Monday, 3 March 2014

Big Brother Canada Season 2: Preview Part 2 - The New House

The Season 1 House was gorgeous. That kitchen. The HOH room. The Haves bedroom. I absolutely adored the Subway themed bathroom. And then there's Marsha. Dear old Marsha. So when I first heard that a new house was being constructed, I was kind of shocked. What a waste of money...tearing down that set and building another. But then again, with The Brick as the major sponsor of the show, why not?

Here are some of the pictures that were released. My first impressions were, "Nicely done!". But, then...

The Bathroom.
Larger than a lot of apartments. Sleek. Looks incredible when clean...which makes me wonder about the scale of the disaster that will be created once the House Guests get in there. All those lotions, powders, scents, wet towels, and dirty underwear. Well at least there won't be any glitter (or will there be? Hmmn.) Take note of the spaces which look specifically designed to encourage and facilitate conversations. Those designers are tricky, aren't they?
The Haves Bedroom
Another room that looks great when tidy. Extremely bright. Wait a minute, not too sure about the red, and the textured walls. Looks like it could be a bedroom for Santa's helpers OR the guest room in Superman's Fortress of Solitude. You know, when Superman entertains the rest of the Justice League.
Diary Room Hallway
Look at all those keyholes. Curiouser and curiouser. No Marsha. Where did you go, Marsha? But the picture frames seem odd, don't you think? The whole area makes me feel like I am in a Rene Magritte painting of Alice In Wonderland. Who gets to go down the rabbit hole first?
HOH Bedroom
Pretty, but those overhead lights look like they were strategically placed to deter bouncing on the bed. No, not that kind of bouncing.
Personally, I don't care for the wood. Gives it a bowling alley look. And those sloped walls and ceiling? Very tempting to invent a new game of rolling heads of lettuce and seeing if you can get one right up to the ceiling. That's what I would do. I hope those one-way mirrors are shatter proof. I also hope there are no bowling balls in the house. Warning: do not get drunk and run around that bar. Maybe one of them will invent a new drink called "Twisted Ankle".
Main Room
Will you look at that. Green. I hate green.'s pretty. Sunken circular seating. Custom made by The Brick. Note the separate double couch for the nominees. This will be great for the Eviction Vote. There is no hiding from the nominees, no looking away, is there? There are also five, that's right, five TVs. Something has to be up with that...there is usually just one for contact with the host.
Swimming Pool
Hope those tiles are non-slip! Look at those nice sharp corners. Nope. Not liking this at all. Has a public swimming pool feel to it. Well except for the one-way mirrors. Chairs all lined up like that? Boring.

Of course, we haven't seen all of the house. Some things have to remain a surprise. Like the Have-Not bedroom. There is also supposed to be a new room called, The War Room. I presume it is specifically meant for strategy discussion, but with Big Brother, anything is possible. Could be a totally new aspect of the game. It may even involve the new Side Show, with Gary Levy, Peter Brown and Arisa Cox.

There are more cameras. The entire set has increased in size, which is amazing because even the old set looked bigger than BBUS. Speaking of which, it looks like BBC has really upped the ante on the U.S. show. The ball's in your corner now BBUS. Time to refresh that set. I wonder if they have ever gone in there with a black light. You know, the kind that detects, well... Blech.

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