Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Big Brother Canada 2 - Week 2 Recap

HOH: Andrew
Nominees: Paul and Neda
Replacement Nominee: Kyle
Target: Kyle

Live Feeds Updated regularly:

- Live feeds are very irregular... they are 'Hush, Hush' (down) more than up.  However, we do know that Andrew won HOH and nominated Paul as target and Neda as pawn. (Andrew's plan has since changed)
- lots of fighting among the HGs...so much so that the 3 in the War Room believe these people are mean. The fighting became so bad that Big Brother purposely stopped the live feeds and has taken steps to repair the damage. Note: feeds were down for Saturday almost completely. Only the War Room feed was up, and even that feed was short-lived.
- Kyle, Adel and Paul appear to be the troublemakers, because they know they are the targets this week. Paul continues to isolate himself and has accused Andrew of being a racist and a womanizer. He refers to himself as the virus in the house. Meanwhile, Kyle accused Ika of "playing him", after noticing that things said to her in confidence have gotten back to Andrew and Kenny. (I am not sure if that was the start of all the infighting, or if something happened even before that. There have been references to a couple of events since the beginning of the live feeds on Wednesday night) Adel called Sabrina a cow. Kyle and Adel suspect one of them will be backdoored this week and continue to look for ways to "stir the pot". Andrew has said that Kyle has to go.
- The HGs were given a game to play involving 3 tasks and having to work together. (reminds me more of a trust-building group therapy activity)
- The Final 3 are being given turns in the Diary Room to make a plea to Canada for votes. This will probably air tonight (Sunday)
- Adel and Kyle talking. Adel keeps referring to the big disturbance on Saturday. He says he "saw something", then he threw his mic in disgust. He then says "Big Brother changed the house rules because of it". Every time he says this, he is warned by production and/or the live feeds cut to a commercial.
- Kenny won POV and takes Neda off the block. Andrew puts up Kyle, as expected.
- Jon is talking of making a big move and targeting Andrew if he gets HOH.This immediately gets back to Andrew and Kenny via Sabrina (was this a test by Jon?). Sabrina asks if Kenny is pleased she snitched.
- Paul, Adel and Kyle are making the most of their limited time in the house. Hot tub, pool and making a blanket fort. They continue to isolate themselves from the rest of the HGs ...neither Paul nor Kyle are doing anything to try to stay. They have called themselves "The Outsiders" or after spending a lot of time in the hot tub, "Lobsters" (my opinion: I think Paul is continuing to play Adel and Kyle knowing Kyle is the target, making sure he stays that way)
- Jon is injured: he dislocated his shoulder by the pool. He is currently receiving medical treatment.
- Jon is back in the house
- Sarah, Sabrina and Ika fight over a potato chip - Sarah made chips for the Have Nots, Ika ate one
- the First Five alliance discuss taking in Jon and Rachelle, to become the final 7 HGs. The plan would remain the same though: the First 5 are still the final 5, and out of those, Arlie would be the first to go, leaving Andrew, Kenny, Sarah and Sabrina as the final 4.

Recap of Episode 3 Sunday March 9

- Rachelle approaches Kenny about Heather saying Kenny said he doesn't trust Rachelle. Confusing? The only thing we learned here is that Heather is a big snitch. Apparently Kenny fed this to Heather as a test. She thinks she is in with a Kenny/Andrew alliance, when in fact she is sitting on the periphery looking in.

The HOH starts with everyone dressed in the latest farm fashions. The line of the night goes to Kyle when he sees the out-going HOH Paul walk in to host the comp..."Paul comes out dressed as a big cock". The comp is called Fresh From The Farm. For Round one, the HGs are supposedly "randomly paired" in teams of two. Right. One team mate must keep a very large metal bin suspended with a rope, while the other must collect potatoes with their team colour on it. That same person must throw them into an opposing team's basket. The team who keeps their basket up the longest wins. The first two teams eliminated will become the first Have (Half) Nots. Of course the girls are out first. Sarah, Neda, Rachelle and Heather are on slop for the week. It's down to Kenny and Jon vs Andrew and Arlie. Jon gives out. Andrew and Arlie move on to Round Two. They take a short break. Arlie goes in the pantry and pretends to be exhausted. He does not want HOH. In Round Two they must dig through the potatoes and find the golden potato...aka the baking potato in gold foil. Arlie again feigns exhaustion and purposely passes over the gold tater several times. Finally Andrew finds it and claims HOH, of course thinking he found it fair and square. Heather is elated because Andrew ins. One thing is for sure, Heather is dumber than the average blonde. I never knew that was possible.

