Thursday, 27 March 2014

Big Brother Canada 2 Recap of Episode 11 Week 4 Live Eviction

Is Canada about to become the next HoH? That's what Arisa promises at the beginning of the episode. What? Will Canada actually get a chance to send the Wicked Witch of the North back to her home on Whore Island?

After the Veto ceremony and Ika becomes the replacement nominee, she talks to Adel who she has become much closer to. Ika says she is done playing with the small fry in this game (Rachelle, Neda, Heather, Jon and even Sarah), and she's going to talk to Kenny and Andrew. Jon admits in the DR that he knows Sabrina is full of shit. He continues to play her game. Even Heather questions Sabrina's stories. Ika tries to bargain with Kenny offering to do his dirty work. He ponders it, but the chances don't seem hopeful.

Adel, Heather and Ika build a fort in the backyard. Just like Adel did with Paul and Kyle two weeks ago. Is this a thing now? Meanwhile Heather's 10,000 steps a day punishment is proving useful. Very useful. She overhears people talking...she knows things!!!

New challenge. They have to search through balls for clues. They then have to count the balls. Ika wins. But this may not be the best reward for someone in Ika's position. She is offered a choice of giving her and her fellow house guests letters from their loved ones OR $5,000 cash. Knowing her days are numbered, she is certainly not about to give these horrible people any kind of gift. She of course takes the money. She doesn't know she is being watched by the other house guests. In other words, she gets Topaz'd. (remember in season 1 when Topaz became HoH in the double eviction night, and she was thinking out loud, while being shown to her fellow house guests?). Well Ika spills the beans. If anyone didn't know about the First Five Alliance, they do now. She shreds their letters and has a great time doing it. Sarah is the only one that understands why Ika did what she did and she explains it to the others. She says she knows that what Ika said about her was 100% true. So...if Sarah knows that, shouldn't the other house guests also believe that what Ika said about people like Kenny, Andrew and Sabrina are also true. Andrew and Kenny call Ika every name in the book and then some. Shame, shame. Especially Andrew the douchebag.

Time for the eviction vote. No surprise Ika is evicted by a vote of 8 to 1.

HoH reveal time. Production has been playing sound effects for the last few days, mimicking set construction sounds. Excellent!!! Love it. Sabrina is screwed, glued and tattooed. Canada...don't eff it up!!! Just one question...can Canada record goodbye messages for her?

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