Friday, 21 March 2014

Big Brother Canada 2: Week 4 Live Feeds Updates (Spoilers)

Friday March 21

  • Sabrina is doing all of Rachelle's talking and work for her. They are constantly together - Sabrina is blatantly acting as if it's her HoH.
  • Ika and Neda are very aware that Sabrina is controlling Rachelle
  • Sabrina talked to Andrew, telling him that everyone hates him, and that Allison is on the block. (I think Andrew is starting to realize he has had enough of Sabrina)
Thursday March 20 (after the eviction, HoH comp)
  • Rachelle won HoH comp. It appears she had to pick the Have Nots for the week: Heather, Adel, Arlie and Sabrina
  • Ika cries in bathroom. She keeps saying she wasted her HoH.
  • Sabrina throws Sarah under the bus again to Ika, Rachelle and Neda.
  • Sabrina is the first in Rachelle's ear. She blatantly TELLS Rachelle to nominate Heather and Allison, and backdoor Ika. (Rachelle appears to totally agree)

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