Andrew shows off his HOH room, and everyone shows their happy face. This is immediately followed by the Have Nots being introduced to slop and potatoes, then their Half Not room. Wah. How will they survive?

The First Five alliance is revealed to us formally. They were the first group who went into the house and decided to ally with each other right off the bat: Andrew, Kenny, Arlie, Sabrina and Sarah. Meanwhile, Paul knows he will be Andrew's biggest target this week, so he tries something with Ika. He says Andrew is a racist, has been tormenting him and actually starts to cry. Ika recognizes bullshit when she sees it.

Time for Andrew to ponder his nominations. He's got a revenge hard on for Paul, but is also considering some of the girls. He is also listening to Kenny's suggestion of booting out Kyle -  the physical threat with rocks rolling around in his head. But in the end, Andrew nominates Paul and Neda. Andrew says he nominated Neda because she is a strong player. Then he exposes Paul for slandering him. In his Diary Room confession, Paul indeed admits to lying, saying Andrew is not a racist. This is the start of the disturbance that lasted all weekend. It got so bad that feeds were down for most of Saturday. On top of that, whenever any HG starts discussing it, they are given a warning and/or the feeds are cut. There is more...much more to come. It will be interesting to see how much makes it to air.

Recap of Episode 4 Wednesday March 12

The show starts with a review of the big snit after the nomination ceremony. In a nutshell, Paul first accused Andrew of being a racist in a convo with Sabrina. He then reinforced it by crying over it with Ika. Ika got back to Andrew about it. That's why Andrew called him out in the nomination ceremony. Paul states in the Diary Room he knows Andrew is not a racist. He just wants to be the Richard Hatch, the bad guy to get him to the final two.

Kyle and Adel think they are now screwed because of their association with Paul. But instead of cutting the guy loose, they only make things much worse. You can read my recap of what really went down HERE

Big Brother makes the HGs go through a series of team building exercises to calm the house down. Before the POV Comp gets under way, Kenny gets Andrew to agree on making Kyle the new target. The plan is now to win POV, take Neda off the block and make Kyle the replacement nominee.Eventually Adel and Kyle clue in to the plan.

The POV players are picked: Paul, Neda, Andrew, Kenny, Sarah and Jon are the players. Arlie is the host. Big Brother informs the players and the host that they will receive a gift...a special screening of the soon to be released movie, Divergent.

The comp is an obstacle course based on the movie they just saw. Jump off a 10 foot wall, crawl, climb up and over a rope wall, jump into freezing water, grab a puzzle piece, then zipline to the puzzle board. They must repeat the course until they get all the puzzle pieces. Paul knows he is screwed. He takes what seems forever to even jump off the first wall (and land on a big cushion). People are getting their second puzzle pieces before he even gets over the ropes.

The episode ends before a winner is determined. Gee, they have a lot to cover tomorrow night. POV winner, POV ceremony, Live Eviction and the Final HG enters the house. I guess they won't have any time to cover the big fight that happened on Saturday. Funny how that happens.

Recap of Episode 4 Thursday March 13

The POV comp continues....Kenny wins. No surprise there. Then there is the gratuitous analysis of whether or not to use the veto. Kenny saves Neda and Andrew nominates Kyle as the replacement. Of course Paul believes his plan to be the villain is working. He also says if he becomes HOH he will seek vengeance.

Kyle makes the most of his remaining time in the house by learning to pray with Adel. He does not do any campaigning or bargaining to save himself. He, Adel and Paul call themselves the Outsiders, and spend most of their time in the backyard or in the hot tub - completely separate from the others.

But the writing was on the wall, and Kyle is evicted by a vote of 9 to 1, with Adel the only dissenter.

New HOH competition,...it's a trivia contest. They must discern between fact or rumour.
Paul out first. Then Neda, Rachelle, Adel, Heather, Jon, then everyone except Ika. She wins. The comp was short and sweet...so I wonder if they suspected something was up - like a twist.

Meanwhile in the War Room...the secret 3 are given a "last supper". This happened yesterday. Arisa gets right to it. Allison won. She can make up any story she wants, but can never reveal the War Room, or that she has been watching them all week. She gets escorted in by the BB Secret Service. They held the HGs in the backyard and let Allison wander around. When they open the gate slowly, the HGs notice her and the reaction was hilarious. Especially from Arlie who gives a little wave to her. She plays dumb...they all run up to her and she says, "You guys are here already?" Kenny says, "We've been here for two weeks". Hopefully, she will be able to keep up the story.

So what are her chances? Pretty darn good. Even if Ika puts her up on the block, the First Five are unlikely to vote for her. Chances are Ika will follow whatever the main alliance wants - which is getting rid of Paul and Adel. 

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