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Big Brother Canada 2: Week 3 Live Feed Updates

Thursday March 13:
  • Ika and Neda talking. Ika (new HOH) doesn't want to waste her noms on Paul or Adel. She wants to take out Kenny. Later, Neda tells Sarah. It gets back to Kenny.
  • Big Brother gives the HGs a beer and wine party in backyard. Sabrina gets drunk quickly.
  • Neither Ika nor Adel are drinking.
  • Andrew hits on Allison. Andrew kisses Sabrina. Andrew and Allison spend a lot of time talking about beer, tats, piercings and travel. Sabrina spends time with Kenny.
  • Kenny, Andrew, Rachelle, Jon talk about Ika wanting to put up Kenny and Andrew. Rachelle thinks Ika is just talking. The plan is to get Ika to understand she is putting a target on her back. Andrew and Kenny hope she puts them up at the same time so one could win veto. Then Ika would have to put up someone else up, and make more enemies.
  • Sabrina tells some girls she likes Andrew and doesn't think Kenny likes her. Then tells others the exact opposite...after Kenny kisses her.
  • Allison circulates well among the HGs.
  • Adel begins to campaign with the girls (namely Ika and Sabrina) to unite and get out some of the guys. He goes at it by explaining that last week, with Kyle, the Outsiders were just trying to get the girls to see the dominance of the guy alliance. He said he stuck by Kyle and Paul because he wasn't going to let them become totally alienated. He also said he doesn't trust Paul, but refuses to let the guy just be ignored by everyone.

Friday March 14

  • According to Sabrina, Allison slept in Andrew's bed. She thinks Allison is a plant by BB to stir up trouble in the house - by becoming a friend for Heather.
  • Ika gets her HOH room.
  • Bitchfest '14 continues...Ika, Rachelle, Sabrina engage in a she said/she said argument. All the girls (minus Sarah and Allison) eventually get involved. Then eventually they all agree not to talk bad about a girl unless that girl is in the room with them. (right!)
  • Ika tells Sabrina that she is going to nominate Paul and Adel.
  • The Have Not comp: looks like Paul, Arlie and Allison are on slop this week.
  • BB gives Heather cake mix and icing to make a birthday cake for her boyfriends birthday. She has never made cake, so Sarah will make it.
  • Adel talks to Ika, the plan is now to put up Paul and a girl.
  • Ika has a very long talk with Heather with the intention of getting her to volunteer as the pawn. Eventually Heather agrees to it, after Ika promises that she is in no danger.
  • Heather talks to Jon for reassurance
  • Ika runs to the other girls and says it (telling Heather she will be the pawn) was the hardest thing to do. She doesn't like Heather, but it was still very hard. She felt like crying. 
Saturday March 15

  • Ika has nominated Paul and Heather
  • Arlie and Kenny cannot find their stashes of cigarettes. Allison has been discussed as a saboteur. (my opinion: They can think of someone else that could do this? Like someone who is nominated (Paul), someone who was just evicted (Kyle) or someone who is jealous of Allison? (Sabrina)
  • HGs on lockdown in Bedroom, possibly for POV comp prep
  • Adel and Paul talking: Adel warns Paul not to throw him under the bus again. He pleads. Paul said he is done. He is not playing a game with him. Adel says everyone in the house hates him (Paul) yet he still hangs around with him. Adel can't trust Paul. Paul swears on his "fricking wife" and marriage.
  • The so-called girls alliance now wants to evict Heather, with the reasoning that if Paul is evicted, then Andrew has no one to go after. Plus, of course, they hate her.
  • Ika won POV. Heather was injured during the comp. 
Sunday March 16

