Monday, 10 March 2014

Apocalypse Now! Big Brother Canada 2: The Week 2 Fight

Big Brother Canada has it's own apocalypse now, and at its heart of darkness is a guy named Paul.
I am going to try to make sense of this whole situation. It's not an easy task. The condition inside the BB Canada house has decayed into a web of lies, distrust, fighting and physical threats.Here is a rough sequence of events.

1. The first night - the drinks were flowing. It was party time. Andrew became a little rowdy. In front of Jamaican-born Ika, he gives his best Rastafarian accent. At the time, Ika seems a bit put out by this, but it stops there and never becomes an issue.

2. Paul becomes HOH in a deal that was almost guaranteed to paint a very large target on his back. He begins his reign and literally plants himself in the HOH room. He "grants audiences" with the other HGs. He has a very long talk with Sabrina, running down each of the others' character traits. At one point he calls Andrew a racist and a womanizer, but then quickly takes it back. (my opinion: he planted the seeds)

3. In the first live feed on Wednesday night, Adel and Kyle agree that Andrew's bad impersonation was in no way racist. The guy was just having fun. Paul has taken complete control in the HOH room, and in so doing has isolated himself completely from the rest of the group. He is alienating himself. Andrew and some of the others begin to make fun of him, imitating Paul saying "That's insane". Andrew is nominated for eviction, along with Anick.

4. Andrew wins POV and takes himself off the block. Paul nominates Ika as replacement. Anick goes home. Paul knows he will become the number one target by whoever becomes the next HOH. That's a given. He looks for allies, tries to make alliances with practically anyone. The only two who fall for it are Adel and Kyle. Everyone else seems to have let Andrew and Kenny know what Paul has been up to (alliances and lies).

5. Adel and Kyle have become Paul's bitches. They get sucked so far into Paul's web of lies they give up their own game, if they ever had one to begin with. Andrew becomes HOH. The house starts to turn on them, then they take it to the next level. Sabrina claims Adel called her a cow, and "moos at her". Adel claims it was a misunderstanding. Things start to go from bad to worse for Adel and Kyle.

6. Paul and Neda are nominated for eviction. Andrew throws the book at Paul and explains why he is being nominated...for lying about him being a racist and therefore slandering him to his parents, friends and the rest of Canada.  

7. The fighting starts into full gear. Adel and Kyle realize there is no turning back. They go into an all-out campaign of stirring up trouble. They follow people around. Whenever one of the girls come near them, these two call them pawns.The live feeds are down for most of Saturday.

8. Adel claims that he had to talk to the production psychiatrist after having a breakdown where he threw off his mic and threatened to quit the game. He also claims that production had to "change the house rules" to "do not talk about not talk about sexuality". He continues to bring this up. Every time he does, he is warned not to talk about production and/or the live feeds are cut. Adel threatens to punch out the next person who makes fun of his religion or his sexuality. meanwhile, Sabrina has had a few meltdowns of her own...a very long crying episode in the bathroom.

9.  Publicly, Paul tries to distance himself from Adel and Kyle, but he still finds opportunities to engage in conversations with them, and stir the pot.  Paul reinforces the "Andrew is a racist" seed he planted, by feigning his own breakdown. Eventually, Adel and Kyle realize their days are now numbered. They have also realized that Paul has used them.

10. At the end of Sunday's episode, we hear some diary room confessions. Ika states that Andrew is a lot of things, but in no way is he racist. Then, surprise, surprise, Paul admits that Andrew is not racist and that he made the whole thing up. He also says he wants to be the bad guy of the house.

My Opinion...

I want to know who this Paul guy is. He claims to be a Consultant and a Motivational Speaker. He is married with children What I find extremely hard to believe or understand is for what purpose would any professional, with even a moderately successful business, give up 3 months income to do this show? It's fine if you are in your 20's, as most of the cast are. They can take that interruption in their lives. But someone Paul's age? 48? Come on. Something's just not right there. For him, the prize doesn't explain the risk. Neither is it an opportunity for promotion of his life skills. He's been manipulative, NOT motivational. He claims to be a loving father and husband. All he has shown us is a very manipulative personality with no boundaries.

Cheers to Andrew for exposing this jerk. This was not an Aaryn Gries (BB15) situation. I think Paul is using that incident and knows damn well what kind of damage an accusation like that can do to someone. In fact, I would consider a false accusation just as damning, just as harmful, just as hurtful as making racist comments.

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