Monday, 31 March 2014

Big Brother Canada 2 Kenny Finally Tells Someone About His Secret

I was just starting to think that Kenny has passed the point of no return about disclosing the fact that he is gay to his fellow house guests. I imagine if something like that isn't said from the start, there really is no right time to say it. Any way you look at it, Kenny pretty much stuck himself in the corner with this. He said that for the last little bit, he has been obsessing about it and stressing himself out. He has had to do a lot of covering up, because people have started to notice he's been seeming distant. The tipping point for Kenny was Canada's vote to nominate two houseguests for eviction this week. Canada's choice, Andrew and Sabrina, was based purely on public perception. Canada simply does not like these two. They are rude, obnoxious and to put it bluntly, lack personal hygiene. Kenny has been concerned that Canada may also disapprove of his hiding his sexuality. He decided that the time was right to tell Sarah - his best friend in the house.

In case you are unaware, and before you start to condemn Kenny for his little secret, let me fill you in. Kenny went into the house determined that his sexuality was never going to be a factor in the game. He was going to use his - as Sarah puts it, "ability to woo women" as part of his strategy. That is one of those things that looks good on paper, but in the Big Brother world, may not turn out quite the way you expected.

Kenny blurts it out, "I'm gay." Sarah's reaction was, to say the least, typical. She was dumbfounded. There was the 3 second silent pause that seemed like 5 minutes. Then the questions and the tears started. Kenny reminded Sarah of all the stories he told of his girlfriends, and all she had to do was change "she" to "he". Sarah then expressed her relief. She has seen Kenny as a close friend, never physically attracted to him. She has felt bad because she didn't want the public misconstruing their relationship. She is, after all not only about 7 years older than Kenny, but married with children.

Kenny was relieved that someone in the house finally knew, and in my opinion, he picked the best person to tell. They discuss the possibility of telling the other house guests. Kenny and Sarah agree on the way to handle it in the house. The main sticking point is everyone thinking if Kenny has pulled the wool over their eyes with this information, has he also been lying about other things? The second problem is Sabrina. Of course it is. In the first couple of weeks, Sabrina considered both Andrew and Kenny her boys. Kenny even kissed her. Well it was more of a peck actually. Kenny knows that Sabrina can, to put it nicely. Then there is Rachelle who is now taking her turn with Kenny. She has been coming on pretty strong and Kenny has been doing nothing to discourage her.

They also agree that if and when Kenny tells the others, she will act just as surprised as everyone else. That will save his ass just as much as hers. Kenny would also prefer to wait until after a few more evictions. The coming days may prove to be a turning point when you combine this with the end of the First 5 alliance.

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