Friday, 21 March 2014

Big Brother Canada 2: Recap of Week 3 Eviction

Marsha waits! the wall.

Yep, it looks like we can expect to see Marsha as early as Sunday night. That is what the "Boost the Meter" stuff has been about on the show's main site. If the meter hits 2 million, then Marsha will come out from hiding. The points are the collective total of all the fans play along points. I am sure that they are already well aware of the number of total points, or else they wouldn't have set it at 2 million. Just pointing that out.

Anyways, on to tonight's pre-taped "Live Eviction" show,

The girls are very certain that Heather is going home. What Ika, Neda and Rachelle have not yet realized is that Sabrina is a lying bitch who has thrown her supposed best friend Sarah under the bus. Then backed up over her. Twice.

Adel explains about his veto power being the ability to replace a player in the POV comp. Later we learn that he lies to Jon, telling him that it's a veto that he can use after a POV winner vetoes someone. Basically he can veto a veto. Not too sure if Jon fell for it, but if that lie is ever revealed, it may just come back to bite Adel in the ass.

Before the eviction, the nominees get a final plea. First up, Heather says, "blah, blah, blah, I hope you all ...something or other". Paul says"if he goes home, they will have to put someone else n the block." Yeah, that is kind of the point of the game.

The vote begins. Here's the "order" that the HGs went into the DR and their vote:
Arlie           Paul
Adel           Heather
Andrew      Paul
Kenny        Paul
Neda          Heather
Rachelle    Heather   its tied 3 to 3
Jon             Paul
Sabrina      Heather
Allison        Paul     the vote is 5 to 4.

Remember that Ika is expecting a tied vote and that she will have to break the tie. Then Sarah goes in.

Sarah         Paul 

The audience moans. Why? Because they thought that Sarah betrayed the girls? I don't think they are watching the same show I am. It's Sabrina who is the backstabber. She was the one who let Sarah expose herself to the girls while she remains safe. Another thing...isn't it amazing that the vote just randomly resulted in that dramatic "Sarah" moment?

The comp for the new HoH begins. "Hang in There". The HGs must keep there hands on the podium while a bungee cord, attached to a hip belt, pulls them backward at regular intervals. Arisa makes a point of saying that the traction from the bungee cord has been "individually calibrated" to each of their body weights. So in other words, the bigger you are, the more force is pulling on you. Sounds suspicious to me.

They cut to commercial and when we return, Heather is already out. She moved her hand or something. Officially, we will have to wait until Sunday to find out who wins, but the winner has already been decided. Check my standings and voting history post HERE to find out who won.

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