Sunday, 27 April 2014

Amazing Race Canada 2: Good Luck! Race Safe!......Go!

***If you don't want to read spoilers, then get out of here, quick!!! Geez.***

That's right, the second season of Amazing Race Canada began filming Saturday. Or maybe it was actually Friday. They can't hide this stuff. Happy, energetic people in matching outfits with very nervous looking camera crews in tow. There is also a lot of running.

Teams and crews were spotted on a Toronto to Calgary flight on Friday. Late Saturday, teams were on board a Calgary to Vancouver flight. What did they do in between all that time? Well, I would assume they were busy getting to the start line - which may or may not have been somewhere north/northwest of Calgary. I will let you know. At the Vancouver Airport, some of the teams ducked into the YVR Coles - presumably for maps, while others hit the Visitor Info Centre. They were last seen boarding a shuttle bus. 

If you watched season 1, then you are aware that the teams raced to pit stops in Kelowna (episode 1) and Vancouver (episode 2). So you are probably thinking geez, they are just repeating last year's race. Not so. The scuttlebutt is they are headed to Victoria this time. Besides, the first season was promoted as a "love letter to Canada". This season they can promote it with "Canada's love letter to the world" - and yes that is a hint.

As for teams, there are two teams made up of familiar faces. I will probably not identify these people until a little later on...but here are some clues to wet your appetite:

Hint: Would you care for a cup of Earl Grey?**
One team will make hockey fans very happy - which means practically everyone in Canada will rejoice. This team could accessorize their matching red outfits with their new gold medals - if they wanted to. Especially if they wanted to flaunt them over their silver medal American rivals. Sorry, not sorry.

One person in the other team of fame will be well known to fans of the National Ballet of Canada and/or So you Think You Can Dance Canada? If you're not a fan of either of those, his name could be confused with the actor who starred along side Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady. Not only that, but his partner's name will confuse a lot of people too, because it is identical to a very famous movie star of old. Did I just give you too much info?

I will post updates as the filming progresses, probably in one or two ongoing posts, along with pics. So check back often, and if you know of any spoilery info, or have any questions, you can send an email to

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