Friday, 18 January 2013

The Bachelor Sean Lowe Preview of Episode 3

Looks like this week can be called "Fun and Games".
Leslie Murphy and Sean set a new Guinness World Record for longest on-air kiss. Either Arie's kissing tips paid off for Sean, or the producers accidently put Crazy Glue in the Chapstick. The previous record was 3 mins, 15 sec. You can see Guinness's data HERE. Big deal...its not like its 50 hours.  Have you noticed how Leslie is being portrayed as the "kissing girl"? It's just a distraction away from the girl who wins, er,...I mean becomes engaged to Sean.

ABC wants us to believe that someone pushes Tierra down the stairs, and it looks like she breaks her vagina or something. The girl that everyone hates has pissed off the wrong girl. Well, don't believe it. And although the paramedics stick a neck brace on her, she stays on the show for a few more episodes. The incident only adds fuel on the fire...some girls think the whole thing is just Tierra trying to get Sean's attention....or the attention of a talent agent. This is manipulative editing at its best...we HEAR the unmistakeable sounds of heals clicky clacky on marble steps, but there is no video. So...why no video just audio? Funny how that works. Then we see Tierra laying on the stairs....alone. With 16 girls in the house, and god knows how many techs, security, producers and handlers, how is it that the cameraman is the FIRST to reach her? So what does that tell you? Fake. Fake, fakety fake. Then we see her sitting there with Sean, and she is "unresponsive". More like the producers just didn't give her any lines to say, and she can't improvise. Sean thinks she might have a concussion. It's more like the producers approached her with a ploy for her to get extra alone time with Sean.

The group date is a volleyball game and the winning team gets extra time with Sean. Kacie, who is one of the girls on the winning team, tries to play the friend card with Sean...which is a ploy that never works. Kacie explains that Desiree sees something negative in Amanda. Desiree is her friend. So of course, Sean asks why she is telling him this, then says to Kacie: "I just want Kacie to act like Kacie, not like the crazy person I'm seeing". Well, the whole thing seems sketchy to me. Just another "twist" in the plot dreamed up by the producers. It's a way for Kacie to exit the show with drama and sympathy.

Sean's second 1-on-1 date is with AshLee Frazier to Magic Mountain, spending the day with 2 chronically ill teens. case you want a hint of who Sean proposes to in the finale, here's one: Even after tonight, Sean's future fiance has still not had a 1-on-1 date!


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