Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Brad and Bianka End Their Engagement

Brad Smith officially announced on his Facebook page this morning that he and Bianka Kamber have ended their engagement of "almost two years". He says the experience was more than just a television show to them, that it was real life.

Oh, the heartbreak!!! I really thought these two crazy kids were going to make it! It is bad timing...with the new season about to start filming and after that disaster of a season with Juan Pablo. The Bachelor Canada was supposed to be so much more sincere than that fake U.S. show! Not only that, but I am pretty damn sure that CityTV intended to promote the upcoming season by constantly referring to Brad and Bianka's "fairy tale" romance, or some such nonsense. I can just hear all those girls saying they want want the kind of love Brad and Bianka have. What will they do now? Seriously, he says they have grown apart. Maybe Brad has just become a bigger media personality than her, what with his gig on Breakfast Television.

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