Thursday, 27 March 2014

Big Brother Canada 2 Recap of Episode 10

We left off with Sabrina Rachelle nominating Heather and Allison. Poor vacuous Rachelle is really being used by the Wicked Witch of the North, Sabrina. Neither Heather nor Allison seem too concerned about being evicted.

Yep you saw that right, right after Andrew discloses in the DR that he would use the veto to save Allison but would drop her in a second if she got in the way of the First Five, they show the two smooching in bed. Andrew makes the First Five sign behind Allison's head. Total douchebag. Think I am wrong? Think he's a good guy? Then take a look at this lovely video starring Andrew. What a charmer. 
The players are picked for the POV comp: Rachelle, Heather, Allison, Sarah, Kenny and Jon. The host is the ever charming Sabrina.

This is where Ika's game starts to bottom out: she talks to the remains of what still thinks to be girls' alliance (there never really was one), wanting to put up a power player...Andrew or Kenny. Way wrong move. If she had of just let things be and lay low for a bit, instead of listening to Adel, she might have been able to save her game.

POV Comp is called Lacrosse Fire. Each player must shoot a ball to score. The person with the lowest score in each round is eliminated. BUT, the eliminated player must open a gym bag with a "prize". The prizes can be traded. Jon, the hockey player is eliminated first. His prize is the Veto. Next out is Rachelle who gets the pool party for one (a punishment). She trades with Jon. Allison is out and gets a mystery bag of money that she trades for the Veto. Heather is out next and must wear a costume - hotdog. Silly girl did not trade for the Veto...she took the money. Kenny loses to Sarah. He gets a slop pass but trades for the money. Sarah is in first place and must wear an 80's workout outfit. She trades for the slop pass. Which means Allison ends the POV...while coming in 4th. And Kenny's mystery bag of money? ...$18.35. What is this? Let's Make a Deal?

Ika points out that Sabrina is crying her way to the top. We see a Slobbering Sabrina montage. Lovely. If you haven't been on the show site, and haven't seen the Facebook comments, I should tell you that Sabrina's nickname is Slobrina. Mostly because she is a nose picking slob, but slobbering, as in crying, works just as well.

Jon is awakened every couple of hours with a blowhorn. Each time he must do 2 laps of the pool. Heather actually likes her brightly coloured retro workout outfit. Rachelle's hotdog costume? Big deal. She was pretty much a wiener before the costume.

MARSHA! She lives! She is carefully concealed behind the frame above the camera at the end of the Diary Room hallway. I knew those frames looked awkwardly placed. She is actually right where she was last year. She gives a mission to Arlie, who is literally jumping for joy. Marsha cautions him not to hurt himself. First of all, she wants him to shave his head - because he looks like roadkill. Then she wants him to insult each houseguest, then get a hug out of them. The best zingers were asking Allison if she's put on weight; telling Heather her voice gets under his skin; telling Rachelle she's been a bitch to him; and telling Jon he smells like shit (then ass). I wish they showed more of Jon's response because he and Arlie totally cracked up. The only one that got to me was Arlie telling Kenny he thinks he's better than everyone. It has clearly gotten to Kenny and he tears up. But in the end, Arlie succeeds with his Marsha mission. Arlie tries to jump up to give Marsha a kiss, then she warns him not to make Peter (Brown) jealous. The reward is a visit from Talla. I am still not sure if that can be considered a reward. Maybe the Chinese food she brought in. Even the Have Nots were allowed to eat...I guess Big Brother had to manufacture an excuse to feed Sabrina. Talla kept going on about how it was soooo good to be back in the Big Brother house. I don't think see even noticed it was a completely different house.

Ika tries to make friends with Sabrina. She asks the witch if Rachelle is planning on putting her up. Out comes Rachelle, and she tells Ika that she will be the replacement nominee. What you didn't see was Sabrina coaching Rachelle on what to say to Ika. You also didn't see Rachelle being told by Sabrina that she should tell Ika about it. Gee I wonder why? Could it be because Sabrina wanted Ika to go off and piss off the whole house? Oh no, Sabrina wouldn't do that, would she? [you should see what Sabrina did to Rachelle earlier tonight on the live feeds]. Sabrina walks away in tears. Adel, proving that he really is the Peoples' Champ, comforts Ika.

POV Ceremony. Of course Allison uses it on herself. Then Rachelle puts up Ika, using her carefully coached lines written by Sabrina.

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