Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Big Brother Canada 2: Secret House Guests...Who's Going In?

Voting for the Final HG closes at midnight tonight, and the person that Canada chooses will enter the house tomorrow. Here's what they will be walking into:

  • An established house: the remaining HG's have been inside the house for 2 weeks already. They pretty much know each other as well as any 13 (soon to be 12) strangers possibly can.
  • A divided house: alliances have been formed. There is the first 5 (Andrew, Kenny, Arlie, Sabrina and Sarah), the girls' alliance, the guys alliance, and the remains of the Outsiders (Paul and Adel - by the sounds of it, Kyle will be voted out tomorrow). There is also a multitude of 2-person alliances.
  • A fighting house: The wounds suffered on Saturday are still fresh, even though apologizes have been made.

Whoever the newcomer is, they are going to have to play dumb, act like they don't know anything, and lay low. Just let the house continue with their current game plan of getting rid of Paul, Adel, Heather and Ika - supposedly in that order (if we can trust what has been said in the live feeds). They must also know who they want to align themselves with. 

Nate Sandri,
23, Burnaby, B.C.
Custom Sheet Metal Fabricator
If Nate had been one of the original 14 HGs, he would have fit in better. I don't think Nate got the necessary votes from Canada. I think everyone recognizes the fact that he would just be fodder for the rest. He might be brought into an existing alliance, but only as a fringe member that could be easily sacrificed. Two things could happen. He is nominated and evicted next week by the new HOH  - Paul and Adel are safe for another week. Or, he'll be nominated as a pawn, possibly to test his loyalty, because the First 5 Alliance is dead set in getting Paul out.
Allison White
25, Lewisporte NL, (currently St. John's NL)
I think Allison has the most potential to shake things up in the house. She's got game - she's a huge Big brother fan. She's also been paying a lot of attention to the feeds in the War Room. One other thing...she recognized Kenny, although she didn't say how or from where. She may even know Kenny's gay. If Kenny also recognizes her, things could get very interesting indeed. Whole new alliances could form. As long as she stays clear of any showmance, say with Andrew, she will do well. I think her biggest competition would come from Sabrina who would no doubt become very jealous of Allison interacting with any of "her guys".
Scott Bosse
36, St John, NB (currently Halifax, NS)
Medical Secretary/Event Producer/Drag Queen
If there had been no Gary in season 1, I would back Scott. However, every single one of the remaining HGs inside are all too aware of how popular Gary became both inside and outside the house. If it weren't for Topaz's mistake, Gary would have won. Yes, I am well aware that just because Scott is a drag queen, it doesn't make him another Gary. But I think if Scott is Canada's pick, he would definitely be evicted next. Even at the expense of keeping Paul and Adel another week. They just won't risk it. It's too bad, because Scott has been hilarious inside the War Room


So who's going into the house on Thursday? I think it's going to be Allison. For two reasons: real BB fans will recognize that Allison has the game to survive and turn the house upside down; and guys will vote for her because she's hot.

Whoever is chosen, I hope Big Brother does not tell the HGs that the newby has been watching the feeds. I would also really like to see the new House Guest just show up, not introduced. Just be standing in the kitchen making breakfast in the morning when everyone wakes up. Nope that won't happen. It would be great, but nope.

Notes: Photos courtesy CNW (modified)

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