martinez and been treated to a steamy adventure in l'amour. But oh no, ABC had to go with the safe choice. He's really the guy next door type thou, isn't he? The producers must have had a few second thoughts, because Arie is supposed to drop by to give Sean a lesson in the art of kissing. Gotta wonder how Sean felt about that, especially right before meeting 26 women. I mean, men do have such delicate egos and all, and Sean blushes at the drop of a hat.

Which gives me an idea. Instead of playing "drink a shot whenever someone says the word 'journey'". Well maybe a new game is to take a shot every time Sean blushes. With Sean meeting 26 women tonight, I kind of think I would miss the 2nd half of the show. Fun times. Perhaps I will do a blush meter or rating this season.

Here's a few things to look for tonight with the girls, and a couple of things we will see in the rest of the season.

Diana Weeks Willardson is 31 years old and owns her own Beauty Salon in Sandy, Utah. Utah? Hairdresser? Sound familiar? Yes, she's Jef Holm's hairdresser. And she's also a friend of Michelle Money. So let's get this straight, shall we? Michelle Money and Emily Maynard were contestants together on Brad Womack's season. Emily wins, but they break up. Emily meets Jef Holm in her season, then they break up. It's like some sort of bizarro triangle. So does that mean Diana will be the next Bachelorette? Of course not, but it's kinda funny to speculate that Brad Womack could have been one of her suitors.

The name Paige Vigil should sound familiar. She's that Bachelor "superfan" who appeared last year in Season 3 of Bachelor Pad....that was supposed to be a "dream come true" for her. Well I guess she was disappointed in that. She's in for some disappointment again. Why does this girl keep tormenting herself?

Then, of course there's Kacie Boguskie who came in 4th place in Ben's Season. I guess ABC is going for that boy-next-door meet girl-next-door moment. Kacie is the last girl out of the limos and the "surprise" contestant. You know, the one that all the other girls get upset about when they hear. There's also the fact that she has met Sean before. Sorry, just won't work. Kacie and Ben admitted to just being friends, and the same thing is gonna happen this season. Or maybe ABC is trying to keep her in the public eye as a possible future Bachelorette. But from what I have read, someone else pretty much has that one nailed already.

This next one really sounds like a put-up job by ABC. Ashley Palenkas, in her intro video, confesses to being a fan of "50 Shades of Grey". Well here we go, everybody hold on! Yep, she says she wants Sean to rip her clothes off and spank her. When she meets Sean she pulls a grey tie out from between her bazongas. Well Ashley, you deserve the most hated word in the English language for 2012..."Whatever".

You would think Ashley Palenkas would be the one getting the villain edit this season, but I guess that honor goes to Tierra Li Causi. I guess she has a talent in getting the other girls all riled up and the claws out. Don't know why or how, but I can't wait to find out. Those kind are always fun to hate.

Leslie Hughes, 29 years old. Actress. Need I say more? Okay, I will anyway. You can look at her bio on IMDb HERE.  She had a minor role in the movie The Campaign (2012), and she was a stand-in for Vanessa Williams in South Beach (2006). She will be appearing in a 90210 episode on January 28 called "Here Comes Honey Bye Bye", and will be in the January 15th episode of Happy Endings called "The Ex Factor". Nice cross promotion there ABC. Hey, she's a pretty girl, and best of luck to her. My main complaint is why does ABC do stuff like this and then turn around and say The Bachelor is "Reality TV" or complain when people say the show is scripted? Not that I believe any Reality TV is reality.

Kristy Kaminsky is a 25 year old from Wisconsin. She had to leave her BFF at home. Her BFF is her dog, Lulu. You can look for Kristy really, really missing her BFF. Hey, everyone loves their dog, or their cat. But Kristy, your on national TV and this is how you're going to play out your 15 minutes of fame?

Lesley Murphy proves that a girl with a football in her hands can make a guy do anything. Even though the situation seems a little staged, it is cute. She talks him into a fake football play, only to get him to bend over so she can check out his backfield. Well, its cuter than pulling a grey tie out of your cleavage. Later in the season, look for Sean and Lesley setting a new Guinness record for longest on-air kiss. Looks like Arie's advice helped. Or Crazy Glue.

Remember Sean's hometown date with Emily? Remember his little joke about living at his parents, and his room was messy? Yeah...hahaha. Well the frivolity continues. Sean tricks Desiree Hartsock during their date at an art gallery. Have you seen the preview where a girl's ex-boyfriend shows up and it looks like Sean is about to lose it on the guy? Don't believe the tricky editing. It's just another Desiree getting revenge. Plus ABC had to make the season look a bit scandalous.

Then there's Lindsay Yenter. She likes jokes too. She's the one who shows up in a wedding dress in the previews. Then I guess she's stuck wearing the thing all night. So, what's a girl supposed to do when a joke goes wrong and you're stuck at a cocktail party with 25 other girls and only one guy? Drink of course. Don't feel bad for Lindsay though. At least she's a cute drunk. Sean will end up giving her a break.

So, who wins the Most Outlandish Entrance Award this year? Well its none of the above, believe it or not. I think it's going to be Robyn Howard, a 24 year old Account Executive from Houston. She's also a Houston Rockets Power Dancer. She's got spunk. She decides to do a line of back flips from the limo over to Sean. Evening gown and all. Robyn, Robyn, Robyn. Rockin Robyn. I guess no one ever told you the crew on The Bachelor ALWAYS hoses down the driveway. ALWAYS. Careful.

What some girls won't do to stand out in a crowd, right? OR maybe it's more like what ABC won't do to improve their ratings!

And who will be the girl who eventually wins Sean's heart, as they say? Well, I DO know, because I'm just a spoilery type of person. I mean I could give you a hint like, oh, I don't know...maybe,...she is NOT among any of the ones I mentioned above. Or, um,... you won't be hearing much from her in tonight's episode. But I won't. You won't hear that from me. It is all over the internet though, you wouldn't have to look far. If you do want to know, you can find it on Wetpaint HERE or over at Reality Steve HERE.

Enjoy the show tonight!!! Come back tomorrow for the recap.

- all information from Wetpaint, Reality Steve, and IMDb. The links to this info are posted above. Additional sites credit the same sources.

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