Sunday, 23 March 2014

Release the Marsha!!!

Marsha has been released from the wall. Here's what happened:

The HGs were placed on lockdown in the backyard, and when they were let back in, everyone looked around the house checking for changes. The live feeds briefly cut to the DR hallway...which was in all probability a production error - they were checking the Marsha cam. Remember Arisa saying that Marsha was "hiding in the wall"? She probably meant that literally...Marsha must be rigged inside that nice big frame at the end of the hall. Sure enough, Marsha chose Arlie to give a secret mission to. His task was to approach each HG individually, insult them, then get a hug from them.

Allison: he said she looks like she's gained a few pounds
Adel: he annoys him when he's trying
Andrew: "sometimes you treat me like f***ing shit, man"
Rachelle: you can be a bitch sometimes, acting all better than me
Heather: Your voice gets under my skin sometimes
Ika: sometimes I feel like you hate my guts
Sabrina: you're so emotional and sometimes I feel if I say something, you will throw me under the bus
Kenny: you think you're a bit better than me
Jon: you smell like shit, man. You smell like ass.
Neda: you probably don't even like boys
Sarah: your breath stinks right now

The whole time, Arlie roamed around the house looking depressed. He played it like the slop was getting to him. The funny part was before he could even give Sarah her insult, she had noticed him acting depressed and kept following him around giving him hugs. When he told her that her breath stinks, Sabrina was also there, and the three of them talked about the First 5 alliance. Of course, Sabrina had to go on and on and on - in full damage repair mode. Arlie may even have learned a few tidbits from this, like someone wanting to put him up as a pawn, but Sabrina said no, not until absolutely necessary. Even if that was a lie (and who can tell with Sabrina), I think Arlie could learn something from it. Then Big Brother called Sabrina to the DR - I think just to break up the convo and release Arlie. Jon's reaction to being told he smells like shit and then again ass was priceless...he took it like a bro. Ika had to be hard...for obvious reasons. Then there was Kenny. After the hug, Kenny's feelings were genuinely hurt - he teared up. I had to go "aww".

Arlie wins whatever reward. Don't know what that is yet.

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