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Big Brother Canada 2 - Week 3 Recap of Aired Episodes

Wednesday March 19

A lot to cover in this episode. Adel has gotten his head back in the game after the fiasco that was Kyle and Paul. He has been allying himself with Ika. He says he is building a relationship with her that will get her to the end. That's highly doubtful. Heather also believes she is still just the pawn, because she believes that Ika is her ally. Ika reveals she lied to Heather.

Meanwhile Paul is miserable being on slop and an outcast among the others. Good old Adel still maintains his friendship with Paul. In part because of loyalty, but also because he and Ika want Paul to keep his yap shut and not reveal to anyone that He is safe and Heather is the real target.

Those mean girls and their fake alliance talk about Heather and Allison being the people they hate the most. By the way, they don't refer to Allison by name...just call her "New Girl", as if she's Zooey Deschanel. Speaking of Allison, nobody is trying to get to know her. Just Andrew. Of course Allison hasn't really been trying. She is just sticking by Andrew for protection. These two have been making googley eyes at each other, and having late night rendezvous I might add, since she came into the house last Thursday. Yet, she says she doesn't want to let the others think she and Andrew are in a showmance. Go figure. They now agree to spend less time together.

There was a Buzzworthy competition on Sunday. Canada was the judge through social media. The person who gets the most tweets on their hashtag, wins news from the outside world, and a special power. I won't get into it much except to say the funniest were Arlie streaking through the house (they didn't say anything about him trying to dye his balls with cranberry juice), and Kenny who striped down to his undies, wore a bow tie, and poured vegetable over himself. Sabrina did a bad job of fashioning herself into a Kim K copy (kopy?).

The POV comp gets under way. The players are Ika, Heather, Paul, Andrew, Arlie and Neda. It's called "Nuts to That". You just know there are going to be a lot of nut jokes. Allison is the host and is wearing a Ranger outfit, the players are wearing squirrel outfits. This gets Andrew very excited. He wants to show Allison his nuts. They have to walk along a fence (like a balance beam), use a giant nutcracker to smash open the nut. There is either a letter or a stop sign inside. A stop sign is a one minute penalty. There are also blanks inside some nuts. Okay, I won't go there. Anyways...what happens to Paul? He falls on the fence. Yep. Right on his nuts. Apparently he mixed up what nuts he was supposed to crack. Then he starts getting a lot of blanks. He starts complaining. THE BEST LINE of the night came from Heather who said, "No one cares about your nuts, I don't care about your nuts".

Right after that, Heather falls off the fence and really hurts herself. Game stops and she leaves to have medical attention. Ika wins POV.

While Heather is gone, everyone except Andrew, Allison and Paul gather in the HOH room to see who they should evict. Ika wants Heather out. Sabrina goes to get Andrew and finds him talking to Allison in the hammock. Now Sabrina is worried about Andrew's potential showmance. Andrew and Kenny want Paul gone. Of course Ika is pissed. I guess she figures the HOH gets their way with who gets evicted.

Later, Sabrina begins her campaign trying to convince Andrew that a showmance is bad for the First 5 alliance. (don't be fooled...she is actually jealous of Allison - this is evident in the live feeds).

Adel is announced as the winner of the Buzzworthy challenge. I don't think it was due to anything he did on Sunday, I think it's because he has gained a lot of popularity because he stuck by Kyle and Paul, and has turned into quite an amusing guy. He is shown the news that both the Canadian Womens and Mens Hockey teams won Olympic gold. He is also given a message from his girlfriend and a special power. He can replace any player in any one POV comp. BUT...he intends to exaggerate this power. Actually he later gets together with Ika and they devise a lie - make up some other Veto power completely. You will probably find out tomorrow night.

At the POV ceremony, Ika decides not to use her POV, and the noms remain the same. As it sits now, both Heather and Paul believe they are safe this week. Check out my Eviction Day spoilers tomorrow for the last minute situation on who is going home.

Sunday March 16

Ika becomes HOH, and Kenny is worried he may be the target. Heather enters the house, wanders about like Goldilocks trying all the chairs. Then the bears come home. Everyone is very welcoming, or so they seem. Kenny recognizes her, and is afraid she might know he is gay...a fact he has been hiding from everyone. Kenny knows he has kind of gone past the point of no return with his pretense. Allison plays it up great. The girl should become an actress. Then there's the other girls...the bitch squad is freaking out.

Big Brother gives them beer and wine to have a welcome party. The Have Nots can eat again. Sabrina gets drunk right away...then she marks her territory. She sits between Allison and Kenny, flirts with Kenny, then kisses him. Of course, Kenny is getting in deeper with his charade. Makes me wonder what Sabrina would do if she ever found out the truth about him. Sabrina is acting like a 14 year old. Correction...a drunk 14 year old. What they didn't show is that Andrew started hitting on Allison. Sabrina didn't like that either. Luckily Andrew noticed and kissed Sabrina. (check my live feed updates for more info)

Ika gets her HOH room, reads her letter, and Sarah gets homesick for her husband and kids. Adel gets an audience with Queen Ika to convince her to put up Andrew and Kenny. She considers it. (she actually considers it a lot more than what is shown) Sabrina proves what she is good for in the First 5 alliance and talks Ika out of it.

Sabrina continues to flirt with Kenny, and he plays it for all it's worth. He recognizes she is a very dangerous player, and he needs to form a bond with her. I keep wondering what will happen if or when Sabrina finds out. Something tells me its going to be explosive - they might just need to build another new house for Season 3.

In the Have Not Comp, the HGs are divided into teams of 3. They must stomp grapes (old Italian style), fill wine glasses, then walk a slippery floor to a barrel they must fill. Jon, Paul and Allison lose, mainly because Paul decides to slide on his ass along the entire length rather that falling and not being able to get up.

Ika decides to put Paul and Heather up on the block. When she's telling the other members of the bitch alliance, Heather walks in. Meanwhile, Andrew and Kenny get to know Allison very well. Ika flip flops on the nominees after Neda points out Ika would be doing the guys a favour by nominating Paul and Heather. Neda wants to target Kenny and Andrew. But Ika is no dummy and recognizes that people only want to make big moves when they are not HOH. Ika decides to nominate Paul, but asks one of the other girls to be a pawn. In the end she nominates Paul because he has thrown everyone under the bus (how many times have we heard that line?) and Heather, who she promises, in front of everybody, that she is just the pawn and won't be evicted. Wow, something tells me this will be good.

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