Monday, 31 March 2014

Big Brother Canada 2 Recap of Episode 12: Time to Purge the Scum

We had to wait 3 days for this? Then suffer through the entire episode just to see Sabrina and Andrew's faces? Good grief.

The aftermath of the announcement that Canada is the new HoH has everyone very nervous. As Sarah put it, "if Canada likes the First 5, we are safe. If they don't like us, then 2 of us will be on the block." Everyone who is not in that alliance is loving it. After the announcement, everyone breaks into little groups in the backyard. Gee, I wonder who is allied with whom? Within minutes, Jon and Neda have already guessed the noms will be Sabrina and Andrew. Excellent. Sabrina stresses in the Diary Room that she is the one doing all the work in the alliance. Of course she did. She's a one trick pony. That's all she's got.

The house guests must sing O Canada once every hour. Who wants to see our HoH room? These guys our drinking our beer...eating our poutine. Arlie and Sabrina talk, and Arlie is just going to tell her whatever she wants to hear. All the while Arlie just knows that Sabrina is at the top of the list.

Got to love Arlie. He's alone in the storage room and talking into the camera just as if he is really talking strategy with the HoH. Meanwhile the others are using the Diary Room to make their pleas, or are suddenly acting all nice nice with each other.

The Have Not comp is set up like a Prom. One team member must act out a dance, while their team mate has to guess. Jon and Adel end up on slop, because neither knew what the frack they were doing. Big Jon in the Half Not room looks like he just ate the cookie that made Alice grow. Or was it the drink in the bottle? Whatever, he looks ridiculous.

Meanwhile, everyone watching this episode is probably throwing their Timbits at their TVs, and yelling "Just get on with the bloody Nomination Ceremony!!!"

But first, more of the HG's thoughts on who the nominations might be, and reflecting on their own gameplay. There are some very paranoid people in that house.

The time is here. All the HGs walk down the stairs to the living room, contemplating the chances of being nominated - as if they are the bachelorettes, all dressed up and  off to see if they will get the final rose from The Bachelor. Hilarious. But first, a commercial break.

Arisa breaks the news by naming one or two HGs at a time, and telling them if they are safe or not. She names Sarah and Andrew and says "one of you has been nominated.". Andrew, "I knew it". Which makes you wonder if he's known just how despicable he's been. Huh. Got ya Andrew. The last two are Sabrina and Rachelle. Arisa once again tells them that one is safe, and one is nominated. Rachelle and Sabrina hold hands and Sabrina says to Rachelle, "Its okay, we are friends". Arisa, " are safe". Rachelle's response wasn't a comforting line to Sabrina. Nope. It was "Thank God!" Ha ha ha. And then come the waterworks from Sabrina in the Diary Room.

Next up on Wednesday's episode is the POV competition. It has already been played. If you want a hint who won it, let me say the person with the POV is unlikely to use it. It will be a big move, and the Veto holder must be feeling like they are the biggest person in the house right now.

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