Sunday, 30 March 2014

Big Brother Canada 2 Canada's Nominations: No Big Surprise.

It's pretty well safe to say that judging from the online community, both Sabrina and Andrew will be Canada's nominees for eviction. That was pretty much realized after the first hour or two after the voting was announced on Thursday's show. It's even safe to say that the diehard fans out there knew this instantaneously. The general consensus is that everyone wants the First Five alliance fractured before the season becomes too predictable. Any house guests outside of that alliance who have tried, like Paul or Ika have been voted out. When you combine that with the fact that both Andrew and Sabrina are the most hated (on a personal level) by the fans...then its ding ding ding...we have a winner, folks! There's just been too much nose-picking, crotch scratching and other vile habits.

The fans are chomping at the bit in anticipation. Not just to find out who the nominees are either. They want to watch the live feeds to watch these two turn on each other. For any newbs out there, the live feeds have been down since Saturday morning and will not return until after the show tonight. After Dark was also cancelled for last night. The official reason is that Big Brother wants to keep the reveal a big surprise. They fool no one. They want the ratings. The "Canada as HoH" is sponsored by Twistos and they want the most bang for their buck. So much for the whole idea that Big Brother is a social experiment. I really hope they post the live feeds for yesterday and today after the show.

The next step in getting one of these two evicted is the POV comp. Here's a great scenario for you. Let's go with Andrew and Sabrina on the block. If you go by several unofficial online polls, Kenny and Rachelle are placed  in a distant 3rd and 4th, respectfully. What if Kenny wins POV and takes Andrew off the block? Rachelle would go up as replacement. How will the house vote? Very interesting indeed. 

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