  •  Andrew talks to Sabrina and Sarah. They tell Andrew that the girls' target is Heather - they are going to vote with the girls so as not to expose the First Five alliance. Andrew doesn't care which one goes. They agree that Paul, Heather, Adel and Ika must be evicted pre-jury. Andrew also promises that he will not betray the First Five alliance in a showmance with Allison.
  • Heather back from hospital, using crutches but there is no cast.
  • Sabrina gives Andrew crap for spending time with Allison. He agrees and promises to spend time with Sabrina tomorrow. She continues on about him playing two women. He tells her she is a good girl, but he likes women who are not so good.
Monday March 17
  • Sarah tells Kenny if he is nominated as replacement that they have the numbers to keep him
  • Sarah and Sabrina say Ika can't be trusted...she is flip flopping again on the target this week.
  • POV Ceremony: Ika DID NOT USE her POV...Heather is still the target. Ika and Sabrina in HOH room talk to Adel to make sure they have his vote. They also told Adel that they are going to keep Paul in the dark - not tell him that Heather is the target, because they don't want his behaviour to change and tip off Heather.
  • Sarah comes into the HOH room , they all talk, then Adel leaves. Sabrina, Ika and Sarah agree that they don't trust Adel 100%, and he will soon be gone too.
  • Neda and Ika discuss how well Sabrina can be nice to Allison when in fact she hates her. They speculate that if Sabrina can be like that with Allison, can she be deceiving them too?
  • Adel has won the hashtag challenge. He was allowed to watch video from the outside world (news) e.g. Canada winning hockey gold in the Olympics 
  • Adel and Ika scheme: Adel will let it be known that one of the powers that he won was a "special POV" that he can use after any POV ceremony to save someone. (he can veto a veto). He was given a different power altogether. He tells Arlie. Everyone believes it.
Tuesday March 18
  • Allison/Andrew/Sabrina...whenever Allison and Andrew are in the same room together (alone or with other people) Sabrina moves in. (Andrew and Allison agreed previously to tone it down a bit, but Andrew can't help himself) At one point it became so bad and awkward that Allison said, okay, i get it to Sabrina.
  • Kenny warns Andrew to stay away from Allison - or else they will lose Sabrina from the First Five. Andrew is well aware of this. He is only pretending with Sabrina.
  • Kenny and Andrew: they still want Paul gone this week. Both Kenny and Jon gave their word to heather that they will not vote to evict her. Andrew can get Allison's vote. Andrew convinces Sabrina. Sarah and Sabrina discuss voting Paul out. Sarah convinces Ika to change her mind ...again, on the condition that next week Heather will be evicted. 
  • Allison and Andrew have a late night rendezvous on the hammock in the backyard, after everyone goes to bed. Just lots of kissing BUT under the blanket. Allison doesn't want any viewers to think they are doing anything more than kissing under the blanket, so she sticks her hands out from under the blanket. She tells Andrew she considers herself single inside the house, that she ended her relationship before she left.
Wednesday March 19
  • Sabrina ragging on Andrew again about Allison. First she warns him about showmances and how it will affect him and the First 5 alliance. Andrew says she has nothing to worry about. If it's Allison's time to go, and there are no other options, then he has no problem nominating and evicting her. This answer wasn't good enough for Sabrina, so she says she is more concerned about our friendship. (yeah, I bet you are) Andrew tells Sabrina she will always be his friend (right). Sabrina pushes the issue and starts talking about Allison having a boyfriend. Andrew tells her he knows about the situation with Allison's guy - that she broke up with him before coming on the show. (according to what Allison told him the night before). Sabrina starts talking about there being double standards. Andrew seems to have had enough of this and tries to talk strategy and the order of eviction after Paul goes home: Heather, Ika, Adel, Rachelle).
  • this continues until Allison comes over and blow dries her hair beside them. Sabrina goes over to the others who are all gathered in the backyard.
  • Kenny hatched a scheme and told Sarah: He will switch his vote to vote out Heather, saving Sabrina and Sarah from being targeted by the girls. He intends to blame it on Allison.
  • Kenny also talks to Andrew about voting out Heather instead of Paul. Andrew makes his point that Paul is the bigger threat. Any ramifications from Ika, Neda and Rachelle, and Adel are inconsequential once Paul is gone. Heather will be the target next week.
  • Kenny and Sarah decide not to go through with Kenny's plan and to vote out Paul.
  • Late night...Ika and Sabrina talking in HoH bed. Ika reveals she is worried about the vote tomorrow. Previously Allison told her that she will vote to evict Heather. Then Allison approached Ika and told her she is not sure how she will vote. (this would have put a crimp in Kenny's plan to blame Allison, if Ika knew that Allison will vote to evict Paul). Sabrina tells Ika she doesn't think Allison will vote Paul...she's doing some desperate covering up. She keeps deflecting the conversation saying things like the worst that could happen is that there will be a tie and Ika is the tie-breaker.

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