Thursday, 20 March 2014

Big Brother Canada 2 Eviction Day Spoilers for Week 3 ***UPDATED***

Flip. Flop. Flip. Flop.
What started out as a very simple plan by nominating Paul and Heather for eviction has turned into a giant mess for ALL the HGs. After all, Paul and Heather are the two lowest rungs on the ladder. No big moves. It looked to be the easy way out for Ika. But it has turned into the move that has fractured the First 5 alliance and exposed them to the others...all at the same time. Here is the situation as of this morning, as brief as I can make it:

  • Ika has formed an alliance with Adel. Adel convinced Ika to change the target to Heather. Adel exaggerated his special Veto power he won from the Buzzworthy comp, making it seem like he can basically veto a veto.
  • The supposed Girl Alliance want Heather out. The First 5 (Kenny Andrew, Arlie, Sarah and Sabrina) want Paul gone. Sarah and Sabrina are in both alliances (to them the girl alliance is just a cover) and they do not want to expose the First 5 to the girls, therefore they feel they must vote to evict Heather. Sarah and Sabrina keep changing their minds about Heather or Paul.
  • Kenny gets nervous. He comes up with a plan with Sarah - he will blame his vote for Heather on Allison. He talks to Andrew about voting out Heather instead of Paul, but Andrew convinces him to stick with Paul as the target. Kenny tells Sarah the plan is cancelled, they are voting out Paul, but Sarah and Sabrina need to at least split their vote.
  • Ika keeps asking Allison how she is going to vote. Allison keeps putting it off.
  • Last night: Sabrina stayed up late with Ika (not sure if she slept there), presumably to deflect any suspicions Ika might have about Sabrina and Sarah. Arlie is sleeping on the HOH couch with them. It turns into Sabrina covering only HER ass, not Sarah's as well.
  • This morning...the Ika and Sabrina convo gets back to Sarah. Sarah questions Sabrina's intentions. Sabrina claims (lies) that she didn't understand the plan...but Sarah sees through it.
Everyone is on edge this morning. The First 5 alliance is fractured and it appears that they each are seeking their own backup alliances.

As it stands this morning, it would appear that Paul will be evicted tonight. However this is a situation that can change in a heartbeat. I will update if a major shift develops.

Update 12:40 P.M. Allison told Ika she is voting to evict Paul. Kenny talks to Ika in the bathroom. Ika now ponders voting out Paul. Paul comes in, Kenny leaves, and Ika tells him she will be the tie breaker.

Update 1:13 P.M. all HGs except Paul and Adel are gathered in the living room. General conversations. (I always suspect that when this happens, they all just want to make sure that no one goes off in groups for last minute deal making/strategizing). BB announced earlier the "Live" eviction will be taped at approximately 4 P.M., so there is not much time left. BB then calls all the HGs to living room (for eviction rehearsal)

Apparently Paul is evicted by a vote of 6 to 4.

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