Monday, 31 March 2014

Gogglebox!!! It's coming to Canada.

UPDATE: (July 4 2014) Gogglebox Canada has been renamed 'The People's Couch' (Canada) and premieres July 13 2014 at 8:30 PM on Bravo.
"What pray tell is a Gogglebox?", you're asking? Some sort of new Google app? A new NSA spy software? A new gaming device? Nope, nope and nope. It's a British reality based TV show that films regular people like you or me in their homes watching a variety of TV shows, and capturing their reactions. Simply put, it's a show about people watching TV (everything on TV including series, movies, documentaries, news, sports and even commercials). I am going to give you some time to think about that for a while...but please play the Final Jeopardy music in your head while you think.


Okay, so your first reaction is probably "who the bejesus would want to watch that?" Trust me, a lot of people would. Make no mistake, many people asked the same question when shows like Big Brother premiered. Gogglebox has become a big hit in the U.K., and has also been franchised in the States under the name The People's Couch. Get it? Like The People's Court? Okay. Here's a glimpse of what Gogglebox is all about in this British trailer.
One of my favorites is the "Steven Hawkin" (a deliberate misspell) episode. One of the regular cast members wonders if Steven Hawking is British, why he has an American accent and if he has it (the transcription device) on the wrong setting. Another finds it hard to pronounce the word "physicist" and says Hawking does astrology. I have included that video here as well.I think Gogglebox's appeal draws from a number of our own inner feelings, much the same way as various forms of social media do. There is something about the "share" factor...knowing that other people think or feel the same way about things as you do. Picture an episode of Canadians watching the Olympic Men's Hockey final, and I think you can see the possibilities here. For some people, there may even be an ego boost watching people make embarrassingly uninformed (I won't use the word dumb) comments, like me watching the Steven Hawkin clip. Just picture an episode revolving around Rob Ford on Jimmy Kimmel, The Amazing Race Canada or The Walking Dead. Perhaps you are interested in auditioning for the show? Producer Ron Carroll, the showrunner for hits such as Undercover Boss Canada, Be the Boss Canada, and Canada's Next Top Model, is at the helm of Gogglebox. You can submit an online application HERE. As the application says, You can be a reality star, and you don't have to leave your couch! The deadline for application is April 19. Applications are only being accepted from people inside the GTA. Your "group" must consist of 2 to 4 people, aged 14 and up, and you must submit a photo with your application. Keep in mind they want opinionated, entertaining people.