Thursday, 27 March 2014

Big Brother Canada 2: Is Sabrina's Game Done?

Love her or hate her, Sabrina is certainly proving to be a controversial player on Big Brother Canada. Okay, maybe the "love" thing is a little bit much but believe it or not, there are some fans out there who see her strategy as good game play. Her game consists of lies, slander, over-reaction, uncontrollable outbursts, bullying, threats, intimidation, harassment, use of guilt, and the ever popular dry cry. Even Sarah, her closest ally is afraid of her. If anyone in the First Five Alliance question her, she uses guilt. How many times have we heard, "Everything I do, I do for us" or "I am doing all the work"? Everyone in the house is on edge because they know that whatever they say, it will get back to Sabrina.

The biggest question that most fans have however, is whether or not it's really game play or if she is actually suffering from some sort of psychological disorder. They think she's a living, breathing case straight out of their Psych 101 textbooks. Egomaniac? Check. Manic depressive? Check. Paranoid schizophrenic? Check. She has told so many lies to so many people, I honestly don't know how it is possible for any human being to keep them all straight. Maybe that's the deal. She's not human. Only an android brain is capable of storing and processing that much data. No wait. That can't be possible. Isn't there that law of robotics that says a robot cannot cause harm to humans?

To the best of my knowledge, her strategy started the first weekend after the premiere. That was when the whole Sabrina vs. Adel fight went down. Big Brother cut the live feeds for the better part of that Saturday because the hostility in the house became so bad. It is also painfully obvious that whenever the live feeds are put on Hush, Hush it is most than likely due to Sabrina. Take yesterday for example. It wasn't enough that Ika was Sabrina's target this week and is pretty much guaranteed a ticket out. No. First Sabrina talks Rachelle into telling Ika she will be evicted, knowing full well Ika won't go down without a fight. Sabrina has to harass Ika. She makes a scene in front of the other house guests, accusing Ika of ramming into her on the stairs (at best it was a brush, and Sabrina actually apologized to Ika). When that wasn't enough, she follows Ika and Adel out to the hot tub, sits in a chair and stares at Ika until she gets a rise out of her. Still not enough? Nope. Sabrina then claims Ika threatened her, runs to the Diary Room and pounds on the door. When they don't immediately let her in, she yells at Big Brother, "I used to be a model, and you deny me?". The producers go over the tape and tell Sabrina that Ika did not threaten her. She's still not satisfied. She gives Kenny, Arlie and Jon the story that they (Big Brother) are trying to portray her as a liar. Good God.  How much longer do we have to listen to this? Well, here are some points to consider:

To the producers, Sabrina is ratings gold. As long as she doesn't cause physical or emotional damage to herself or another house guest, or even pull an Aaryn Gries (BB15), she's probably good. She has got the fans and social media buzzing, and that's what they want. She causes drama and you have to wonder if the house would be beyond boring without her there.

Here's another bit of information. In her cast bio, Sabrina made a big point of saying that all she has ever wanted, her whole life, ever since she came out her mother's womb, was to be on TV. She also told Rachelle that she would refer her to her agent. What? Truth? Lies? What? Is she using Big Brother as an audition for Wicked?

Sabrina's days may be numbered. Members of her own alliance are very careful about what they say to her. They choose their words very carefully and are constantly stroking her ego. They are also wondering if she is lying to them as much as she is to the others. If you listen very carefully, they have already sent out trial balloons to each other that Sabrina has to go. The main reason they justify keeping her up to this point is she serves a purpose. She is their snitch. Their shit disturber. She weeds out and exposes the biggest threats to the alliance. She's the queen of manipulation. Look what she did this week to a very naive Rachelle. However, her usefulness in the game will soon come to an end, as fewer and fewer house  guests outside of the First Five remain. There will come a time when they just can't afford to keep her around, and they each have their own secondary alliances to fall back on. One thing is for sure. This upcoming week, with a double eviction looming over everyone's heads, things are going to get very interesting indeed. 


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