Friday, 28 March 2014

Big Brother Canada 2 HoH Canada Votes for Eviction Nominees...Plus Ika finds out about Kenny

Fans rejoice!

This week we get to nominate the two house guests for eviction. Thank God.

Go to to vote. You don't have to register to vote, but if you have been playing along and racking up points, your vote can be multiplied after leveling up.
My advice is to just straight out vote for the two you want to go up on the block. Don't even consider the back door strategy. Why? The house guests are running scared right now. They are thinking back on everything they have said and done and even wondering how the show has portrayed them. If anyone other than the ones up on the block win veto, there is no way in hell they will use it to save someone else.

(If the POV is used, I have no idea how that will be handled. The official site does not say. I suspect that they will just put up the person with the third highest number of votes)

Here is my other pearl of wisdom...don't be swayed by what you see them do or say today because they are all acting nice-nice right now. Things like looking directly into the camera. Sabrina went into detail that she was only mean to Ika and Adel (nope). Last night, whether true or not, she was sick after eating too much. She and Arlie were up late talking about her strategy and how Canada will love her. Afterwards, Arlie whispered into his mic something about he knows it will be Sabrina and Andrew on the block (because they are so despicable). Rachelle flashed her bra to the camera - saying "wake up Canada". Andrew is upping the showmance with Allison, making it seem legit even though he has said it's fake and will sell her out when the time is right. And get this - he let it be known that he knows one of the producers. Yep. They are all saying how they felt bad for Ika. Sarah thinks that Canada will respect the First Five alliance and what they have done. I don't know how they can be so wrong.

Voting ends tonight at 10 P.M. ET, but we won't find out until the Nomination Ceremony on Sunday night...just like the house guests. I can not wait to see the look on their faces. It's going to be excellent.

In other news...Ika was on Kiss 92.5 this morning and was told that Kenny is gay. Priceless. A must listen. Here's the link:

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